Mayor Michael Victorino on Thursday signed into law Maui County’s $1 billion budget for the next fiscal year, paving the way to lower tax rates for some residents while boosting funding for affordable housing and economic diversification. 

Maui County locator map

The budget goes into effect July 1, with funding to stand up the county’s brand new Department of Agriculture, $28 million for roads and almost $29 million for parks. The county is also putting the most money toward affordable housing in its history, made possible by increasing taxes on second homes and a new tax on hotels.

“We focused primarily on the health and safety of our residents during the pandemic,” Victorino said in a news release. “Now comes the time to rebuild and revive the things that make Maui County no ka oi.”

Some other big projects the county is planning to fund over the next year: a $54 million Native Hawaiian arts center, new paid parking program for tourists and grant program that will help local farmers and ranchers tap up to $3 million to grow their businesses. 

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