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State Puts Pressure On TMT Protesters Over Environment, Threats To Officials Kuʻu Kauanoe/Civil Beat

State Puts Pressure On TMT Protesters Over Environment, Threats To Officials

The protesters say they are being vilified in an attempt to discredit the Mauna Kea movement.

ACLU: Hawaii Needs Fewer People In Prison, More Treatment Programs Cory Lum/Civil Beat

ACLU: Hawaii Needs Fewer People In Prison, More Treatment Programs

A new “Smart Justice” report argues the public would be safer if people got help instead of punishment.

Neighbor Island Doctors Looking For Alternatives To Opioids Be.Futureproof/Flickr

Neighbor Island Doctors Looking For Alternatives To Opioids

In rural areas, in particular, it can be hard to find alternatives for managing pain, as well as treatment for addiction.

Report: Poor Kids Have Less Access To Sports In Hawaii Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Report: Poor Kids Have Less Access To Sports In Hawaii

A lack of programs throughout the state contributes to inability to participate in high-quality sports experiences for many kids.

Top Hawaii Sheriff Officials Lacked Basic Training For Decades Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Top Hawaii Sheriff Officials Lacked Basic Training For Decades

Three years after news reports first surfaced questioning a lack of training, the state Department of Public Safety finally releases records confirming the lapse.

Hawaii Gears Up To Make Sure All Residents Are Counted In 2020 Census Getty Images/iStockphoto

Hawaii Gears Up To Make Sure All Residents Are Counted In 2020 Census

The census will determine revenues for many programs, including those that serve Native Hawaiians.

High Costs Make Hawaii’s Poverty Rate Higher Than U.S. Average Cory Lum/Civil Beat

High Costs Make Hawaii’s Poverty Rate Higher Than U.S. Average

New census data shows that the poverty rate is down from last year but that Hawaii residents still struggle with the high costs of housing and other necessities.

Hawaii May Have Its First Vaping-Related Illness PF Bentley/Civil Beat

Hawaii May Have Its First Vaping-Related Illness

The first respiratory illness appearing to be related to e-cigarette use has led a Hawaii minor to be hospitalized.

Kim Proposes Giving Native Hawaiians A Say In Managing Mauna Kea Kuʻu Kauanoe/Civil Beat

Kim Proposes Giving Native Hawaiians A Say In Managing Mauna Kea

The Hawaii County mayor’s plan would make the University of Hawaii share management with other groups in an umbrella agency. Gov. David Ige says he supports the idea but many details must be worked out.

TMT Protesters Who Flocked To Mauna Kea For A Showdown Are Still Waiting Blaze Lovell/Civil Beat

TMT Protesters Who Flocked To Mauna Kea For A Showdown Are Still Waiting

Protest leaders say the alarm bells went off when many sources consistently reported that a move to clear the road to the summit would happen this week.

Fighting Heart Disease With Hula

Fighting Heart Disease With Hula

New research shows hula dancing is as strenuous as basketball and is particularly effective in preventing cardiovascular disease among Native Hawaiians.  

Why Is Tulsi Gabbard Paying This Obscure Consultant Big Bucks? Nick Grube/Civil Beat

Why Is Tulsi Gabbard Paying This Obscure Consultant Big Bucks?

Kris Robinson grew up in the same controversial religious sect as Gabbard. Now, he’s one of the top-paid vendors on her 2020 presidential campaign.

September 2019

Friday, September 13

State Puts Pressure On TMT Protesters Over Environment, Threats To Officials

ACLU: Hawaii Needs Fewer People In Prison, More Treatment Programs

Neighbor Island Doctors Looking For Alternatives To Opioids

Thursday, September 12

Report: Poor Kids Have Less Access To Sports In Hawaii

Hawaii Gears Up To Make Sure All Residents Are Counted In 2020 Census

Top Hawaii Sheriff Officials Lacked Basic Training For Decades

Wednesday, September 11

High Costs Make Hawaii’s Poverty Rate Higher Than U.S. Average

Tuesday, September 10

Hawaii May Have Its First Vaping-Related Illness

Kim Proposes Giving Native Hawaiians A Say In Managing Mauna Kea

TMT Protesters Who Flocked To Mauna Kea For A Showdown Are Still Waiting

Fighting Heart Disease With Hula

Monday, September 9

Why Is Tulsi Gabbard Paying This Obscure Consultant Big Bucks?

Friday, September 6

2 Arrested As State Demolishes Structure Built By TMT Opponents On Mauna Kea

UH Will Ask The Legislature For Money To Build, Demolish And Consolidate

How Music Fuels The Mauna Kea Protests

Thursday, September 5

UH West Oahu Has A New Program In Native Hawaiian Healing

Wednesday, September 4

Hawaii, Guam To Lose Millions In Military Funding For Trump’s Border Wall

Why Molokai Is The Least Developed Hawaiian Island

Looming Recession Expected To Take A Bite Out Of State Revenues

Hawaiian Airlines Stock Slumping Amid Fears Of Competition

Homeless Advocates Test Hawaii’s New Forced-Treatment Law

Tuesday, September 3

Trump Administration Backs Off From Restricting Driver’s Licenses For Micronesians

New Prison Oversight Commission Is Off To A Slow Start

Wanted: 2,000 Workers to Fill Health Care Jobs In Hawaii

Kauai: Residents Just Saved This Park From Becoming A Housing Project

August 2019

Friday, August 30

Mauna Kea Is The Latest In Long History Of Native Hawaiian Protests

Three Young Protesters, Three Different Paths To Mauna Kea

Thursday, August 29

4 Stranded Whales Euthanized On Maui Beach

Monsanto Could Soon Be Facing Dozens Of Lawsuits in Hawaii Over Pesticide

Wednesday, August 28

Case Looks To Set More Stringent Safety, Noise Standards For Tour Flights

Health Department Sets New School Vaccination Requirements

Judge: Mother Wrongly Listed By Hawaii As Abuser Had No Chance To Clear Her Name

Tulsi Gabbard Misses 2020 Presidential Debate Threshold

Tuesday, August 27

Texas Agency Forced To Shutter Marshallese Adoption Business

Kauai: New Rabbi Marks A Turning Point For Island’s Tiny Jewish Community

Breastfeeding Advocates Hope To Expand Milk Donations

Sunday, August 25

Hawaii Or Spain? Telescope Experts Say It May Not Matter

Friday, August 23

‘Horrendous’ Nude Sculptures On Lanai Taken Down After Public Outcry

Clinics Worry New Immigration Rules Are Pushing Patients To Avoid The Doctor

Thursday, August 22

Police Shootings Board Still Unsure On Public Disclosure

Big Island: Sorely Needed Public Housing Set To Open After Toxic Soil Cleanup

Wednesday, August 21

Complaints Of Unsafe, Unhealthy Housing Conditions Plague Hickam

Tuesday, August 20

Hawaii Prisons Director: Staff Shortages Are Driving Up OT Costs

Mauna Kea Protest Has Cost Hawaii County Police $3 Million In OT

Sterling Higa: Why Should I Stay In Hawaii?

Hawaii’s Only Federal Halfway House Is Closing, Putting More Offenders Behind Bars

Friday, August 16

Limited Training Options Worsen Hawaii’s Doctor Shortage

Thursday, August 15

This Is What Scientists Would Be Missing If The TMT Doesn’t Go On Mauna Kea

Wednesday, August 14

New Police Standards Board Is Putting Itself On Hold

Climate Change Is Making Hawaii’s Beaches More Dangerous

Monday, August 12

Neal Milner: How State Leaders Hung TMT Supporters Out To Dry

Naloxone Is Reversing Hundreds Of Potentially Fatal Drug Overdoses in Hawaii

Friday, August 9

Mauna Kea Telescopes Are Getting Back To Work But It May Take Weeks

Big Island: How Hawaii County Is Dealing With A Shortage Of Police Dispatchers

This Dental Care Program For Kids Doesn’t Require A Trip To The Dentist

Thursday, August 8

It’s Gabbard’s Home Turf, But Sanders Is Raising More Money From Hawaii Donors

Wednesday, August 7

Tough Laws, Cultural Differences Give Hawaii A Low Rate Of Gun Violence

The US Military Wants To Coordinate Health Care Solutions In Pacific Islands

Lawmakers’ Financial Disclosures Don’t Always Paint A Complete Picture

Tuesday, August 6

UH Will Allow Students To Earn Credit While Protesting TMT

HI-Priced Q&A: How This Family Of 4 Lives On A Firefighter Salary In Laie

Monday, August 5

TMT Backers Seek Permit For Alternative Canary Islands Site

Friday, August 2

Hirono On The Border: ‘I Know How Important It Is To Keep Families Together’

Fact-Checking Environmental Concerns About The Thirty Meter Telescope

Kauai: 14 Days Of Emergency Supplies? Who Has That?

Thursday, August 1

More Federal Dollars Are Flowing To Hawaii’s Rural Clinics

July 2019

Wednesday, July 31

Tulsi Gabbard Attacks Kamala Harris In Presidential Debate

Do Negotiations Offer A Way Forward On Mauna Kea?

Tuesday, July 30

Ige Calls Off Mauna Kea Emergency Proclamation

Big Island: Critics Say County Ignores Animal Shelters’ High Kill Rates

Mauna Kea Protests Leave Observatory Workers Trapped In The Middle

Federal Leaders Look To Improve Military Housing Conditions

Monday, July 29

Keeping Poor People Out Of Jail On Kauai

SLIDESHOW: The Routines Of Life At Mauna Kea Base Camp

The Grim State Of Military Housing In Hawaii

Friday, July 26

Drownings Are On The Rise As Tourism Surges In Hawaii

State Aims To Reduce Unnecessary ER Visits By Empowering Paramedics

Ige Veto Means Some Eligible Patients Still Can’t Get Medical Cannabis Legally

Thursday, July 25

Thirty Meter Telescope Supporters: ‘Build It’

UH Study: Condition Linked To Diabetes May Lower The Odds Of Alzheimer’s

Wednesday, July 24

Big Island Mayor Thinks He Can Find A Way Through The Divisions On Mauna Kea

Dozens Of Astronomy Projects Are On Hold At Empty Observatories

Tuesday, July 23

Ige Asks Hawaii County Mayor To Take Over TMT Talks

Kauai: Some Residents Are Waylaying Tourists On The North Shore

Monday, July 22

Can The Thirty Meter Telescope Survive Growing Opposition?

Judges Ponder Whether To Halt Ige’s Mauna Kea Emergency Proclamation

Lawsuit Challenges Hawaii’s Termination Of Youth Mental Health Services At 18

This Hawaii Entrepreneur Wants To Build The Moon’s First ‘Airport’

Report Provides Snapshot Of Life For New Mothers In Hawaii

Friday, July 19

Politicians Weigh In On TMT Protests As Standoff Continues

A Look At The Science Of The Thirty Meter Telescope

Mauna Kea Tour Companies Are Out Of Luck For Now

Thursday, July 18

Ige: No Additional National Guard Troops Coming To Mauna Kea

Another Day Of Waiting For Protesters, Authorities At Mauna Kea

Hawaii Governor Keeps His Official Visitor List Under Wraps

How These Travel Hotspots Are Trying To Make Tourism Pay Its Own Way

Wednesday, July 17

Another ‘Truce’ After A Day Of Arrests On Mauna Kea

Measuring The Costs and Benefits of Windward Oahu Tourism

Hawaii Struggles To Maintain Its Worn-Out Hiking Trails

Tuesday, July 16

All Observatory Staffers Evacuated As TMT Protest Continues

Gabbard Has Missed Nearly A Quarter Of House Votes This Year

Monday, July 15

Late Standoff Shows How Tenuous A 1st-Day ‘Truce’ Was On Mauna Kea

No Arrests And No Construction Convoy After A Day Of Protests

Pod Squad: Meet AARP’s New Volunteer State President

SLIDESHOW: Hawaii’s Newest US Citizens

Sunday, July 14

Anxiety, Rumors And Prayers Before TMT Construction Begins On Mauna Kea

Friday, July 12

Court Rejects Feds’ Withholding Of Info In UH Biolab Inspection Report

New Pre-K Locations Announced After Expansion Bill Becomes Law

Thursday, July 11

How Kailua Became A Tourist Town

Wednesday, July 10

Ige: Thirty Meter Telescope Construction Will Start Next Week

9 Charts That Show How Hawaii Tourism Is Changing

10 Million Visitors: Can Hawaii Survive Its Own Popularity?

Tuesday, July 9

‘We’re Not Scared’: Hawaii Confronts Next Wave Of Climate Change

Thirty Meter Telescope Opponents File New Lawsuit To Stop Project

Ige Vetoes Reform Of Hawaii’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Program

Preliminary Report: Skydiving Plane Twisted In The Air Before Crash

Critics Fear Citizenship Question Could Skew Hawaii Census

Monday, July 8

State Sends Residents New Survey As It Assesses Foodborne Illnesses

Hawaii Ignores Deadline To Create New Standards For Cops

New Law Lets SNAP Cardholders Double Up On Local Produce

Danny De Gracia: Have The Guts To Use Hawaii’s ‘Whistleblower Law’

Friday, July 5

Legislature Won’t Hold Special Session To Fight Possible Vetoes

Wednesday, July 3

Legislative Leaders Counting Votes In Case They Try To Override Vetoes

Two Fatal Shootings By Public Safety Officers Are Under Review For Criminal Charges

Texas Agency Ordered To Stop Marshall Islands Adoptions

Helping Seniors Survive The Hazards Of High-Rise Living In Honolulu

Tuesday, July 2

Ige Signs First-In-Nation Law On Clearing Prostitution Convictions

Feds Raise Alert Level At Mauna Loa Volcano

Critics Fear Trump’s Plan To Redefine Poverty Could Mean Bad News For Hawaii

Monday, July 1

Hawaii Hospital Dispute Could Prove Costly For Patients

‘Like A Christmas Present’: Hawaii’s Medical Aid In Dying Law Eased Patient’s Anxiety

June 2019

Friday, June 28

Will This Year’s Confrontation At Mauna Kea Become Hawaii’s Standing Rock?

Filling A ‘Massive’ Need To Provide Glasses For Hawaii’s Kids

Thursday, June 27

PODCAST: Closing Arguments In The Kealoha Trial

Civil Cafe: To Protect Pedestrians, Fix Oahu’s Street Designs

Wednesday, June 26

Gabbard Sticks To Her Talking Points In First Presidential Debate

Hawaii Supreme Court: Boards Must Prove Privacy Interest To Close Meetings

Trisha Kehaulani Watson: Disrespecting Cultural Issues On Mauna Kea

Tuesday, June 25

Big Island: FEMA Wants Its Money Back For Aid To Volcano Victims

Monday, June 24

Ige Set To Veto $56 Million In New Taxes On Real Estate Trusts And Vacation Rentals

FAA Largely Ignored Calls For Improved Skydiving Flight Safety, NTSB Says

Ige Likely To Veto Vacation Rentals, REIT Tax Bills

Report: Trump Vetted Gabbard For Administration Job

Sunday, June 23

Feds To Probe Quality Of Repairs On Hawaii Skydiving Plane

Saturday, June 22

Skydiving Plane Involved in Crash Near Dillingham Airfield Had Scary 2016 Mishap

Thursday, June 20

Hawaii Police Shooting Board Won’t Release Its Findings — At Least For Now

Ige: Construction Of TMT On Mauna Kea Can Begin

Hawaii Has The Lowest Health Care Costs, Thanks To Strong State Laws

Where Native Hawaiian And Other Pacific Islander Communities Are Growing

Wednesday, June 19

Kauai’s Newly Reopened Park Is A Case Study In Controlling Tourism

Tuesday, June 18

New Ruling In Maui Water Case Still Doesn’t Resolve Old Dispute

Monday, June 17

Katherine Kealoha Gets Second Defense Lawyer Late In Trial

Loss Of NOAA’s Primary Honolulu Ship A Setback For Research

Generation Gap: Older Vets Seek To Hand Off Advocacy To Young Vets

Big Island: Coping With The ‘Big Litter’ Of Abandoned Vehicles

Friday, June 14

Another Former Army Official Charged In Schofield Bribery Case

Breastfeeding Porn Lawsuit: ‘This Is A Pretty Wild Case’

Wednesday, June 12

Most Of Legislature’s Major Bills Are Still Sitting On Ige’s Desk

The Problem With Hawaiian Homestead Land? Much Of It Can’t Be Developed

This Texas Lawyer Flies Marshallese Women Through Hawaii For Black Market Adoptions

Big Island: Residents Wary Of Subdivision After Bulldozers Damage Cemetery

Tuesday, June 11

Spitting Caterpillars From Asia Are The Latest Threat To Native Insects On Maui

Push To Increase College Financial Aid Applications May Be Paying Off

Monday, June 10

Spending Big On Lobbying Didn’t Guarantee Success At Legislature

Thursday, June 6

Hawaii Doctors Turn To Telemedicine As Number of Abortion Providers Dwindles

Wednesday, June 5

Former Las Vegas Captain Adapts To New World As Kauai Police Chief

Project To Help Homeless Imperiled By Major Donor’s Bankruptcy

Feds’ Secret List Of Troubled Nursing Homes Includes Hawaii Facilities

Tuesday, June 4

Economists: Higher Revenue Estimates Do Not Signal Economic Growth In Hawaii

Monday, June 3

Kauai Plays A Growing Role Testing Technology For Tomorrow’s Nuclear Weapons

Hawaiian Electric’s Ambitious Plan To Quit Using Coal Is A ‘Moon Mission’

May 2019

Thursday, May 30

She’s Fought Nearly Three Years To Adopt Her Grandson. Hawaii Keeps Saying No.

Wednesday, May 29

Case And Schatz Say It’s Not Yet Time To Pursue Impeachment

Housing Costs Put A Crimp On Keeping Teachers In Hawaii

Alexander & Baldwin Had A Tough Legislative Session Despite Its Lobbying

Tuesday, May 28

Where Hawaii’s Chronic Teacher Shortage Hits Hardest

Big Island: Beach Created By Volcanic Eruption Was Born Polluted

Friday, May 24

Trump’s Latest Immigration Proposals Could Affect Many In Hawaii

Thursday, May 23

Kauai: As Crowds Grow, Tourists Will Start Paying to Visit The Most Popular Parks

Disappearance Of A Whale Tooth Necklace Spawns A Big Island Lawsuit

Wednesday, May 22

NOAA Forecasts As Many As Eight Central Pacific Cyclones In 2019

Tuesday, May 21

Judge: State Can Refile Charges In Fatal Front Porch Shooting

Bills On Ige’s Desk Could Be ‘Game-Changer’ For Criminal Justice Reform

Some Hawaii Public Housing Tenants Could Be Evicted Under Trump Proposal

Monday, May 20

HI-Priced Q&A: How A Single Mom Of Two Lives On $55,000 In Mililani

Big Island: How To Keep Tourists Coming After The Eruption

Friday, May 17

Last-Minute Opposition Almost Derailed Smartphone Privacy Bill In House

Thursday, May 16

Big Island: Noise From Helicopter Tours Leaves Residents With Frayed Nerves

Gun Group Sues FBI For Records On State Fingerprint Program

Kailua Crash Puts Hawaii’s Copter Tours Under A Microscope

Wednesday, May 15

Ige Signs Bill To Cover $5.1 Million In Repairs After Maui Jail Riot

Maui Residents Push Back On Loosening Liquor Laws

Kauai: Can $13 Million Save Lihue?

From ‘Flying Carpets’ To The Kealohas: Hawaii’s Rich History Of Scandal

Tuesday, May 14

Board Restates Support For Beach Park Redevelopment In Face Of Opposition

Nonprofit Group Says DOE Is Withholding Key Financial Data

Monday, May 13

2018 Storms, Lava Cost More Than Half A Billion Dollars

Hundreds Of Potential Jurors Screened On Opening Day Of Kealoha Trial

Condo Associations May Be On Verge Of Gaining More Foreclosure Power

Hawaii Delegation To Look For Affordable Housing Solutions In Singapore

Friday, May 10

Confusion Reigns As Some Pacific Islanders Are Denied Licenses And IDs

Rod Becker Will Stay At State Budget Agency — But Not In The Top Job

Cops, Prosecutors Want Gov To Veto Seized Property Bill

Thursday, May 9

Kauai: More Trouble For Hanalei As Unstable Hillside Forces Traffic Delays

Hawaii Put This Woman On A Child Neglect List — And Now She Can’t Fight It

Wednesday, May 8

Former Head Of Hawaiian Home Lands Is Back At Agency In A New Job

Kauai Gets A Residential Drug Treatment Facility For First Time In Decades

Tuesday, May 7

Kauai: This Island’s Only Bookstore Is Thriving

Tracking The Feral Cats That Kill Kauai’s Endangered Seabirds

Monday, May 6

New Federal Rules Block Driver’s Licenses For Micronesians In Hawaii

Big Island: Hawaii’s New Generation Of Women Canoe Carvers

Wanted: People Who Can Make Useful Sense Of Vast Amounts Of Data

Friday, May 3

Senate Closes The 2019 Session With Some Sharp Divisions

Airbnb Bill: Where Lawmakers Live Determined How They Voted

Chad Blair: Despite Legislative Setbacks, Ige Sees ‘Progress’ For His Agenda

Big Island: Lava Evacuees Are Moving Home Despite County’s Slow Pace

Thursday, May 2

This Native Hawaiian Taro Farmer Has Been Fighting A&B For Decades

April 2019

Tuesday, April 30

Case Called Out Risk Of Low-Flying Tour Helicopters Weeks Before Crash

Chad Blair: Last Chance For The Water Rights Bill

How These Bills Could Help Those With Serious Mental Illness

Why Plans For A New Navy Dry Dock Leave Ship Repair Industry Divided

Big Island: Researchers Battle The Rat Lungworm Problem

Monday, April 29

Donovan Dela Cruz Plays Hardball With Foes Of The Airbnb Tax

Why The Police Misconduct Bill Failed To Pass The Legislature — Again

Friday, April 26

Lawmakers Shoot Down Airbnb Tax But Agree To Tax Big Real Estate Investments

Legislative Committees Move Prison And Bail Reform Closer To Reality

Minimum Wage Increase Dead For 2019 Session

Census: Oahu’s Population Declined From 2010-18

Ed Case: Some PAC Money Is OK As Long As He Knows Where It’s Coming From

Thursday, April 25

A Flurry Of Deal-Making At The Hawaii Legislature As End Of Session Looms

State Set To Spend $3.4 Billion On Big Projects

Big Island: Merrie Monarch Hula Festival Is A $6 Million Bonanza

State To Housing Applicants: Sign Up Online Or Lose Your Spot On Wait List

Wednesday, April 24

Senate Votes To Keep Nolan Espinda As Public Safety Chief

What’s The Holdup On A Bill That Targets Child Sex Abusers?

Tuesday, April 23

Hawaii Takes Another Step Toward Statewide All-Mail Voting

SLIDESHOW: Connecting Children And The Sea

Indian Americans Are Big Donors To Gabbard Campaign

Friday, April 19

Can A Sustainable Industry Be Built From An Invasive Species?

Ige Assures Caldwell Of Ala Wai Flood Control Financing Plan

Thursday, April 18

Case: Trump ‘Has Not Been Exonerated’ By Mueller Report

Ige Calls For Reconsideration Of Water Bill

Two Ethics Reform Measures Clear House-Senate Conference Committee

Big Island: Specialty License Plates A Big Moneymaker For Damaged Park

Wednesday, April 17

Who Owns Aloha? Hawaii Considers Protections For Native Culture

Big Island: Airport-Style Security Comes To Hilo Hospital After Stabbings

Tuesday, April 16

Legislature Approves Spending Millions For Elderly Care

The High Price Of Luring The Movies To Hawaii

Group Opposed To Taxing Billions In Real Estate Trusts Is A Big Spender At Capital

Monday, April 15

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Raises $1.9 Million In Bid For White House

Where Hawaii Renters Spend Half Their Incomes On Housing

Friday, April 12

Hawaii Loses Leading Civil Rights Advocate Joakim ‘Jojo’ Peter

Big Island: Is It A Waste Of Time To Complain About Illegal Building Here?

HI-Priced Q&A: How This 56-Year-Old Lives On $51,200 In Honolulu

Thursday, April 11

Ige Stands By His Public Safety Chief After Senate Panel Calls For Espinda’s Ouster

Ex-Maui Inmate Gets $10K In Sex Assault Lawsuit Settlement

OHA Presses For A Bigger Share Of Money From Hawaii’s Trust Lands

Wednesday, April 10

Honolulu Police Corruption: ‘Don’t Try To BS’ The Judge

Tuesday, April 9

Senators’ Questions About Jail Riot, Shootings Go Unanswered

Minimum Wage Increase Among Hundreds Of Bills Moving Forward

State Initiates Audit Of School Impact Fees On Developers

Chad Blair: Possible Resurrection Of Water Bill Has Capitol Abuzz

Monday, April 8

Sen. Kai Kahele Says He’s Raised $250,000 To Challenge Tulsi Gabbard

Here’s Why You’ll Want To Pay For The Miles You Drive Not The Gas You Use

Moving Hawaii’s Technology Out Of The Dark Ages

Ed Case’s ‘Talk Story’ Has Aged Well

Saturday, April 6

A&B Water Rights Bill May Have New Life

Friday, April 5

Bills Lighten Up On Pot Possession, But Add Penalties For Drugged Driving

Ige Appoints Kamehameha Schools Official To Board of Education

Survey: 1 in 4 Micronesians Say They Face Prejudice At Work

Surprising Support For New Tax On Hawaii’s Powerful Real Estate Interests

Thursday, April 4

Water Rights Bill Goes Down The Drain In ‘Historic Vote’

Hawaii Legislative Committee Kills Flavored E-Cigarette Ban

Senators’ Scrutiny Of Public Safety Chief Will Stretch Into Next Week

Civil Beat’s Disaster Preparation Series Wins National Award

VIDEO: Micronesians Respond To Racist Tweets

Hawaii’s Population Decline Signals Future Economic Challenges

State Criticized For Cutting Services For The Developmentally Disabled

Bill Would Criminalize Driving Under The Influence Of … Almost Anything

Wednesday, April 3

Micronesia Official Pleads Guilty To Bribery In Hawaii

Micronesians In Hawaii Still Struggle To Get Health Care

Tuesday, April 2

Panel Narrowly Recommends Keeping William Aila In Hawaiian Home Lands Post

Vote On Water Rights Bill Postponed After Heated Testimony

Beyond Hotels And Beaches: Can Hawaii Really Diversify Its Economy?

SLIDESHOW: Restoring An Ancient Fishpond in Kaneohe Bay

Monsanto: $80M Verdict In Roundup Case Won’t Affect Other Suits

Civil Beat Wants To Find Out Where Hawaii’s Economy Is Headed

Monday, April 1

Lawmakers Revive Bail Reform Efforts To Reduce Overcrowding

$3M Settlement After Rock Slide Adds To Taxpayers’ Legal Bill

March 2019

Friday, March 29

Legislature Approves $60M In Volcano Disaster Relief

Hawaii Considers Flavored E-Cigarette Ban To Curb Teen Vaping

Big Island: ‘All This Crime Happening In My Backyard’

Some Hawaii Taxes And Fees Are Almost Certain To Rise

Thursday, March 28

Planning For New Stadium Assumes It Would Be Built In Halawa

Wednesday, March 27

Bill Could Make It Easier To Pursue Sexual Harassment Claims In Court

Tuesday, March 26

Lawmakers Move Swiftly On Spending Plan, But That’s Not The End Of The Debate

State Ohana Zone Money Is Beginning To Produce Housing, Services

Monday, March 25

Embattled Hawaiian Humane Society CEO Resigns

Well-Known Adoption Fixer Charged With Human Trafficking

The Boat People Of The Ala Wai Fear They’re Getting Forced Out

Friday, March 22

State Withholds Names Of Inmates Transferred After Maui Riot

Ige Turns To Private Prison Firm For New Oahu Jail

Thursday, March 21

Kauai Tops State For Percentage Of Unvaccinated School Kids

Legislative Committees Reject Plastics Ban Proposals

Hawaii Pushes Bank Of America To Resolve Multimillion-Dollar Dispute

Wednesday, March 20

Outdated Technology Hampers Investigations Into Hawaii Professionals

Hawaii Supreme Court: Giant Law Firm OK To Set Up Shop Here

Tuesday, March 19

Senate Shoots Down Proposal To Buy Underused Federal Prison

Hawaii Weighs First-In-Nation Plastic Bans At Restaurants

HI-Priced Q&A: How This 23-Year-Old Saves For Retirement On $36,000 A Year

Monday, March 18

Supreme Court Rejects B&B Owner Who Denied Room To Gay Couple

Kauai: The Pig Man Of The Garden Isle

Creating A Better Life For Hawaii’s Developmentally Disabled

Friday, March 15

Lawmakers Looking Closely At Public Safety Director’s Performance

Nonprofits Get 3 Nerve-Wracking Minutes To Make Pitch To Legislators

Bill To Create An Airport Corporation Advances — With A Very Big Catch

Maui Riot Just The Latest Sign Of Trouble In State’s Overcrowded Jails

Thursday, March 14

21 Maui Inmates Transferred to Halawa After Riot

State Deputy Sheriffs Still Aren’t Accredited — 8 Years After the Law Required It

Wednesday, March 13

Big Pay Raises Coming For Lawmakers And Top State Execs

Revenue Council Predicts Slowdown In State Economic Growth

Tuesday, March 12

Immigrant Sanctuary Bill Dies In Hawaii Legislature

2019 Is Shaping Up As The Year Of Investigation In Congress

Gov. Ige’s Re-Appointment Of Public Safety Director Is Meeting Resistance

Friday, March 8

Chad Blair: David Ige Unwinds And Chats About Hawaii’s Future

Thursday, March 7

House Votes To Decriminalize Possessing Small Amounts Of Pot

Big Island: Opponents Will Try To Stop Geothermal Plant From Reopening

Bill Focuses On Revolving Door Of Involuntary Psychiatric Treatments

Many Climate Change Bills Are Still Alive, Including A Carbon Tax

Wednesday, March 6

Hawaii Opens Medical Marijuana Registration To Out-Of-State Visitors

Mother Alleges Police Negligence In Shooting Death Of Her Son

Tuesday, March 5

Senate Approves Proposed Tax Increase To Help Public Schools

Hawaii Prisons: ‘You Can’t Have A System Policing Itself’

Legislature Considers Sex Abuse Investigation Of Catholic Church

Monday, March 4

The Roadblocks Are Rising For Much-Touted Bail Reform

When Hawaii Politicians Really Start Caring About Young Voters

Here’s What’s Not Passing The Hawaii Legislature This Year

Friday, March 1

Big Island: Unlikely Wranglers Oversee An Unusual Roundup

February 2019

Thursday, February 28

‘It’s More Than Pay’: The Plight Of UH Grad Assistants

Lawmakers Propose Fixes For A Broken Psychiatric Care Law

How Many Kids In Hawaii Have Been Vaccinated? The State Doesn’t Know

Wednesday, February 27

Southwest Gets FAA Approval For Flights Between Hawaii And California

Chad Blair: How Much Hate In The 808 These Days?

Tuesday, February 26

Bringing The Right To Vote Behind Bars

Kauai: Here’s A Place That Got Pounded With 519 Inches Of Rain Last Year

Bills To Help Sexual Misconduct Victims Speak Out Also Could Keep Them Silent

Monday, February 25

When Delusions Steal Your Daughter

Be Audited Or Die: New Budget Process Cracks Down On State Agency

Sunday, February 24

Ige Doesn’t Think HART’s Federal Funding Is Threatened

Friday, February 22

Some Pot Bills Are Still Alive, But Recreational Use Looks Like A Nonstarter

Hawaii Could Really Use This Federal Prison That Has Plenty Of Empty Cells

Study: Moving Ourselves Away From The Shoreline Is Hard But Doable

Wednesday, February 20

US Supreme Court Ruling Boosts Hawaii Effort To Limit Property Forfeiture

Schatz Health Care Idea On Presidential Stage

Tuesday, February 19

Man Dies After ‘Extreme Struggle’ With Deputy Sheriff Outside Hawaii Capitol

Kirk Caldwell’s Side Job At The Bank Would Be Outlawed Under This Bill

Monday, February 18

Hawaii And Other States Sue Trump Over Border Wall

Friday, February 15

Here’s One Idea For Keeping Crime Out Of Waikiki — Keep Offenders Out

Thursday, February 14

Lawmakers: Release Information When A Prisoner Dies

Legislature’s New Approach: Inspect Budgets In Bite-Sized Chunks

Wednesday, February 13

Katherine Kealoha And Her Brother Are Free Pending Trial On Drug Charges

Tuesday, February 12

Micronesia Official Charged In Bribery Scandal Involving Hawaii Firm

These Rare Seabirds Are Having Babies On Oahu’s North Shore

Monday, February 11

Big Island: Loss Of Slaughterhouse Cripples Specialty Meat Industry

Friday, February 8

Former Pearl Harbor Navy Spokesman Sentenced In Corruption Scandal

Taxpayers Hit With $1.1 Million Tab After State Settles Lawsuits

Fighting To Keep The Kealoha Case Open To The Public

Thursday, February 7

Judge Denies Hawaii’s Move To Get Airbnb Host Records

‘It’s A Crime’: Will Legislature Fix Hawaii’s Broken Bail System?

Wednesday, February 6

Former OHA Trustee Rowena Akana Hit With $23K Ethics Fine

Effort To Pump Up Voter Interest In Elections Goes Nowhere In Legislature

Senate May Invoke Rarely Used Subpoena Power For Hearing On Prison Chief

Growing Our Own: Hawaii Still Lacks Enough Local Food Production

Court Ruling On Water Heaters Will Help ‘Protect The Climate’

Tuesday, February 5

State: Airbnb Acknowledges Rental Hosts Aren’t Paying All Taxes

Big Island: No Aloha So Far For A Puna Spaceport

These Lawmakers Think The State Should Charge $20 To Unblock Porn Sites

Monday, February 4

Looks Like We’ll Still Be Using Private Prisons On The Mainland For A While

HI-Priced Q&A: Working Full-Time, Part-Time And Freelancing — All For $45K Per Year

Report: Far Fewer HPD Officers Were Fired Or Suspended Last Year

Rushing To Save Kauai’s Ohia Trees From A Deadly, Fast-Spreading Disease

Friday, February 1

Tulsi Gabbard Kicks Off 2020 Campaign With $2 Million In The Bank

How Many More Cars Can We Cram On Oahu?

High Turnover In Gabbard’s Office Preceded ‘Tulsi 2020’ Problems

January 2019

Thursday, January 31

Kauai, Big Island Mayors Dubious About Raising Minimum Wage

Proposal For New Dairy On Kauai Dropped After 5-Year Effort

Almost Half The Senate Signs On To Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Airbnb Criticizes Attempt By Hawaii To Subpoena Hosts’ Records

Some Question Calls For Tougher Penalties On OHA Takeover Group

Key Lawmakers Are Trying To Water Down Inspection Rules For Elder Care Homes

Wednesday, January 30

Gabbard’s Claims Of ‘Religious Bigotry’ Draw Cheers From The Right

Dozens Of Proposed Bills Could Change The Way We Vote

Tuesday, January 29

Thirty Meter Telescope Opponents Appeal To Key Project Funder

House Speaker: Really, Judges Are My BFFs

If Mayor Caldwell Has His Way You Couldn’t Turn Right On A Red Light Anymore

Monday, January 28

University Of Hawaii Proposes Tuition Reduction, Freeze

Not All Hawaii Lawmakers Embrace Gut-And-Replace

A New Public Corruption Scandal Looms For Hawaii

Friday, January 25

Despite Shutdown, Hawaii Housing Programs Are OK — For Now

Big Island: Hamakua Flood Victims Feel Overshadowed By Lava Disaster

Welcome To The Instant Outrage Of Today’s Washington, Mr. Case

Thursday, January 24

Judge Dismisses Suit Challenging Gut-And-Replace Legislation

Tulsi Gabbard Formally Launches Presidential Campaign With Video

Honolulu Contractor Pleads Guilty In State Bribery Scheme

Kauai: World’s Biggest Solar Power Plant Relies On A Flock Of Sheep

As Hurricane Lane Approached, Some Boats Had Nowhere To Escape

State Improperly Shared Unsubstantiated Reports Of Child Abuse For Years

Wednesday, January 23

Caucus Pushes Bills Addressing Violence Against Women

Big Island: New Steam Cracks Plague Residents In Eruption Zone

Hawaii Energy Office — And Other Programs — May Face The Budget Ax

Tuesday, January 22

Bail Reform Could Get Serious Consideration From Legislature

Ige: ‘The Future Is Personal’

Massive Flood Risks Don’t Deter Kauai Homeowners From Rebuilding

Big Island: Hawaiians Step Up For Sacred Park In Face Of Shutdown

Monday, January 21

Sen. Kai Kahele Gets A Jump On 2020 In Announcing Congressional Bid

Friday, January 18

Government Shutdown Won’t Stall Kealoha Trial

Bill Would Lower Voting Age To 16 For State And Local Elections

OHA’s Own Audit Is Being Blocked — By People At OHA

Thursday, January 17

Four Men Arrested For Assault After OHA Office Occupied

Gabbard Apologizes In Video For Past Statements On Gay Rights

Journalism Grant Will Pump Up Our Health Care Coverage

Budget Hawk Sylvia Luke: ‘I Try To Know More Than Them’

Wednesday, January 16

Gov. Ige’s Administrative Director Is Now Also His Chief Of Staff

Minimum Wage Hike Gets Immediate Support As Legislature Convenes

Tuesday, January 15

Senators: Some Cabinet Nominees Won’t Make It

Denby Fawcett: I Like Dogs But Not When They’re In My Face — Or My Food

Monday, January 14

HI-Priced Q&A: Commuting, Paying For Preschool And Digging Out Of Debt

Thursday, January 10

Homelessness Coordinator Touts Progress As Lawmakers Criticize Pace Of Work

Super PAC Crackdown On The Agenda In 2019 Legislature

Minimum Wage And Marijuana: What To Expect In The 2019 Hawaii Legislature

Big Island: Other Spaceport Plans Crashed — Will This One Fly?

Wednesday, January 9

Court Rejects LoPresti’s Challenge Of His Loss In Ewa Beach Senate Race

Big Island: Joining The Parade Of Counties That Are Raising Taxes

Tuesday, January 8

By Land And Sea, The Shutdown Takes Its Toll On Hawaii

This Long-Expired High-Tech Tax Credit Is Still Costing Hawaii Millions

Why Critics Say New House Sexual Harassment Policy Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Monday, January 7

Filmmaker Settles Lawsuit After Hawaii Grants Him Tax Credits

Hawaii House Of Representatives May Update Sexual Harassment Policy

Kauai: Tourists Keep Coming To Queen’s Bath Despite The Deadly Danger

Gov. Ige’s New Cabinet Is Still Almost Half Empty

Sunday, January 6

Obama: ‘We Have A Deficit Of Leadership And We Need New Blood’

Saturday, January 5

Tulsi Gabbard Is A Rising Progressive Star Despite Her Support For Hindu Nationalists

Friday, January 4

Task Force Criticizes ‘Punitive Mentality’ Of Hawaii Criminal Justice System

‘I Feel The Energy’: Ed Case Returns To Congress

Thursday, January 3

If You Thought Legislature Would Bury The Hatchet With Ige, Think Again

Ige Selects Trial Lawyer To Be Hawaii’s New Attorney General

Missiles, Mac Nuts And Military Money Among Hawaii’s Top Congressional Wins

Wednesday, January 2

He Fought For Hawaii’s Aid In Dying Law. Now He Wants To Use it.

Addicted To Airbnb: Hawaii’s Tourism Economy Depends On Illegal Vacation Rentals

Big Island: The Vog Is Gone — For The First Time In Decades