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With Sexual Violence Survivors Under Attack, Hawaii Must Lead Flickr: Gage Skidmore

With Sexual Violence Survivors Under Attack, Hawaii Must Lead

A bill to strengthen safety measures on college campuses is pending at the state Legislature.

Hawaii Must Stand With Brothers And Sisters Of Color Flickr: David Geitgey Sierralupe

Hawaii Must Stand With Brothers And Sisters Of Color

African Americans on the mainland and Native Hawaiians in the islands share a history of systemic injustices.

Family Planning At The Center Of Economic Recovery Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Family Planning At The Center Of Economic Recovery

COVID-19 is a great clarifier and has magnified inequities across the board.

Taking A Stand For Tribes In South Dakota Flickr: Raymond Bucko, SJ

Taking A Stand For Tribes In South Dakota

Gov. Kristi Noem is wrong to take down checkpoints intended to protect indigenous populations.

Look To The Film Industry When Diversifying Economy Flickr: SexyAndHotTv .

Look To The Film Industry When Diversifying Economy

Content production is environmentally friendly and employs locals with living wage jobs to keep them home in the islands.

Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Is A Dishonest Man Flickr: Gage Skidmore

Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Is A Dishonest Man

The former Trump advisor knowingly lied to law enforcement officials.

Let’s Put COVID-19 In Context

Let’s Put COVID-19 In Context

People should be more concerned about the doubling of deaths from influenza and pneumonia.

Don’t Balance The Budget On The Backs Of The Working Class Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Don’t Balance The Budget On The Backs Of The Working Class

Austerity while people are hungry and jobless is the latest in Hawaii’s support of policies that bolster the wealthy.

Stop Misusing The Words ‘Public’ And ‘Private’ Flickr: Mike Cohen

Stop Misusing The Words ‘Public’ And ‘Private’

These labels smother civic engagement. Instead, use the word “government.”

Path To Reopening Includes Short-Term Rentals

Path To Reopening Includes Short-Term Rentals

Just like hotels and resorts, these units are essential to providing safe accommodations to travelers.

Safest Destination On The Planet? Not For Long Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Safest Destination On The Planet? Not For Long

Inviting lots of tourists back to Hawaii will inevitably lead to the spread of the virus locally.

Tom Yamachika: About All That Federal COVID Money Flickr: Pictures of Money

Tom Yamachika: About All That Federal COVID Money

Are the governor and the Hawaii Legislature getting into a messy argument on how to best use the billion dollars?

June 2020

Saturday, June 6

With Sexual Violence Survivors Under Attack, Hawaii Must Lead

Friday, June 5

Hawaii Must Stand With Brothers And Sisters Of Color

Thursday, June 4

Family Planning At The Center Of Economic Recovery

Taking A Stand For Tribes In South Dakota

Wednesday, June 3

Look To The Film Industry When Diversifying Economy

Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Is A Dishonest Man

Tuesday, June 2

Let’s Put COVID-19 In Context

Don’t Balance The Budget On The Backs Of The Working Class

Monday, June 1

Stop Misusing The Words ‘Public’ And ‘Private’

Path To Reopening Includes Short-Term Rentals

May 2020

Sunday, May 31

Safest Destination On The Planet? Not For Long

Tom Yamachika: About All That Federal COVID Money

Saturday, May 30

Can Taking Vitamins Help Guard Against COVID-19?

The Best Reason To ‘Let Hawaii Work’ Is To Save Lives

Friday, May 29

These Three New Legislative Actions Are Needed Now

Low COVID-19 Numbers Will Help Hawaii Promote Tourism

Thursday, May 28

Let’s Be Smarter About Transportation During The ‘Pancession’

Hawaii Should Not Rush To Fully Reopen Tourism

Wednesday, May 27

To Generate Jobs, Lawmakers Must Change The Playing Field

Introducing A New Vision For Hawaii At This Critical Time

Tuesday, May 26

Legislative Leadership Has Been Tested And Found Lacking

How The Hawaii Legislature Helped The People Of Hawaii

Sunday, May 24

Tom Yamachika: Why Does The State Have So Much Untapped Cash?

Learning To Breathe With COVID-19

Saturday, May 23

Point Of View And The ‘Virus Critter’

Looking At A Post-COVID-19 Pono Economy

Friday, May 22

There Is No Vaccine To Heal Hawaii’s Crashed Economy

Moving Forward In The Spirit Of Small Kid Time

Thursday, May 21

Welcome Visitors Who Aren’t Infected, Keep Out Those Who Are

Sen. Laura Thielen: The Hawaii Legislature Failed To Do Its Job

Wednesday, May 20

Will Hawaii’s 2nd Wave Of Infections Start In Our Prisons?

We Need More Medicaid Health Plans, Not Less

Tuesday, May 19

Don’t Let Child Care Become An Afterthought

The Madness Of Applying For Unemployment Insurance

Monday, May 18

How To Make Hawaii A COVID-Free State

Strengthening Our Primary Health Care Infrastructure Is Essential

Sunday, May 17

The Hotel Tax Should Be Raised — A Lot

Tom Yamachika: Our Government In Darkness

Saturday, May 16

Thinking Philosophically About COVID-19

The Virus That Broke The Classroom

Friday, May 15

Hawaii Needs To Pay Its State Employees

We Must Finds Ways To Open More Of Hawaii

Thursday, May 14

Hawaii Is The Envy Of The Nation — For Voting At Home

School Funding Is An Investment In Our Future

Wednesday, May 13

How To Reopen Hawaii Safely

Hospice Offers Support During COVID-19 Crisis And Beyond

Tuesday, May 12

Hockey Stick Planning And North Stars

Sense And Nonsense On Releasing Jail And Prison Inmates

Monday, May 11

Why You Can’t Give Up On Humanity

10 Essential Questions For Honolulu Mayoral Candidates

Sunday, May 10

Tom Yamachika: Crossing The Rubicon Into Tax Suspension

How Hawaii’s Hospitality Industries Can Save Mother’s Day

Saturday, May 9

Charting A Course Ahead For A Post-Pandemic Hawaii

Housing Is A Human Right

Friday, May 8

Embrace Mediation To Build A Healthier Community

Some Modest Proposals, With Apologies To Jonathan Swift

Thursday, May 7

Please Stop Posting Photos Of Tourist-Free Hawaii

To Save Major League Baseball’s Season, Play Ball In Hawaii

Wednesday, May 6

How To Restart Tourism And Protect Kamaaina

SARS-CoV-2 Is Not A Killer Virus

Tuesday, May 5

The Fight To End The Stigma Of Mental Illness

Let’s Be Like New Zealand

Monday, May 4

Investing In Reproductive Health Care Is Good Economics

Want The Economy To Recover? Don’t Cut The Public Sector

Sunday, May 3

Tom Yamachika: Do Our Laws Still Apply?

Let’s Care For Our Brothers And Sisters Behind Bars

Saturday, May 2

Reopening The Economy Requires Understanding The Data

Let’s Stop Calling Them Leaders

Friday, May 1

Showing ‘Americanness’ Is Not The Answer To COVID-Fueled Racism

Age, In The Age Of COVID

April 2020

Thursday, April 30

Legislative Leadership Must Rise To The Occasion

A Renewable Path To Hawaii’s Recovery

Wednesday, April 29

Engineering, Medicine, Public Health And COVID-19

Mass Tourism Is The 1,200-Pound Gorilla In The Room

Tuesday, April 28

Will We Have A Democracy After COVID-19?

Will Hawaii Just Revert Back To Its Old Ways Once Things Pass?

Monday, April 27

Extending Compassion In Disruptive Times

Loss Is Gain For Hawaii’s High School Seniors

Sunday, April 26

To Rebuild The Economy, Focus On A Hawaii-Grown Infrastructure

Tom Yamachika: The Governor’s Emergency Powers

Saturday, April 25

Life After COVID-19 And Reopening Hawaii’s Economy

It’s Time To Reconsider Objections To Astronomy On Mauna Kea

Friday, April 24

Enlist Youth To Help Hawaii Navigate These Perilous Waters

Those With Health Vulnerabilities Are Now Deeper At Risk

Thursday, April 23

An Open Letter To Alan Oshima, Our Economic Navigator

Respiratory Therapists Are Among Our Unsung Heroes

Wednesday, April 22

Out My Window On Molokai, It’s Earth Day

COVID-19 A Dress Rehearsal For Climate Change Crisis

Tuesday, April 21

When It Comes To Work, Let’s Embrace The New Normal

Monday, April 20

Cutting Teacher Pay Is An Easy But Unacceptable Solution

Sunday, April 19

Tom Yamachika: We Are Taxing Medical Practices To Death

Saturday, April 18

18 Ways To Get Hawaii Back On Its Feet Again

Friday, April 17

The COVID-19 Version Of ‘Silent Spring’

Thursday, April 16

US Reliance On Mass Transit Explains A Big Part Of The Epidemic

Wednesday, April 15

Let’s Make Better Use Of Our Food Resources

Tuesday, April 14

Voting By Mail Could Not Come At A More Needed Time

Monday, April 13

Coronavirus And The Class Of 2020

Sunday, April 12

Tom Yamachika: Decisive Action Needed On Status Of Public Employees

From Abya Yala To Mauna Kea: Lessons For Collective Rising

Saturday, April 11

If We Get Food Right, We Get Everything Right

Friday, April 10

Make Hawaii’s Tourist Quarantine Actually Work

Thursday, April 9

Include Immigrants In Fight Against Coronavirus

Wednesday, April 8

A Call For Resiliency And Sustainability On The Big Island

Tuesday, April 7

Hawaii’s Hotels Can Help Lead The Fight Against This Pandemic

Monday, April 6

Time For The FDA To Update Its Blood Test Policy

Sunday, April 5

Tom Yamachika: Hawaii Worst For Return On Investment. Again

Life On Lanai During A Pandemic

Saturday, April 4

The Post-Pandemic Public Policy Conversation Starts Now

Friday, April 3

Hawaii Needs To Release Inmates Soon, And On A Large Scale

Thursday, April 2

The Students’ Dilemma: No Internet, No Class

Wednesday, April 1

A Health System Is More Than Just Hospitals

March 2020

Tuesday, March 31

The School Year? Shut It Down

Monday, March 30

The Time For RIMPAC Training In Hawaii Is Over

Sunday, March 29

Tom Yamachika: Now’s Not The Time To Raise Taxes And Fees

Saturday, March 28

The Idea Of Free College Tuition Is Silly

Friday, March 27

Honolulu, HART Budgets Face Financial Reckoning

Thursday, March 26

Philanthropy’s Critical Role In Times Of Recession

Wednesday, March 25

Victory (Lanakila) Gardens: A Way To Thrive During A Crisis

Tuesday, March 24

Time For Neighborhood Boards To Become Community Councils

Virus Exposes Fundamental Flaws In Our Thinking

Monday, March 23

New Research On COVID-19 May Mean More Bad News

Sign, Sealed And Counted: How To Secure Hawaii’s Vote

Sunday, March 22

Good Crosswalk Design Can Save Lives

Observations Of A Blood Donor In The Time Of Coronavirus

Saturday, March 21

Plan To Work Remotely? Consider These Six Steps

Friday, March 20

Introducing The Aloha Aina Party

Thursday, March 19

Do You Like Your Primary Care Doctor?

This Women’s History Month, Let’s Look To The Present

Wednesday, March 18

What Hawaii Must Do To Protect Us All From COVID-19

Another Side To The HPU Saga

Tuesday, March 17

Include The Community As Partners In Energy Projects

Monday, March 16

Bill 25 Aims To Help Hawaii Transition From Fossil Fuel

Sunday, March 15

Tom Yamachika: Green Fees, But Not The Golfing Kind

Friday, March 13

Recent Protests Raise Concerns About Political Representation

Tackling Tooth Decay On The Cheap

Thursday, March 12

The Benefits Of Ancestral Hawaiian Foods Go Far Beyond Health

Wednesday, March 11

How Hawaii Nonprofits Are Helping At-Risk Renters

Tuesday, March 10

Refocusing Resources At The Honolulu Ethics Commission

Lawmakers Should Recognize Early Learning Starts At Birth

Monday, March 9

Charles Djou: Why I’m Not Running For Honolulu Mayor

Sunday, March 8

Tom Yamachika: How ‘Just a Technical Change’ To Hotel Tax Might Prove Costly

Friday, March 6

Full Independence For Hawaii Looks Unfeasible For Now

Thursday, March 5

The Folly Of Spending Tax Dollars To Tear Down The Haiku Stairs

Wednesday, March 4

Hawaii’s Coronavirus Plan Must Address Unusual Challenges

Tuesday, March 3

Democrats Must See, Speak And Act In Interests Of The Poor

Monday, March 2

Demographic Shifts Pose Tremendous Risks For Kauai

Sunday, March 1

Tom Yamachika: Look Out For Proposed ‘State Improvement’ Surcharge

February 2020

Friday, February 28

Can Hawaii Totally Separate From America?

Thursday, February 27

Want Democrats To Unite? Then Make The Selection Process Fair

Wednesday, February 26

Why Business Executives Can Make Good Politicians

Tuesday, February 25

Our Keiki Also Need A $17 Minimum Wage

Monday, February 24

It’s Time To Close The Gender Pay Gap In The Workplace

Sunday, February 23

Tom Yamachika: Do You Buy Fuel? Then Be Very Afraid!

Friday, February 21

Keeping Sustainable Seafood On Hawaii’s Tables

Thursday, February 20

The Haiku Stairs Are Worth Saving

Wednesday, February 19

Why Are Hawaii’s Lawmakers So Scared Of Hemp?

Tuesday, February 18

We Need Better Renewable Energy Siting Guidelines

Sunday, February 16

Tom Yamachika: The ‘Flipping Surcharge’ And Other Housing Solutions

Friday, February 14

A Simple Proposal To Help Cyclists In Honolulu

Thursday, February 13

A Call For More Visionaries In Hawaii

Wednesday, February 12

Here’s An Even Better Vision For Food Sustainability

Tuesday, February 11

The Case For Dissolving HART

Monday, February 10

It Is Simply Impossible To Survive On $21,000 A Year

Sunday, February 9

Tom Yamachika: The ConAm Returns

Friday, February 7

Valley Isle Leads The Way In Combating Elder Abuse

Thursday, February 6

A Proposal To Clear Up Traffic And Clean The Air

Wednesday, February 5

State Leaders: There Is Hope For Hawaii’s Housing Crisis

Tuesday, February 4

How To Challenge The School-To-Prison Pipeline

Monday, February 3

How Worried Should We Be About The Coronavirus?

Sunday, February 2

Tom Yamachika: Why Do Lawmakers Want More Special Funds?

January 2020

Friday, January 31

‘Zero Tolerance’ Essential For Keeping Hawaii’s Roads Safe

Thursday, January 30

We Need A Better Vision For Food Sustainability

Wednesday, January 29

18 Tips To Prepare For A Possible Pandemic

Tuesday, January 28

Hawaii AG Wrong To Subpoena Protest Group’s Records

Monday, January 27

Introducing The Civic Virtue And Sunshine Grade Book!

Sunday, January 26

Tom Yamachika: Why Is OHA Resisting The State Auditor?

Friday, January 24

Hawaii Road Usage Charge Penalizes Fuel Efficiency

Thursday, January 23

Patsy Mink’s Legacy Lives On, But There’s More To Be Done

Wednesday, January 22

Shady Tactics Of Gut And Replace Mar Legislative Process

Tuesday, January 21

The Severe Doctor Shortage On The Big Island

Sunday, January 19

Tom Yamachika: Don’t Be Duped Into Paying Double Taxes

Friday, January 17

Reforming Inefficiencies Begins With Government Employees

Thursday, January 16

Hawaii County Leading The Way On Climate Change

Wednesday, January 15

Helping Protect Wildlife At The Honolulu Zoo Helps Everyone

Tuesday, January 14

20 Reasons To Be Hopeful At The 2020 Legislature

Monday, January 13

Noise Pollution Is Making Our Communities Unlivable

Sunday, January 12

Tom Yamachika: What Really Is A Minimum Wage?

Friday, January 10

Low-Lying Islands At The Forefront Of Climate Change

Thursday, January 9

Why Is The City Wasting Public Money On Unwanted Projects?

Wednesday, January 8

How About A Tax Credit To Support Energy Storage?

Tuesday, January 7

Is Hawaii Prepared For China’s Rise?

Monday, January 6

Rebuilding Trust And Community In Hawaii Starts With You

Sunday, January 5

Tom Yamachika: The Reality Of Cooling Our Schools

Friday, January 3

Will New Year Bring New Tax To Online Purchases?

Thursday, January 2

The Fight For Paid Family Leave Insurance