A company recalled its enoki mushrooms on Monday after they were connected to about three dozen cases of listeriosis.

Enoki mushrooms from Sun Hong Foods have been recalled. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports Sun Hong Foods’ mushrooms, a product of Korea, may have contaminated 36 people in 17 states with the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.

Four people have died, including at least one person in Hawaii.

Infections involved in the enoki mushroom case date back to November 2016.

Symptoms may be delayed as long as four weeks after consumption, but listeria infections may be treated with antibiotics.

People are advised to throw away the mushrooms and sanitize refrigerators. Cooking food thoroughly may also kill the bacteria.

“This investigation is ongoing to determine the source of contamination and if additional products are linked to illness,” the CDC writes.

Here are more details from the CDC about the product:

  • Enoki mushrooms are white, with long stems and small caps.
  • Enoki mushrooms from Sun Hong Foods were sold in 7.05 oz / 200 g clear plastic packaging with a green label.
  • “Product of Korea” is labeled on the front of the packaging, and “Sun Hong Foods, Inc.” is labeled on the back of the packaging underneath the bar code. These products can also be identified by the UPC code: 7 426852 625810.

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