A popular tourist destination and an important haven for native plants, Limahuli Garden & Preserve on Kauai’s verdant north shore, is poised to reopen in June following a year of intensive repairs to the garden’s flood-ravaged infrastructure.

The garden has been closed since record-breaking rainfall deluged portions of Kauai last April, devastating hundreds of homes and crippling many businesses.

Part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden‘s nonprofit network of properties that includes three gardens on Kauai, Limahuli displays a collection of plants vital to early Polynesian voyagers and includes a forest where conservationists are working to replace alien plants with natives.

Repairs and improvements to the garden are almost complete an an official reopening date in June will be announced on the NTBG website in May.

A two-mile strip of Kuhio Highway that has been closed to the public since last April is also scheduled to reopen soon. State transportation officials have set May 1 as the date on which public access will be restored to the road extending through the remote communities of Wainiha and Haena.

The road was damaged by a dozen landslides and sinkholes caused by last April’s massive rainstorm.

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