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Tom Yamachika: A New Take On The Jones Act Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Tom Yamachika: A New Take On The Jones Act

The points made in a UHERO study merit further discussion among policymakers in Hawaii and nationally.

Rethinking The Meaning Of Kapu Aloha And The TMT Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Rethinking The Meaning Of Kapu Aloha And The TMT

Strong opinions over the Thirty Meter Telescope pose challenges for a peaceful solution.

Hawaii’s ‘Death Care’ Industry Lacks Oversight Flickr: Karen

Hawaii’s ‘Death Care’ Industry Lacks Oversight

The state has lax regulatory requirements for mortuaries and their employees.

Hawaii Residents Need Relief From Rx Greed Images_of_Money

Hawaii Residents Need Relief From Rx Greed

For too long drug companies have been price gouging seniors and hardworking Americans.

Keep Helicopters Away From Kauai’s Salt Beds Brittany Lyte/Civil Beat

Keep Helicopters Away From Kauai’s Salt Beds

Like Mauna Kea, the historic and geological site at Kaheka is part of the very soul of a people.

Here’s What’s Wrong With Medical Cannabis Licenses Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Here’s What’s Wrong With Medical Cannabis Licenses

Why should one group of people be legally permitted to violate the cannabis laws, while everyone else who does so risks fines, confiscated property, or incarceration?


Rep. John Mizuno: Fighting The Opioid Epidemic Courtesy of Kauai County

Rep. John Mizuno: Fighting The Opioid Epidemic

Our fight against the opioid epidemic is not over and we must continue to use all available resources to protect our communities from these lethal drugs.

I Am One Hawaiian Cory Lum/Civil Beat

I Am One Hawaiian

Those blockading the highway on Mauna Kea do not speak for me.


Mauna Kea And The Future Of Hawaii Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Mauna Kea And The Future Of Hawaii

We have reached a tipping point, a rare moment that comes perhaps once every few generations.

Hawaii’s Role In Science Is A Big One

Hawaii’s Role In Science Is A Big One

From the oceans to volcanos to the cosmos, Hawaii has been at the forefront of monumental scientific discoveries.

It’s Time For Meatless Monday In Hawaii Public Schools Cory Lum/Civil Beat

It’s Time For Meatless Monday In Hawaii Public Schools

Shifting our diets to consider the planet and nature is one of the most accessible actions we can take.

State: We’re Taking Ambitious Steps To Tackle Climate Change

State: We’re Taking Ambitious Steps To Tackle Climate Change

Four state agency officials outline efforts that are being made to offset carbon emissions, among other things.

September 2019

Sunday, September 22

Tom Yamachika: A New Take On The Jones Act

Friday, September 20

Rethinking The Meaning Of Kapu Aloha And The TMT

Thursday, September 19

Hawaii’s ‘Death Care’ Industry Lacks Oversight

Wednesday, September 18

Hawaii Residents Need Relief From Rx Greed

Tuesday, September 17

Keep Helicopters Away From Kauai’s Salt Beds

Wednesday, September 11

Here’s What’s Wrong With Medical Cannabis Licenses

Tuesday, September 10

Rep. John Mizuno: Fighting The Opioid Epidemic

Monday, September 9

I Am One Hawaiian

Friday, September 6

Mauna Kea And The Future Of Hawaii

Thursday, September 5

Hawaii’s Role In Science Is A Big One

Wednesday, September 4

It’s Time For Meatless Monday In Hawaii Public Schools

Tuesday, September 3

State: We’re Taking Ambitious Steps To Tackle Climate Change

August 2019

Friday, August 30

Let The Mountain Speak

Rep. Angus McKelvey: Maui Wastewater Lawsuit Appeal Is Wrong

Thursday, August 29

Why We Should Save The Trees At Noelani Elementary

Wednesday, August 28

Hawaii Needs Automatic Voter Registration

Tuesday, August 27

What Ever Happened To Good Old-Fashioned Town Halls?

Monday, August 26

Maui County: We’re Not Trying To Gut The Clean Water Act

Saturday, August 24

TMT Could Honor Hawaiian Culture And Traditions

Shared Histories Between Filipinos And Hawaiians

The Consequences Of Misinformation About Mauna Kea

How The Hawaii Constitution Protects Mauna Kea

Friday, August 23

Brainstorming Beyond The Mauna Kea Standoff

Thursday, August 22

Introducing The Denizens Of The Political Zoo

Wednesday, August 21

The City Is Failing Hanauma Bay

Tuesday, August 20

GPS Is Just One Of Astronomy’s Many Benefits

Monday, August 19

Can The Seed Industry’s Decline Lead To A Sustainable Food System?

Saturday, August 17

A Universal Perspective Upon The Altar Of Mauna Kea

What Has Astronomy Done For Us? Quite A Lot

Religion Versus Science On Mauna Kea

Wake Up, Hawaii: It’s Not All About A Telescope

Friday, August 16

Has Statehood Actually Worked Out For Hawaii?

Thursday, August 15

Maybe It’s Time To Cap The City’s Spending

Wednesday, August 14

Animal Shelter Stats Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Tuesday, August 13

Hawaii Has Failed To Take Care Of Pohakuloa

Monday, August 12

Here Are Practical Steps To Make Hawaii’s Skies Safer

Sunday, August 11

Tom Yamachika: The Kauai Prosecutor’s Unusual Driving Offense Policy

Saturday, August 10

Will The TMT Really Contribute To Astronomy?

The Soft Voices Of Mauna Kea That Should Be Heard

Thinking Far Beyond The Summit Of Mauna Kea

Friday, August 9

Forgiveness: The Forgotten Part Of Hooponopono

Thursday, August 8

The 2nd Amendment Must Be Repealed Today

Wednesday, August 7

Giant Drones Over Lanai?

Tuesday, August 6

Culture And Science Are Not Binary Issues

Monday, August 5

Bill 89’s Ripple Effect On Honolulu’s Housing Market

Sunday, August 4

Tom Yamachika: Is Withholding The Root Of All Evil?

Friday, August 2

To Protect Hawaii We Must Fix Congressional Corruption

Thursday, August 1

An Open Letter To All Of Hawaii

July 2019

Wednesday, July 31

An Open Letter To Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Tuesday, July 30

TMT Should Be Evaluated For Its Ethical Impacts

Monday, July 29

It’s Time To Rein In Big Tech Companies

Sunday, July 28

Tom Yamachika: Veil Of Secrecy Cloaks Revenue Estimates

Friday, July 26

What The TMT On Mauna Kea Really Represents

Wednesday, July 24

Reconsidering The Handyman Work Exemption Bill

Tuesday, July 23

Civil Beat Series Was Right: Wespac Is No Friend Of The Ocean

Monday, July 22

The Mismatch Between Job Descriptions And Fancy Resumes

Sunday, July 21

Tom Yamachika: About That Special Land And Development Fund

Friday, July 19

A Half-Century After Moon Landing, We Stopped Exploring

Thursday, July 18

TMT Means Progress For Hawaii’s Future

Wednesday, July 17

A ‘What If’ Scenario For Honolulu’s Rail Project

Tuesday, July 16

Paradise Has A Price, So Stop Giving It Away

Monday, July 15

Forget ‘Game Of Thrones,’ The Real White Walkers Are Coming

Sunday, July 14

Tom Yamachika: So What Really Is A Resort Fee?

Friday, July 12

When It Comes To Housing, Honolulu Is Failing Residents

Thursday, July 11

A Pronoun Is A Powerful Thing When It Comes To Identity And Acceptance

Remembering The Time That I Interviewed Ross Perot

Wednesday, July 10

Hawaii Needs Leadership To Survive The Next Storm

Protesters Cloud TMT Discussion With False Claims, Threats

Tuesday, July 9

Time To End Mass Incarceration In Hawaii

Court Should Never Have Allowed Offender’s Wearing Of Blackface

Monday, July 8

Affordable Housing Wins With Veto Of REIT Tax Bill

Condo Owners Could Face Millions Of Dollars In Potential Liability

Sunday, July 7

Tom Yamachika: Do We Have A Legitimate Government?

Friday, July 5

Kealoha Trial Exposes Honolulu’s Questionable ‘Tone At The Top’

Increasing The Exemption For Handyman Work Is Long Overdue

Wednesday, July 3

This Bad Legislation Would Bail Out Condo Associations

Governor Shouldn’t Veto Medical Cannabis Transport Bill

Tuesday, July 2

What Hawaii Can Learn From Singapore And Hong Kong

Monday, July 1

Sherwood Forest: Seeing Beyond The Trees

June 2019

Sunday, June 30

Tom Yamachika: The Tax On Ghost Homes

Friday, June 28

Honolulu Must Learn From Everglades Tragedy

Thursday, June 27

Help Steer Culture Of Government Toward Innovation

Wednesday, June 26

Why Is David Ige So Afraid Of Industrial Hemp?

Tuesday, June 25

TMT Debate Is About How Government Respects Hawaiians

Sunday, June 23

Tom Yamachika: It’s Still The Economy, Stupid

Friday, June 21

Contrary To Civil Beat Claims, Wespac Is Effective And Transparent

What Exactly Is The US Doing In The Persian Gulf?

Thursday, June 20

The Great And Powerful 2020 Census

Wednesday, June 19

Let The Community Help Decide How To Spend Honolulu’s Budget

Tuesday, June 18

How Much Does Hawaii Really Spend On Education?

Monday, June 17

Building A Fishpond, A Home, A Community

Sunday, June 16

Tom Yamachika: Why Haven’t We Stopped The Leakage At HI-5?

Friday, June 14

The Ends Don’t Mean You Got The Means

Thursday, June 13

Students Thrived At This Maui School In Territorial Hawaii

Wednesday, June 12

If Only Trees Could Talk

Tuesday, June 11

Hawaii’s Nursing Homes Stack Up Well Nationally

Monday, June 10

Unprepared Hikers Risk Hurting Others, Too

Sunday, June 9

Tom Yamachika: DOE, Fork Over That General Ledger!

Friday, June 7

The Devastation Of Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Thursday, June 6

Why Ige Must Veto The Commercial Hemp Bill

Wednesday, June 5

College Should Be Cheaper And Not Lead To Endless Debt

Tuesday, June 4

Chad Blair: What I Learned Renewing My License At The DMV

Want To Save Hawaii? Educate The Youth

Saturday, June 1

Tom Yamachika: Shining Light On Revenue Estimates

May 2019

Friday, May 31

A Bike-Friendly Hawaii Requires Bike-Friendly Parking

Thursday, May 30

Self-Driving Cars Another Nail In Rail’s Coffin

Wednesday, May 29

An Open Letter To Democrats About Trump

Tuesday, May 28

Hawaii Has Too Often Failed To Plan Properly

Friday, May 24

Thirty Meter Telescope Offers Hope For Hawaii’s Future

Thursday, May 23

Shortfalls Of The 2019 Legislative Session

Wednesday, May 22

Preservation Land Should Not Be Rezoned For Profit

Tuesday, May 21

The Injustice of Disability-Based Subminimum Wages

Monday, May 20

The Limits Of Words, The Power Of Images

Friday, May 17

Want To Reach Youth? There’s An App For That

Thursday, May 16

Searching For Answers To Unexplained Snorkeling Deaths

Wednesday, May 15

Stop The Vaping Epidemic In Hawaii Schools

Tuesday, May 14

Out Of Touch Lawmakers Failed To Raise Minimum Wage

Monday, May 13

The Golden Rule Sets Sail Again To Focus On Danger Of Nukes

Friday, May 10

Let’s All Pitch In To A New Community Bail Fund

Thursday, May 9

Blindsided By A Last-Minute Plan To Privatize Lanai’s Small Boat Harbor

Wednesday, May 8

Astronomy Led Canoe Explorers To Hawaii’s Shores

Tuesday, May 7

Rental Crackdown Threatens North Shore’s Prosperity

Monday, May 6

Should Hawaii Make Prostitution Legal?

Sunday, May 5

Tom Yamachika: DLNR Considers Carbon Credits For East Maui

Friday, May 3

Analogies Are For Lawyers And Lazy Minds

Thursday, May 2

Remember When Honolulu Was A Pretty Good Place To Live?

Wednesday, May 1

Global Warming Is A Global Problem

April 2019

Tuesday, April 30

From Meiji To Reiwa: The ‘Modern’ King Kalakaua And Japan

Monday, April 29

Why Gender-Neutral Driver’s Licenses Are So Important

Sunday, April 28

Tom Yamachika: The Noose Is Tightening On OHA’s LLCs

Friday, April 26

It’s Absurd That REIT Income Is Not Taxed In Hawaii

Let’s Send The TMT To The Canary Islands

Thursday, April 25

Ala Wai Flood Plan A Poorly Vetted Proposal

Ride-Hailing Regulations Would Benefit Riders And Drivers

Wednesday, April 24

We Need To Cut Single-Use Plastics Out Of Our Lives

Setting The Record Straight Requires REITs To Spend Money

Tuesday, April 23

Why Hawaii Needs Automatic Voter Registration

A Living Wage Will Help Keep Families Here

Sunday, April 21

Tom Yamachika: Why Schools Have So Much Deferred Maintenance

Think About The Reality Of Post-Disaster Hawaii, Then Prepare For It

Friday, April 19

How Would Queen Liliuokalani And Father Damien Legislate?

Thursday, April 18

Substandard Conditions Frustrate Orchidland Lot Owners

Regulations For Ride-Hailing Services Make Good Sense

Wednesday, April 17

Hawaii’s Elite Excluded Micronesians From Medicaid

Chad Blair: Why, Tulsi, Why?

Tuesday, April 16

Proposed Bill Regulating Uber, Lyft Is Biased Against Taxis

Economic Growth Is Not Always The Solution

Monday, April 15

Time To Press ‘Pause’ On The Rail Project

Sunday, April 14

Tom Yamachika: The Case Of The Invisible Tax Bill

Friday, April 12

Helicopters Gone Wild

My Generation Expects Automatic Voter Registration

Thursday, April 11

Electric Vehicles Are Ready To Take Off — If Hawaii Builds The Infrastructure

If The Farmer Makes Money, The Farmer Will Farm

Wednesday, April 10

Reject ‘Dangerous’ National Constitutional Convention

Are We Doing Right By Our Children?

Tuesday, April 9

A Near-Perfect Compromise On Water Bill — Until Senators Blew It

Monday, April 8

Hawaii Voters Deserve To See Presidential Tax Returns

Campaign Corner: Waters Has Right Temperament For Council

Sunday, April 7

Tom Yamachika: Some Revenue Bills Already On Gov’s Desk

Friday, April 5

Get Big Money Out Of Politics Before It Kills Us

Heed The Poets When Thinking Of Hawaii’s Most Needy

Thursday, April 4

Hapas: The Overlooked Minority Racial Group

The Big Island’s Scheme To Shut Down Vacation Rentals

Wednesday, April 3

Campaign Corner: Ozawa Has Proven To Be A Strong Leader

The Link Between Low Wages And High Housing Costs

Tuesday, April 2

Tom Yamachika: How The Senate Aims To Raise More Cash

Water Rights Bills Are Unconstitutional

Monday, April 1

DOE’s Early Education Power Grab Is Ill-Advised

Campaign Corner: Why These Former Ozawa Supporters Switched To Waters

March 2019

Friday, March 29

Water Rights Bill Affects Many Small Farmers And Ranchers

Hawaii Should Monitor Food Security

Don’t Treat Schools Like Competitive Businesses

Thursday, March 28

Campaign Corner: A Vote For Ozawa Is A Check On Caldwell

Why The Adulation For Michael Jackson — Or Dan Inouye?

Wednesday, March 27

Carnage On Oahu Streets Must Stop Now

Lawmakers Should Reject A&B’s Water Rights Bill

Tuesday, March 26

Despite Progress, It’s Still Not A Post-Feminist World

Support Grows For Saving Venerable Bowling Alley

Monday, March 25

Kupuna Caregivers Program Helped Me Stay Employed

Sunday, March 24

Tom Yamachika: Do We Really Need A Law For Presidential Tax Returns?

Friday, March 22

Budget Time At The Legislature, In Poetry

Thursday, March 21

Protect The Rights Of Children In Our Justice System

Wednesday, March 20

All The Retirement Plans In The World Won’t Help If We Don’t Save

The Last Family Health Clinic In East Hawaii

Tuesday, March 19

DOE Ought To Consider Pre-K-To-Third-Grade Model

Follow Civil Beat’s Lead On Planting Trees

Monday, March 18

John Pritchett: Police Test Scores Doctored?

What We Must Talk About When We Talk About Housing

Sunday, March 17

Tom Yamachika: Hedging The Cost And Effective Date Of Bills Is Common

Friday, March 15

Youth Leadership Needed In Time Of Climate Uncertainty

Thursday, March 14

Speeding Toward Irrevocable Climate Chaos

Wednesday, March 13

Stopping Hawaii’s Millennial Brain Drain Is Complicated

Tuesday, March 12

Sexual Harassment: One More Reason Grad Students Need To Unionize

Monday, March 11

End The Trafficking Of Hawaii’s Reef Wildlife

Sunday, March 10

Tom Yamachika: GET Increase Not the Answer For Public Education

Friday, March 8

Investigation Of Sexual Abuse In Catholic Church Could Drive Out Darkness

Thursday, March 7

Building More Suburbs Could Help Millennials Stay In Hawaii

Wednesday, March 6

Let’s Get Real About Responsible Gun Owners

Tuesday, March 5

A ‘Forensic Audit’ Of Rail Likely Won’t Uncover Fraud

Monday, March 4

The Drug-Addicted Lawyer

Sunday, March 3

Tom Yamachika: Here’s Some Tips At Tax Time

Friday, March 1

When Traffic Safety Gets Really Personal

February 2019

Thursday, February 28

Pause Honolulu Rail Now Rather Than Later

Wednesday, February 27

How To Make College Meaningful To High School Students

Tuesday, February 26

Just Because Vaping Is Legal Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe

Monday, February 25

A Living Wage Will Help Native Hawaiians

Sunday, February 24

Tom Yamachika: Lawmakers Again Considering Individual Development Accounts

Friday, February 22

Legislature Has A Chance To Encourage Retirement Savings

Thursday, February 21

E-Cigs Can Help Wean Smokers Off Tobacco

Wednesday, February 20

New Military Base Increases Calls For Okinawa’s Independence

Tuesday, February 19

Failure To Enact A Living Wage Will Hurt Businesses

Sunday, February 17

Tom Yamachika: Squirreling Away Money At The DOT

Friday, February 15

Kakaako Crash Shifts The Dialogue On Vehicle Collisions

Bring Hawaiian Airlines Call Center Back To The Islands

Thursday, February 14

Is Hawaii Prepared For What Southwest Airlines Might Bring?

Future Of Pali Lanes Remains Uncertain

Wednesday, February 13

What? I Can’t Use Pot To Relieve My Pain?

Don’t Panic Over Rapid Ohia Death

Tuesday, February 12

Sex-Trafficking: Stop Victimizing The Victims

Today’s Politicians Are Showing No Mercy

Monday, February 11

Setting The Minimum Wage Debate Straight

Sunday, February 10

Tom Yamachika: More Creative Tax Bills At The Legislature

Friday, February 8

Time To Retire Red Hill Jet Fuel Tanks

WWJD? Enacting A Living Wage Is The Christian Thing To Do

Thursday, February 7

An Open Letter To Hawaii Condo Owners About Proxies

Wednesday, February 6

Hawaii Doesn’t Need An Aerospace Development Corporation

It Shouldn’t Take Audits And Lawsuits For Government To Be Transparent

Tuesday, February 5

I Didn’t Give Hawaii Energy Permission To Use My Data — Did You?

Disabled Workers Often Paid Far Below Minimum Wage

Monday, February 4

What I Learned From My Wife’s Death Snorkeling On The Big Island

Sunday, February 3

Tom Yamachika: Creativity Abounds At Our Legislature

Friday, February 1

There’s Nothing Courageous About Hawaiians Attacking Hawaiians

January 2019

Thursday, January 31

Lawmakers Must Put Living Wage Over Corporate Profits

Wednesday, January 30

Honolulu Police Are Using Lethal Force Far Too Often

Tuesday, January 29

How To Encourage Healthy Diets And Support Local Agriculture

Monday, January 28

Hawaii’s Minimum Wage: How High? For How Long? Is It Enough?

Sunday, January 27

Tom Yamachika: Could Toll Booths Work On Oahu?

Friday, January 25

Short-Term Rentals Are Ruining Neighborhoods Like Waikiki

Thursday, January 24

Trump’s ‘Contribution’ To Global Ecology

Wednesday, January 23

Let’s Keep Hawaii Film-Friendly

Tuesday, January 22

Mainland Critics Overreact To Ed Case’s Goofy Comment

Sunday, January 20

Tom Yamachika: DOE’s Repair Backlog Is How Much Again?

Friday, January 18

Legislators Must Bypass State Agency With Hemp Plan

Thursday, January 17

6 Ways To Reform Hawaii’s Government

Wednesday, January 16

Condo Owners May Not Know They Have New Power

Tuesday, January 15

A New Plan To Help Our Keiki And Hawaii’s Future

Monday, January 14

Why Is Tulsi Gabbard Attacking Mazie Hirono?

Sunday, January 13

Tom Yamachika: We Can’t Afford Not To Try Zero-Based Budgeting

Friday, January 11

Hawaii Must Sustain Its Technology Momentum

Thursday, January 10

Our Small State Has Big Ambitions When It Comes To Climate Change

Thirty Meter Telescope Will Help Prepare Hawaii’s Students

Wednesday, January 9

A Blueprint For Fixing Public Education

Tuesday, January 8

Why I Left Hawaii For Texas

Monday, January 7

How To Drive With Aloha

Sunday, January 6

Tom Yamachika: Did State Agencies Meet Their Goals This Year?

Friday, January 4

Don’t Mess With Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Thursday, January 3

Reducing The Carbon Footprint Of Producing Medical Cannabis

Chad Blair: Tulsi Gabbard’s Unlikely Path To The Presidency

Wednesday, January 2

Hawaii’s Growing Latino Population