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COVID-19 Disparities For Pacific Islanders Worsen Nationally Cory Lum/Civil Beat

COVID-19 Disparities For Pacific Islanders Worsen Nationally

The virus has been particularly devastating for Marshallese residents in Arkansas.

Agreement Reached To Protect Dwindling Shark Species Wikimedia Commons

Agreement Reached To Protect Dwindling Shark Species

Thousands of oceanic whitetip sharks have died in commercial fishing off Hawaii. Now, WESPAC will have to devise a plan to better protect them.

GOP House Candidate Arrested For Quarantine Violation

GOP House Candidate Arrested For Quarantine Violation

Officials say Kilomana Danner refused to complete mandatory travel forms.

Lots Of Questions Surround Hawaii’s Pre-Travel Testing Program Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Lots Of Questions Surround Hawaii’s Pre-Travel Testing Program

The proposal requires travelers get a COVID-19 test before departure to Hawaii to bypass quarantine, creating concerns about who would provide the testing.

Lawmakers Want To Keep Foreign Interference Out Of Elections Flickr: Carmen Rodriguez

Lawmakers Want To Keep Foreign Interference Out Of Elections

A bill advancing at the Hawaii Legislature would prohibit outside corporations and others from contributing to local races.

Former Hawaii Corrections Officers Indicted For Assault Of Inmate Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Former Hawaii Corrections Officers Indicted For Assault Of Inmate

The defendants are expected to appear before a federal judge Wednesday.

Hawaii Sues E-Cig Giants Juul and Altria Flickr: Vaping360

Hawaii Sues E-Cig Giants Juul and Altria

The complaint alleges that JUUL, Altria, and their leaders engaged in unfair and deceptive practices.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Approved For Florida Experiment Courtesy: Ralph Steadman

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Approved For Florida Experiment

Scientists in Hawaii are also racing to eradicate disease-carrying mosquitoes that threaten the survival of the islands’ rare and unique forest bird species. But controversial GMO solutions are not yet being considered in Hawaii.

July 2020

Wednesday, July 1

VIRUS TRACKER — JULY 1: 9 New COVID-19 Cases In Hawaii

Lots Of Questions Surround Hawaii’s Pre-Travel Testing Program

Lawmakers Want To Keep Foreign Interference Out Of Elections

June 2020

Tuesday, June 30

A New Direction For The Hawaii Supreme Court?

Monday, June 29

HPD Chief Says There’s Less Racial Bias In Hawaii. She’s Wrong

COVID-19 Cases Among Pacific Islanders Surge In Hawaii

Sunday, June 28

John Pritchett: Slow Mo

Stories Of Pain And Success From The Hawaiian Diaspora

Friday, June 26

Proposed Detonation of World War II-Era Bombs at Molokini Angers Activists

Hawaii Legislature Approves Public Worker Pay Raises

Hawaii Increases Funding For Homeless Sweeps

COVID-19 Quarantine Facility Links Homeless To Range Of Services

Military In Hawaii Copes With Pandemic Challenges

Kauai Residents Scored Big At This Unusual Community Garage Sale — Even A Baby Grand Piano

Thursday, June 25

Hawaii Economic Chief: Tourism Is ‘Who We Are’ And Must Be Rebuilt

Wednesday, June 24

Lawmakers Move To Eliminate Exemption That Has Hidden Police Misconduct For 25 Years

This Ship Snagged 206,000 Pounds Of Trash From Ocean

Ige: Hawaii’s Quarantine Will Be Lifted For Those Who Show Proof Of Negative COVID-19 Test

Feds: Hawaii Travel Quarantine Discriminates Against Out-Of-State Residents

Face Scanners At Hawaii Airports Are ‘Terrifying,’ ACLU Says

Native Hawaiian Activists Turn Into Candidates For The 2020 Elections

Tuesday, June 23

Coronavirus Has Offered Kauai’s Mayor A Political Breakout Moment

Could New Kauai Proposal Be A Model For Bringing Back Tourism?

Negotiations Begin On Hawaii Police Misconduct Bill

Monday, June 22

Hawaii’s Highest Court Is Pushing Back On How Police Interrogate Suspects

Sunday, June 21

Am I Hawaiian Enough?

Hawaii Lawmakers Get Back To Work Monday As Critical Issues Collide

Friday, June 19

Major Player In Illegal Marshallese Adoptions Pleads Guilty To Fraud

Cluster of New COVID-19 Cases Found In Wahiawa Elderly Care Homes

Economic Development Officials Outline Recovery Plan

Lawmakers: $600 Million In Federal Relief Funds Will Now Go To Hard-Hit Residents, State Agencies

Oahu Nursing Home Will Test All Residents And Staff Weekly For COVID-19

Thursday, June 18

Hawaii Has Lots Of Issues To Figure Out Before Tourism Can Ramp Up

Reports: Thousands More Likely To Soon Suffer Severe Financial Hardship In Hawaii

Hawaii County Will Review Its Police Practices In Wake Of Protests

Wednesday, June 17

Growing COVID-19 Cluster at Oahu Nursing Home Sets Off Warning Signs

What’s Happened To Hawaii’s Police Shootings Review Board?

Tuesday, June 16

Face Masks, Temperature Checks: The New Reality For Summer School Students

Ed Case On Police Reform: ‘This Is Our First Step Toward Justice’

Monday, June 15

Big Island Fire Department Scrambles To Plug A Budget Hole

Sunday, June 14

How Las Vegas Became Hawaii’s 9th Island

Saturday, June 13

Alleged Cult Leader Wants To Stay In Hawaii After Quarantine Violation Arrest

What’s Behind The Recent Uptick of COVID-19 Cases In Hawaii?

Hawaii Researchers Search For Clues To The Mysteries Of COVID-19

Friday, June 12

How This Hawaiian Homestead’s Swift Response To COVID-19 Paid Off

How Effective Is Hawaii’s Key Court-Sanctioned Drug Treatment Program?

Vacation Rental Owners Are Threatening To Sue Over Shutdown

Thursday, June 11

This Kauai Doctor Is Helping Revolutionize Drug Treatment For Inmates

Wednesday, June 10

Gov. David Ige Extends Trans-Pacific Travel Quarantine To July 31

Teachers, Just Like Other Working Parents, Are In A Bind Over Lack Of Child Care

Experts: Test Passengers To Reopen Hawaii Tourism

Tuesday, June 9

Hawaii Legislature Expects To Reconvene On June 22

Hawaii-Based General Confirmed As First Black Air Force Chief Of Staff

Congressional Democrats Are Now Pushing Police Reform

Monday, June 8

Hawaii House Speaker Says Cop Misconduct Bill Is ‘On Our Radar’

How A Major Campaign Donor Got A Million-Dollar Cleaning Contract In Honolulu

These Kauai Cops Are Tired Of Racist Police Killings, Too

Architect Says Time Is Running Out To Save Kauai’s Coco Palms

Sunday, June 7

The Forgotten Story Of How Hawaiians Transformed American Music

Kauai Has A New Plan For Its Vacant Residential Drug Treatment Facility

Saturday, June 6

Thousands Show Up Across Hawaii To Protest Racial Injustice

Pacific Islanders, Filipinos Have Highest COVID-19 Rates In Hawaii

Hawaii’s Wedding Business Has Been ‘Completely Demolished’

Friday, June 5

Report Of COVID-19 Nursing Home Death Wasn’t Accurate, DOH Says

The Head Of Hawaii’s Unemployment Office Is On Leave

If George Floyd Died In Hawaii, We’d Know Little About The Cop Who Killed Him

How These Hawaii Kupuna Battle Loneliness During The Pandemic

Thursday, June 4

Bullying Feud Again Thwarts Senate Hearing On Hawaii Economy

Lt. Gov. Green Wants Random COVID-19 Testing At Airports

Hawaii’s Jobless Grow Desperate As Unemployment Approvals Lag

Wednesday, June 3

Schools Chief Hopes To See Hawaii Elementary Schools Open By August

Hawaii Elections 2020: Primary Election Ballot

Hawaii Elections Guide 2020

Many In Hawaii Grieve — And Protest — The Police Killing Of George Floyd

Report On Bullying By State Senator Surfaces As Tension Mounts Over Hawaii Recovery Plan

Tuesday, June 2

New Party Hopes To Give Hawaii Legislative Incumbents A Run For Their Money

People Are Avoiding The Doctor Due To COVID-19 Fears

The Pandemic Is Proving Too Much For Some Big Island Businesses

Monday, June 1

Hawaii Will End Interisland Travel Quarantine June 16

Hawaii’s Internet Relies On Increasingly Tenuous Undersea Cables

Pandemic Job Losses In Hawaii Curb Cash Flow To Families Abroad

‘It’s Going To Be Bad’: Federal Aid Will Soon Run Out For Many In Hawaii

May 2020

Sunday, May 31

The Surprising History Of Hawaiians In The Civil War

Breaking Quarantine In Hawaii? A Citizens’ Group Is Watching

Pandemic Survey: Hawaii Is Already Enduring Widespread Socioeconomic Strain

Saturday, May 30

Why The State Doesn’t Consistently Track Data On Native Hawaiians

Queen’s, Hawaii Pacific Health Get Big Chunk Of Federal Health Care Bailout

Friday, May 29

COVID-19 Prompts Redo Of Hawaii’s Medicaid Contracts

Fish Councils Look For Ways To Bounce Back From Pandemic

Tensions Grow Over How — And When — To Reopen Tourism

Thursday, May 28

Experts: State Budget Hole Much Deeper Than Predicted

Lawsuit: Oahu Hospital Allegedly Shielded 2 Sexual Harassers

Report: Hawaii’s Lack Of A Plan To Reopen Tourism Is ‘Disturbing’

Wednesday, May 27

Young Brothers May Get $25 Million In Federal Bailout Money

Civil Beat/HNN Poll: Stop Virus Even If Economy Crumbles

Ukuleles Could Be ‘A New Hawaiian Tradition’ For Kauai Graduates

The Other Coronavirus Crisis: Escalating Mental Health Problems

Tuesday, May 26

Hawaii’s True Jobless Rate Is A Mystery

Hawaii’s Hotels Are Bleeding Cash Amid Shutdown

Sunday, May 24

Hawaii Schools Under Pressure To Provide More Data About Remote Learning

Tracing California’s ‘Lost Tribe’ Of Hawaiians

Saturday, May 23

Biden Clobbers Sanders In Hawaii’s Presidential Primary

Hilo Hospital Sees Big Drop In Patients — And Revenue — Amid Pandemic

Critics Say Hawaii Prisons Are Failing To Help Released Inmates

Friday, May 22

Hawaii’s Unemployment Rate Jumps To 22.3% in April

Hawaii Fish Council Urges Trump To Open Marine Monuments To Fishing

Thursday, May 21

Legislature Passes Budget Cuts But Will Be Back In June

Ige’s Economic Chief Accuses Senators Of Harassment

Honolulu Developing A Major Expansion Of COVID-19 Testing

Hawaii Reopened Its Civil Rights Office. But Investigations Are Still Stalled

Wednesday, May 20

Hawaii Prosecutors Want COVID-19 Inmate Releases Stopped

Hawaii Braces For A Dual Threat: Hurricanes And COVID-19

Prison Commission Demands Answers On COVID-19 At Arizona Prison

Tuesday, May 19

Chad Blair: David Ige, The Governor Who Cannot Govern

Hawaii Fishermen Are Stuck In Port As Federal Aid Falls Short

Monday, May 18

Lawmakers Still Eyeing Vacant Positions To Fill State Budget Hole

Ige Maps Out A Reopening Plan Allowing Hawaii To ‘Live With Covid-19’

Health Officials Order Free Meal Delivery Program To Stop Operations

Hawaii Medicaid Applications Soar Amid Widespread Job Losses

Sunday, May 17

1 New COVID-19 Case Reported On The Big Island

USDA Grant Throws A Lifeline To Kauai Farmers Hit By Pandemic

New Website Matches People In Need With People Who Can Help

What Does It Mean To Be Hawaiian Outside Of Hawaii?

Saturday, May 16

Hawaii’s First Case Of Rat Lungworm This Year Found On Maui

Hawaii Reports 2 New COVID-19 Cases

Friday, May 15

House Committee Wants More Detailed Reports On Jail Releases

Hawaii Lawmakers Tighten Spending Plan For COVID-19 Relief

1 New COVID-19 Case On The Big Island

Suicides Of 4 Young Men In A Week Raise Alarm On Kauai

Thursday, May 14

Lawmakers Still Concerned About How Agencies Will Spend Federal Money

Ige Wants To Extend Hawaii’s Travel Quarantine Through June

No New COVID-19 Cases Reported In Hawaii

This Federal Bailout Is Bringing A Lot More Money To Hawaii Than The Last One In 2008

Big Island Luxury Homeowners Could Be On The Hook For County Budget Shortfall

Wednesday, May 13

Schatz: Hawaii Not Moving Fast Enough On Contact Tracing

3 New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed On Oahu

School’s Out And With It A Reliable System For Flagging Abuse

Tuesday, May 12

Lawmakers Are Deciding How To Spend Federal Bailout Money

Only 1 New COVID-19 Case Reported In Hawaii

Monday, May 11

Native Hawaiians Eligible For Rental Assistance During COVID-19 Crisis

Back In Session: Hawaii Lawmakers Grapple With A Billion-Dollar Budget Hole

2 New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed In Hawaii

Hawaii Missed An Opportunity To Fix Its Benefits System Before COVID-19 Struck

These Retired Hawaii Doctors And Nurses Work Behind The Scenes Battling COVID-19

Sunday, May 10

Hawaii Reports 1 New COVID-19 Case Sunday

Ige Balks At Proposal To Loan Money To Jobless In Limbo

Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders Confront High Rates Of COVID-19 In Many States

How A Business Venture Of Friends Became A Big Player In The Virus Response

Maui Council Has Figured Out How To Do Virtual Meetings Right

Saturday, May 9

3 New COVID-19 Cases In Hawaii Announced Saturday

Fake Cures To Phishing: The Pandemic Is A Boon For Scammers

‘I Have To Accept Reality’: First-Timers Line Up For Foodbank Help

Legislative Deal In The Works Would Use Untapped Funds To Dodge Budget Cuts

Friday, May 8

No New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed For The First Time In Nearly 2 Months

Is Hawaii Ready To Reopen The Economy? Some Experts Say Not Yet

Thursday, May 7

Hawaii Lawmakers Will Go Back To Work Monday, Looking To Cut $1 Billion From The Budget

Three New COVID-19 Infections Confirmed On Oahu

UH Is Making Students Vacate Campus Housing Next Week

Wednesday, May 6

Ige Says Child Care Centers Can Reopen. But Are They Ready?

Ige Backs Off His Suspension Of State Open Government Laws

Just 1 More COVID-19 Case Reported On Oahu

How An Antiquated IT System Failed Thousands Of Hawaii’s Unemployed

Tuesday, May 5

Hawaii, Other States With Few Virus Cases Get Big Share Of Relief Aid

Hawaii Supreme Court Hears Maui Water Case In A Historic Online Session

Some Hawaii Businesses Including Malls Will Reopen By Thursday

Four New COVID-19 Infections, Including Three On Oahu

The Long Wait For Unemployment Checks Is Taking A Personal Toll

Monday, May 4

Ige Urged To Order DOH To Accept More Pandemic Help

1 New COVID-19 Case Confirmed On The Big Island

Reshaping Hawaii’s Economy For A Post-Pandemic World

Economic Downturn Could Hit Public Pension Funds Hard

Sunday, May 3

Hawaii Reports New Coronavirus-Related Death On Maui

Hawaii’s Media Is Surviving On Federal Assistance And Community Support

Native Hawaiians Are Losing Out On Millions Of COVID-19 Dollars

Saturday, May 2

One New COVID-19 Case Reported In Maui County

COVID-19 Antibody Testing Ramps Up In Hawaii Without DOH Endorsement

Chad Blair: Nothing Screams ‘Aloha’ Like An Ankle Monitor

Survey: Jobs Losses, Worries About Paying Rent Widespread On Kauai

Friday, May 1

UPW Head Ousted Over Financial Abuse

Recoveries Outnumber New COVID-19 Cases in Hawaii

Hawaii Lawmakers Are Trying To Figure Out How To Get Back Into Session

Information Lockdown At Hawaii Labor Department Stymies Coronavirus Stories

April 2020

Thursday, April 30

Hawaii Senate Committee: Why Can’t We Enforce The Travel Quarantine?

Hawaii DOH Reports 5 New COVID-19 Cases

Wednesday, April 29

COVID-19 Curve ‘Flattened’ But Tourism Won’t Open Soon

DOH Says Native Hawaiians Have A High COVID-19 Rate. But How High?

4 New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed In Hawaii

Some Adult Care Homes Want Inspections Halted During COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 Monitoring Could Turn Hawaii Into A Tourist ‘Prison Camp,’ Critics Say

Tuesday, April 28

Hawaii Labs Improve COVID-19 Testing Turnaround Times

2 New COVID-19 Cases Reported, Including First Lanai Resident

Hawaii Nonprofits Want More Say In How State Spends Federal Virus Aid

Monday, April 27

Hawaii’s Most Vulnerable Are Being Hit Hardest By The Economic Shutdown

DOH: One More COVID-19 Case And One Death

Immigrants And Others Struggle Applying For Hawaii Jobless Benefits

Inside Hawaii’s Ambitious Mobile Virus-Testing Operation

Sunday, April 26

Kauai Mayor Imposes Curfew — Then Starts Entertaining Residents

Hawaii Reports Just 2 New Coronavirus Cases

Artists Are Trying To Survive In This Tiny Big Island Town

Here’s How The Coronavirus Has Transformed Hawaii

Saturday, April 25

Ige Extends Stay-At-Home Order, Quarantines To May 31

Total Number of COVID-19 Cases in Hawaii Rises To 604

Guam Asks To Pause Migration From Pacific Nations During Virus Crisis

Civil Beat Gets A New Reporter To Cover Veterans, Military Issues

Friday, April 24

Hawaii Reports 2 More COVID-19 Deaths

Honolulu Mayor Slammed For Offering Kauai As Coronavirus Test Case

CEO: Hawaiian Airlines Got $654 Million From Feds

Kamehameha Schools Faces A Spate Of Sex Abuse Claims

Thursday, April 23

Hawaii Receives $16M From Feds To Boost Testing, Contact Tracing

4 New COVID-19 Infections Reported In Hawaii

US Supreme Court Rules Against Maui In Major Clean Water Case

‘What Was It All For?’: Divide Grows Over Hawaii’s Lockdown

Wednesday, April 22

Hawaii Reports 6 New Cases of COVID-19

She’s Running Hawaii’s Virus Response. But Should We Trust Her?

Our DC Delegation At Home: Cooking, Yardwork, Surfing And Politics

Tuesday, April 21

Hawaii’s COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 12

Tulsi Gabbard Still Has More Than $500,000 In Presidential Cash

Monday, April 20

State Leaders: Reopening Of Hawaii Is Still About A Month Away

Hawaii Reports 4 New COVID-19 Cases

Hawaii’s Civil Rights Office Is Still Closed During A Time It’s Needed Most

Tracing the Path Of COVID-19 In Hawaii — 1 Name At A Time

Danny De Gracia: Lawmakers Should Gavel Back In This Week — Online

Hawaii Prisoners Still Packed Into Arizona Prison Despite Virus Concerns

Sunday, April 19

Hawaii Reports Another Coronavirus Death, Making 10 Now

Kauai: This Island Has Been Holding Steady Against Coronavirus. What’s Up?

Running For Office During A Pandemic? It’s Tough For Newcomers

Here’s What Oahu Looks Like Without Tourists

Saturday, April 18

Hawaii Reports 21 New COVID-19 Cases

Friday, April 17

Things Are Not Good Between Hawaii Senators And The Governor

Hawaii Reports 12 New COVID-19 Cases

Hawaii’s New ‘Economic Navigator’ Has A Murky Journey Ahead

Thursday, April 16

Hawaii Reports 11 New COVID-19 Cases

UH Medical School Seeks Funding To Develop New COVID-19 Blood Tests

COVID-19 Cuts Off Hawaii Parents From Kids In Foster Care

Wednesday, April 15

Kaiser Coronavirus Experts Fly In For Damage Control At Maui Hospital

Lawmakers, Union Officials Are Pushing Back Against State Pay Cuts

More Than Half Of Hawaii’s 530 COVID-19 Cases Have Recovered

Hawaii Lags Behind Other States In Release Of COVID-19 Data

Staff: Things Got Out Of Hand Quickly At Maui Hospital

Tuesday, April 14

Hawaii Updates Unemployment Application To Include Pacific Migrants

Hawaii Coronavirus Cases Reach 517

Hawaii Small Businesses Land $1.6 Billion From Feds

Hawaii Appears To Be Flattening The COVID-19 Curve — For Now

Hundreds Set To Attend Hawaii’s Top Summit On Violence — Virtually

Reopening Hawaii’s Economy Will Likely Be Slow and Painful

Monday, April 13

Hawaii COVID-19 Cases Surpass 500

Hawaii’s Not Ready For A Wave Of Evictions Caused By The Pandemic

Sunday, April 12

Hawaii Now Has 499 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Hundreds Line Up For Free Food At Ala Moana Center

Kauai: How The Coronavirus Is Affecting Our Social Fabric

Saturday, April 11

Hawaii Reports 21 New COVID-19 Cases And 9th Death

Hawaii’s New Unemployment Application Excludes Micronesian Migrant Workers

Friday, April 10

Hawaii Reports 2 More COVID-19 Deaths

Hawaii’s Senior Care Facilities Scramble To Prepare For COVID-19 Spread

Thursday, April 9

Special Master Recommends No Blanket Release Of Hawaii Inmates

Hawaii Reports 7 New COVID-19 Cases, Taking The Total To 442

Wednesday, April 8

Hawaii Officials Announce Expanded COVID-19 Testing

Tulsi Gabbard To David Ige: Fire Your Top Health Officials Or Resign

More Than 700 State Workers Are Home Awaiting Reassignment

Sixth Person Dies From COVID-19 In Hawaii

Maui Mayor Reports Cluster Of Hospital Workers Infected With COVID-19

The Fastest-Growing Ethnic Group In Hawaii Is Also The Most Invisible

Hawaii Businesses Affected By COVID-19 Could Face Tough Fights With Insurers

Tuesday, April 7

Hawaii COVID-19 Infections Now Exceed 400

Monday, April 6

Hawaii COVID-19 Cases Nears 400

Kauai: These Small Sheds May Soon Shelter Quarantined Family Members

Justice Delayed: Pandemic Puts Court Cases And Lives On Hold

Sunday, April 5

Survey: Most Of Us Are Staying Home During Virus Outbreak

Hawaii Coronavirus Cases Now At 371

Hawaii’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Remain Open During Virus Crisis

Hawaii Officials Are Struggling To Get Help To Overburdened Agencies

Saturday, April 4

Hawaii Records 32 New COVID-19 Cases, One Death

How Susceptible Are You To Coronavirus? The Answer Could Be In Your DNA

The Imprecise Science Of Predicting The Spread Of COVID-19

Friday, April 3

Hawaii National Guard Called Out To Help With Coronavirus Response

Gov. Ige: Banning Air Travel To Hawaii Is ‘Impossible To Enforce’

Third Person Dies of COVID-19 In Hawaii

Hawaii Public Workers Want Hazard Pay During Coronavirus Pandemic

This Startup Is Trying To Ease The Ventilator Shortage in Hawaii

Thursday, April 2

Special Master Appointed To Recommend On COVID-19 Jail Releases

Hawaii Reports Second Death And 27 New COVID-19 Cases

Wednesday, April 1

No Statewide Text Alerts, Ige Says

Hawaii Reports 34 More COVID-19 Cases

Scam Artists Promised Mortgage Relief, Delivered Heartbreak To Hawaii Homeowners

March 2020

Tuesday, March 31

Hawaii Reports First COVID-19 Death

New State Virus Maps Have Some Geographic Breakdowns

Honolulu Star-Advertiser Cutting Payroll Costs To Weather Pandemic

Public Defender’s Office Wants Hundreds More Hawaii Inmates Released

COVID-19 Is Taking A Big Toll On Other Types Of Health Care

Monday, March 30

Report: Hawaii’s Economic Downturn Will Be ‘Sharp And Painful’

Hawaii COVID-19 Count Exceeds 200

Churches Are Going Online To Keep The Faithful Connected

Suspension Of Hawaii’s Open Government Laws More Extreme Than Other States

Danny De Gracia: $1,200 Stimulus Check Won’t Go Very Far In Hawaii

Sunday, March 29

Hawaii Coronavirus Cases Now At 175

#PPE4Hawaii: Volunteers Step Up To Fill Shortage Of Protective Gear

Saturday, March 28

Hawaii Reports 29 New COVID-19 Cases, The Largest Jump In A Single Day

Interior Official Pushing To Renew COFA Treaties This Year Despite Obstacles

Hawaii Public Employees May Lose Out On Pay Raises Due To Virus

Many COVID-19 Test Results Are Taking Up To 10 Days To Come Back

Friday, March 27

Hawaii COVID-19 Case Count Hits 120

Coronavirus Is Spiking Levels Of Anxiety, Panic And Stress

Thursday, March 26

State Leaders: We Need To Work Together To Fight The Virus

Hawaii Travelers Quarantine: ‘I Think I Might Go Insane’

Hawaii Jobless Claims Top 80,000 As Coronavirus Sinks The Economy

Hawaii COVID-19 Cases Surpass 100

This Hawaii Multi-Generational Family Of 7 Worries As Coronavirus Spreads

Hawaii Prison Plan For COVID-19 Emphasizes Hygiene Over Inmate Releases

Hawaii Health Workers Are Already Running Low On Protective Gear

Wednesday, March 25

Ige, Green Smooth Over Differences On COVID-19 Response

Hawaii’s Blood Banks Need Your Help To Avert ‘A State Crisis’

Hawaii Reports 6 New COVID-19 Cases

Report Of Hawaii’s First COVID-19 Death Was Inaccurate

A $2 Trillion Coronavirus Deal Will Pump Billions Into Hawaii Economy

Coronavirus Could Send The Cost Of Your Prescription Drug Soaring

Hawaii Doctors Battle State Health Department Over COVID-19 Testing

Mazie Hirono Has Some Virus Advice For Cancer Survivors Like Herself

Big Island: Proposed Aquarium Fishing Ban Appears Dead In The Legislature

Tuesday, March 24

Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green Banned From State’s Virus Response Effort

Hawaii’s COVID-19 Cases Hit 90

Monday, March 23

Coronavirus Q&A: Who Is Exempt From Stay-At-Home Rule?

Ige Orders Hawaii Residents To Stay At Home

Hawaii Announces First Death From The COVID-19 Virus

Coronavirus Q&A: Why Aren’t We Testing Mild Symptoms?

Hawaii Prosecutors Retool Policies To Avoid Filling Up Jails During Pandemic

Sunday, March 22

8 New Coronavirus Cases Reported in Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines Will Suspend Most Long-Haul Service Starting Thursday

Here’s What The Governor Can Do In An Emergency

Saturday, March 21

Coronavirus Q&A: Are Visitors Or Residents Bringing COVID-19 To Hawaii?

Hawaii Imposes Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine For All Arrivals

Number of Hawaii Coronavirus Cases Rises To 48

Kauai: Mayor On Curfew — ‘I’m Willing To Be Criticized For Overreacting’

Friday, March 20

Coronavirus Q&A: How Does COVID-19 Compare To The Flu? 

As Public Clamors For Information, Senate Panel On COVID-19 Goes Dark

DOH: First Community-Spread Cases of COVID-19 Reported On Oahu

MIT Researcher: Honolulu Airport Wasn’t A Virus ‘Super-Spreader’ This Time

Federal Fishery Managers Get Creative To Help Hawaii’s Tuna Fishermen

Coronavirus Q&A: Why Are Airlines Still Luring People With Low Fares?

DOH Testing in Hawaii For COVID-19 Remains Deliberately Narrow

Thursday, March 19

Hawaii Unemployment Claims Skyrocket As Coronavirus Crisis Continues

10 New Coronavirus Cases Reported In Hawaii

Hawaii State Senator Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Tulsi Gabbard Ends Presidential Campaign, Endorses Biden

Are Hawaii Hospitals Prepared For A Pandemic?

Programs Emerge To Help Borrowers, Small Businesses Cope With COVID-19 Crisis

Coronavirus Q&A: Is It OK To Take Ibuprofen?

Wednesday, March 18

Coronavirus Q&A: How Many COVID-19 Tests Has Hawaii Conducted?

This Hawaii Defense Contractor Has Emerged As A Major Political Player

Kauai: Violent March Storm Soaks The Island

Tuesday, March 17

Hawaii Governor Wants Bars And Clubs To Close Or Cut Back

Hawaii Thirty Meter Telescope Cost Estimate Increases To $2.4 Billion

Hawaii Democrats Still Figuring Out What To Do About The Primary

Coronavirus Q&A: Should I Avoid My Grandkids?

Monday, March 16

Honolulu Closes Facilities, Cancels Events As Coronavirus Spreads

Hawaii Legislature To Suspend Session Amid Coronavirus Fears

Hawaii Gun Violence Commission Would Leave The Public In The Dark

FAA Has Long Resisted Safety Board Calls For Tougher Air Tour Oversight

Sunday, March 15

Hawaii Public Schools Extend Spring Break Due To Coronavirus

Saturday, March 14

Hawaii Now Has Six Cases Of Coronavirus

Friday, March 13

Keeping Hawaii’s Homeless Safe From Coronavirus

Thursday, March 12

Judge: Hawaiian Heiress Is Not Capable Of Managing Her Own Affairs

Can Hawaii’s Construction Industry Make Up For Slumping Tourism?

Coronavirus Q&A: Are We Banning Cruise Ships?

Wednesday, March 11

Hawaii DOE Cancels All School Travel Outside State

Coronavirus Forecast To Take $300 Million Bite Out Of Hawaii Tax Revenues

Answers To Your Questions About Coronavirus In Hawaii

Trisha Kehaulani Watson: We Should Elect Leaders Who Can Actually Lead Us

Jobs In Hawaii: The Future Looks A Lot Like The Past

Tuesday, March 10

Another Presidential Primary, Another Last Place Finish For Tulsi Gabbard

Economists: Hawaii Visitor Spending Will Drop 10% From Coronavirus

Have A Question About Coronavirus? We’ll Try To Answer It

Monday, March 9

Last Of Its Kind: This Small Neighborhood Market Is Still A Big Part Of Life On Kauai

Minimum Wage Hikes Have Had Little Long-Lasting Effect On Business

Sunday, March 8

Hawaii Officials Confirm 2nd Virus Case

Friday, March 6

Cruise Ship Passenger Is Hawaii’s First Coronavirus Case

Potty Parity: Should Women Have More Public Toilets Than Men?

Thursday, March 5

Minor Injuries After Tour Helicopter Crashes On Big Island

From Birth Control To Folic Acid: Bill Would Mandate More Reproductive Health Benefits

Kauai: The Depth of Arrested Council Member’s Troubles Shouldn’t Have Been A Surprise

Microsoft Preps Vets For Careers In Tech

Wednesday, March 4

Hawaii Preparing For Possible Economic Effects Of Coronavirus

No Bail For Hawaii Councilman Accused Of Leading Meth Ring

Japan Suspends Annual Funding For Thirty Meter Telescope Project

Tuesday, March 3

Priority Bills On Housing, Education And Wages Advance At Hawaii Legislature

Hawaii Officials Set Testing Procedures For Coronavirus

Still No Political Love For Tulsi Gabbard On Super Tuesday

Glider Tours Get Federal Scrutiny After Dillingham Airfield Crash

Hawaii Lawmakers Hamstrung By Their Own Law On Special Funds

Monday, March 2

What’s Likely Dead, What’s Still Alive As Hawaii Legislature Reaches Halfway Mark

How Prepared Are Hawaii Hospitals For Coronavirus?

How The Faithful Took It Upon Themselves To Save This Unique Painted Church

February 2020

Saturday, February 29

Tulsi Gabbard Falls Far Short Again In South Carolina

Friday, February 28

House Speaker Wants Hawaii Prepared For Coronavirus Economic Hit

Hawaii’s First Test For Coronavirus Comes Back Negative

DOJ Prosecutors: Kauai Councilman Led Meth Ring With Samoan Prison Gang

Thursday, February 27

Hawaii Senate Panel Approves $10.5 Million For Coronavirus

Kauai County Councilman Charged In Federal Meth Probe

Wednesday, February 26

Gun Bills Likely To Pass In Wake Of Diamond Head Shooting

‘Inadvertent Mistake’ Deletes Online Evaluations Of Hawaii’s Top Judges

Why Hawaii Continues To Keep Fluoride Out Of Its Drinking Water

Tuesday, February 25

Hawaii Lawmakers Prepare For Potential Coronavirus Cases

Proposed Crackdown On Vaping Advances At The Legislature

Hawaiian Language Makes A Comeback In Hana’s Schools — And Homes

Saturday, February 22

Gabbard Continues To Struggle As Nevadans Vote For Sanders

Friday, February 21

Fault Lines: Readers Talk About Being An Outsider In Hawaii

Hawaii Isn’t The Only Place Where Local-Born People Are Leaving In Droves

Uber And Lyft Are Fine With Hawaii Regulating Them — Just Not Too Much

Thursday, February 20

Number of People Being Monitored For Coronavirus In Hawaii Is Dropping

This Helicopter Safety Bill Is Unenforceable. Why Do So Many Lawmakers Support It?

Why So Few Kids In Hawaii Get Tested For Lead Poisoning

Wednesday, February 19

Judge: Hawaiian Princess Can Testify In Public But Info About Finances, Medical Issues Will Be Kept Secret

Fault Lines Reader Feedback On How Hawaii’s Ex-Govs Feel About The State Of The State Now

Lawmakers Want More Transparency About Prosecutors’ Charging Decisions

Want To Build Affordable Housing More Quickly? This Bill Would Sidestep Public Input

Tuesday, February 18

Six Feet Above: Where To Draw The Line On Sea Level Rise

Four Ex-Hawaii Governors Say They Fear For Our Future

Monday, February 17

Fault Lines Reader Feedback: Why Can’t We All Get Along?

Friday, February 14

Hawaii Police Shootings Review Board Finally Releases Its First Decision

Kauai: Hawaiians Use Shuttle To Drop Knowledge On Tourists

Thursday, February 13

Neighbor Island Clinics Worry About Fewer Medicaid Options

Wednesday, February 12

Will There Be A New Oahu Jail? The Legislature Has Varying Answers

Bill Would Let Hawaii Residents Buy Medicine From Canada

Tuesday, February 11

Is An $868,000 Home Affordable? Hawaii Senators Say No

Lawmakers Limit Scope Of Bill Banning AG’s Probe Of Hawaiian Nonprofit

Senate’s New Sexual Harassment Policy Hailed As ‘Good Step’

Hawaii Lawmakers Are Showing A Little Love For Kona Coffee

Hanapepe: ‘This Is The Town That Keeps Refusing To Die’

Monday, February 10

A Proposed Native Hawaiian Commission Is Already Getting Pushback

One Hawaii Resident In Mandatory Coronavirus Quarantine

Hawaii Prison Reformers Call For New Approach To Guard Training

Friday, February 7

SLIDESHOW: The Beat Must Go On

State Lawmakers Are Weighing A Slate Of Bills That Affect Native Hawaiians

Tangled Web Of Campaign Cash Connects Hawaii To Maine

Plan For Dramatic Expansion Of Hawaii Pre-K Programs Still Lacks Details

Thursday, February 6

Hawaii Taxpayers To Foot Bill For Student’s Near-Drowning, Teen’s Fatal Scooter Crash

Fear Of The Coronavirus Probably Won’t Get You Asylum In The US

Wednesday, February 5

Impeachment: Hawaii Senators Cast Their Votes Against The President

Hawaii Lawmakers Work To Keep The Mentally Ill Out Of Jail

Lawmakers Look To Add Dental Coverage For Medicaid Recipients

Mauna Kea Ignited A New Wave Of Hawaiian Pride. Where Does It Go From Here?

Tuesday, February 4

FAA Abruptly Stopped Enforcement Action Against Hawaii Helicopter Tours

Hawaii Lawmakers Want State To Reconcile With Native Hawaiians

Monday, February 3

Any Future Coronavirus Patients Will Be Quarantined At Pearl Harbor

Kauai: Farmers Fight To Keep Irrigation System Running

Scientists Say Many Rat Lungworm Cases In Hawaii May Go Unreported

January 2020

Friday, January 31

Caldwell Raises Nearly $300K For 2022 Governor’s Race

Whistleblowers Allege Cozy Ties Between Hawaii Tour Helicopters, FAA Regulators

Honolulu Among 7 Airports To Receive All China Flights Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Whistleblower Alleges FAA Misconduct In Oversight Of Hawaii Copter Companies

Meet The Former Hawaii Lawyer Who’s Defending President Donald Trump

Wednesday, January 29

Judge: Attorney General Can Get Bank Records Of Mauna Kea Protest Group

Kauai: Council Weighs Resolution To Fix DHHL Mortgage Programs

More Oversight Of Vape Shops Expected Under New Federal Ban On Tobacco Sales

Tuesday, January 28

Health Officials Step Up Coronavirus Precautions At Honolulu Airport

How These Makaha Neighbors Saved A County Park From Crime And Weeds

More Investors Could Mean Increased Affordable Housing

Measuring Hawaii’s Social Capital In The Age Of Disconnect

Report: Two-Thirds of Hawaii Residents Struggle Financially

Monday, January 27

Are You Local? What These Hawaii Scholars Have To Say Might Surprise You

Danny De Gracia: ‘Congestion Pricing’ Is Another Of Honolulu’s Bad Ideas

Fault Lines: Bridging The Growing Disconnect In Hawaii

Hawaii Is Seriously Short On Census Job Applicants

Maui Mayor Wants Federal Help With Island Sustainability

Friday, January 24

Hawaii Medicaid Patients May Have Fewer Insurance Choices

Lawsuit: Guards Had Suicidal Inmate Cuffed, Let Him Bleed To Death

A Hawaii Doctor’s Journey Toward Embracing Medical Aid In Dying

Thursday, January 23

Senators Delay Vote After Grilling Aila As Head Of Hawaiian Home Lands

Tour Helicopter Crashes — And Flights — Have Escalated In Recent Years

Wednesday, January 22

Whistleblower: FAA Improperly Rushed Southwest Approvals To Fly To Hawaii

Hawaii Doctors Hopeful Over-The-Counter Drug Can Fight Rat Lungworm Disease

Hawaii AG Is Seeking Bank Records Of Mauna Kea Protest Group

Tuesday, January 21

Sunday Shooting Overshadows Hawaii Governor’s State Of The State

How Hawaii’s Senators Are Approaching Impeachment

Creating More Treatment Options in Hawaii’s Fractured Mental Health System

Friday, January 17

DOE Faces More Tough Questions Over How It Will Pay For Teacher Raises

Thursday, January 16

New Prison Oversight Commission Has A Full Plate

Kai Kahele: ‘We Have A Moral Obligation To Humanity’

Lawsuit: Slug Found In Sandwich Exposed Family To Rat Lungworm Disease

Wednesday, January 15

Can Hawaii’s Elected Leaders Save The State From ‘Drowning?’

Mayors Want State Action On Traffic, E-Scooters, Rideshare 

3 Detained With Live Mortar Round At Pearl Harbor Gate

NTSB Report: Visibility Low When Kauai Tourist Helicopter Crashed

Three Hawaii Correctional Facilities Ban Contact Visits Despite Potential Benefits

Tuesday, January 14

Minimum Wage, Preschool, Housing Top Rare Legislative Platform

How The Endangered Hawaiian Hawk Became A Political Pawn

Big Island: The $14 Million Jail Improvement Project Nobody Seems To Want

City Officials, Hawaiians Find Path Forward On Sherwood Forest Park

Monday, January 13

Public Safety Department Wants 15 More Guards But Can’t Fill Vacancies

Legislature 2020: Making Hawaii Livable Again

Friday, January 10

Trump Blames States For Homeless. Don’t Take The Bait, Former Official Warns Hawaii

Thursday, January 9

State Tax Revenues Steady, For Now

Report: Too Many People Are Dying While Waiting For Medical Aid In Dying

Hawaii Lawmakers Pushing For A Crackdown On Vaping

Wednesday, January 8

Hawaii Delegation Questions Trump’s Decision On Iran Drone Strike

Medicare Trims Payments To 8 Hawaii Hospitals

Tuesday, January 7

Hawaii Is No Longer No. 1 For Homelessness. New York Is Worse

Get Ready For An Economic Slowdown, State Economist Says

Monday, January 6

Why Are Soldier Suicides On The Rise?

Friday, January 3

Hawaii Tour Helicopter Owner Rejects Congressman’s Criticism

Judge Puts Hawaii Taser Case On Hold

Thursday, January 2

‘Blast From The Past’: Why Hawaii Won’t Stop Setting Off Fireworks

Rents Are Dipping In Hawaii, At Least For Some People