Honolulu’s $32 million plan to clear out part of Waimanalo Bay Beach Park for new ball fields and parking has become a highly contentious proposal.

The plan has been in the works for nearly a decade and seemed to be proceeding soothly and with the approval of residents, city officials and the Waimanalo Neighborhood Board.

But then the bulldozers showed up and community outrage seemed to explode.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell has decided to proceed with at least an initial construction phase in order to minimize disruption of endangered bats and other species that use the 75-acre park, located on land near Bellows Air Force Station that is known as Sherwood Forest.

The neighborhood has scheduled a meeting for 7 p.m. Monday at the National Guard Training Auditorium, 711 Tinker Road.

Civil Beat plans to be in the neighborhood starting around 5 p.m. and would like to hear your views on this issue. Reporter Kirstin Downey and digital producer Ku’u Kauanoe will be in The Wavemaker, our mobile reporting studio, so please don’t hesitate to flag them down and share your thoughts on this project and any other issues you feel are important to the community.

They’ll be at the neighborhood board meeting too.

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