Hawaii Gov. David Ige along with 23 other governors are calling upon the Trump administration to halt its rollback on rules for clean cars.

“Climate change is one of the foundational challenges of our time, and to truly address it, America needs cleaner and more efficient transportation solutions,” the governors stated July 9 in a document titled “The Nation’s Clean Car Promise.”

The statement adds: “Countries around the world already are stepping up to meet this challenge. The United States has been a clean car leader and must continue to lead in both policy and innovation.”

Cars cram Ala Moana Center’s parking lot. Gov. Ige opposes the Trump administration’s plans to ease vehicle mileage standards. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The governors include three Republicans and governors of four states that voted for President Trump in 2016, according to The New York Times.

“We must unite to ensure a strong, science-based national standard, in California and across the country, that increases year-over-year, provides certainty for automakers and consumers, reduces greenhouse gases, and protects public health,” the governors state.

The governors, led by Gavin Newsom of California and including Puerto Rico’s, are calling for a “common-sense approach” that protects the role of states at the negotiating table and establishes “a strong, national standard” that:

  • “achieves continuous, meaningful annual reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and criteria pollutants while saving consumers money;
  • provides regulatory certainty and enhances the ability to invest and innovate by avoiding extended periods of litigation and instability; and
  • preserves good jobs in the auto sector and keeps new vehicles affordable for more Americans.”

The New York Times reports, “Even automakers have balked at the Trump administration’s plan, which in its most extreme outline proposes to substantially weaken Obama-era standards that would have doubled the fuel economy requirement of new cars, pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles by 2025.”

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