Two very popular tourist attractions will be reopened Monday after having been off limits for over a year.

Haena State Park and the Napali Coast State Wilderness Park were closed following the devastating rains and floods to the North Shore of Kauai in April of last year.

The reopening includes the gorgeous Kalalau Trail, too. Gov. David Ige and his wife, Dawn, checked it out June 5, according to a press release Friday from the state Department of Land and Natural Resources.

David and Dawn Ige hiking the Kalalau Trail, June 5, 2019.


“All hikers can thank the Friends of the Kalalau Trail for their devoted support in helping maintain and restore sections of the first two miles of the trail,” says DLNR. “The remaining nine miles of this challenging trail that terminates in Kalalau, has been repaired and is maintained by the Division of State Park west side field crew.”

This was Ige’s first trip. The First Lady visited as a teenager.

Thought he extolled its virtues, DLNR noted that the governor also cautioned against the problems of too many tourists.

“As I’ve traveled around the state, I’ve heard more and more about how much, is too much?” he said. “I think everybody acknowledges that the visitor industry is our number one industry. Everybody wants to support that, but when you see these kinds of trails and Haena State Park, where everyone wants to visit, clearly too many people is just not a good experience for visitors or residents.”

Click here to learn more about access to the area.

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