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Economists: Airbnb Crackdown Will Likely Cause Big Drop In Oahu Tourism Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Economists: Airbnb Crackdown Will Likely Cause Big Drop In Oahu Tourism

The expected decline could cost the island more than $30 million per month in direct spending, based on state tourism data.

Caldwell: Delay Of Dillingham Rail Plan Reaching ‘Crisis’ Level Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Caldwell: Delay Of Dillingham Rail Plan Reaching ‘Crisis’ Level

Rail officials admit progress on a utility relocation plan has been too slow. The mayor worries that nearby residents and businesses will pay the price.

Manahan’s Chief Of Staff Running For City Council Seat

Manahan’s Chief Of Staff Running For City Council Seat

Radiant Cordero wants to represent the greater Kalihi area at Honolulu Hale.

HART Gets Its First New Board Chair In About Three Years Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation

HART Gets Its First New Board Chair In About Three Years

UPDATED: Toby Martyn joined HART as a state appointee. Now, he’s the agency’s board chairman.

Federal Judge Postpones Sentencing Of The Kealohas For Two Weeks Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Federal Judge Postpones Sentencing Of The Kealohas For Two Weeks

Louis Kealoha, the former Honolulu police chief, and Katherine Kealoha, a former deputy city prosecutor, are now scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 31.

City Slaps UH With $35 Million Sewer Bill After Failing To Charge It For 7 Years Cory Lum/Civil Beat

City Slaps UH With $35 Million Sewer Bill After Failing To Charge It For 7 Years

The Department of Environmental Services never got the word UH West Oahu should be billed, and now is working with the university to come up with an accurate estimate for the retroactive sewer charges.

Prosecutors Won’t Charge Guard in Fatal OCCC Shooting Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Prosecutors Won’t Charge Guard in Fatal OCCC Shooting

Maui prosecutors cited Hawaii’s use of force law, which allows deadly force to be used by law enforcement against escaping jail or prison detainees.

Honolulu’s Poorly Timed Traffic Signals Aren’t Very Smart Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Honolulu’s Poorly Timed Traffic Signals Aren’t Very Smart

The city aims to start installing technology that can detect traffic congestion on some of Oahu’s more than 820 lights next year.

Honolulu Will Pay For ‘Confidential’ Criminal Defense Work For Years Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Honolulu Will Pay For ‘Confidential’ Criminal Defense Work For Years

Taxpayers are on the hook for as much as $700 an hour to block some records from being seen by federal investigators.

Honolulu Completes Heat Mapping Campaign City and County of Honolulu

Honolulu Completes Heat Mapping Campaign

Volunteers mapped Oahu “hot spots” as climate change heats up.

Denby Fawcett: Diamond Head’s Lookout Is Falling Apart And There’s Little Money To Fix It Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Denby Fawcett: Diamond Head’s Lookout Is Falling Apart And There’s Little Money To Fix It

Instead, State Parks Administrator Curt Cottrell is trying to “cobble together” enough funds to demolish some of the most dangerous parts.

Judge Says Puanas Should Get New Trial Against Katherine Kealoha Submitted

Judge Says Puanas Should Get New Trial Against Katherine Kealoha

Katherine Kealoha had been awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars by a civil jury. But her uncle and grandmother are hoping to get that back.

September 2019

Friday, September 20

Economists: Airbnb Crackdown Will Likely Cause Big Drop In Oahu Tourism

Caldwell: Delay Of Dillingham Rail Plan Reaching ‘Crisis’ Level

Thursday, September 19

Federal Judge Postpones Sentencing Of The Kealohas For Two Weeks

City Slaps UH With $35 Million Sewer Bill After Failing To Charge It For 7 Years

Wednesday, September 18

Prosecutors Won’t Charge Guard in Fatal OCCC Shooting

Honolulu’s Poorly Timed Traffic Signals Aren’t Very Smart

Honolulu Will Pay For ‘Confidential’ Criminal Defense Work For Years

Tuesday, September 17

Denby Fawcett: Diamond Head’s Lookout Is Falling Apart And There’s Little Money To Fix It

Friday, September 13

Judge Says Puanas Should Get New Trial Against Katherine Kealoha

Wednesday, September 11

TV Scene ‘Gunfire’ Alarms Some Residents In Sleepy Maunawili Valley

Monday, September 9

Jeff Speck: Making Honolulu More Walkable And Livable

Friday, September 6

HART Boss Sees No Reason To Fire Staffer Convicted In Union Vote Rigging

Thursday, September 5

Feds Approve Rail’s Recovery Plan, Signaling Continued Support

Kealoha Cases Are Racking Up ‘Endless’ Taxpayer Legal Bills

Wednesday, September 4

Honolulu Council OKs Funds To Shield Records Seized By Feds

Tuesday, September 3

Attorney Megan Kau Announces Run For Honolulu Prosecutor

Effort To Impeach Honolulu Prosecutor Continues

August 2019

Friday, August 30

Honolulu Fighting Disclosure of Records, Emails Seized by Feds, Councilman Says

Wednesday, August 28

City Leaders: Plans For Rail Work Along Dillingham ‘Not Acceptable’

Ala Moana Sand Replenishment Will Kill Sand-Dwelling Creatures, Researchers Say

Tuesday, August 27

‘Stop The Scandals’: Businessman Keith Amemiya Says He’s Running For Mayor

Monday, August 26

Honolulu Invests $500,000 To Reach Hardest-To-Serve Homeless People

Katherine Kealoha’s Relatives Demand New Civil Trial Because Of Her Alleged Fraud

Use It Or Lose It? Honolulu Officials Say Ala Wai Project Money In Jeopardy

Friday, August 23

Councilwoman Tsuneyoshi To Biki: Pay Up For Public Space

Thursday, August 22

Honolulu’s New Trains Could Sap Power From Nearby Buildings And Homes

Wednesday, August 21

How One Honolulu Neighborhood Is Trying To Keep From Sliding Away

Monday, August 19

How A Design Detail Caused A Multi-Million Dollar Headache For Honolulu Rail

Thursday, August 15

Hanabusa Takes First Steps In Run For Honolulu Mayor

‘A Real Injustice’: Katherine Kealoha Still Stands To Collect $680K From Grandmother, Uncle

Tuesday, August 13

Extra Board Members Were Meant To Add Scrutiny On HART — But They Rarely Show Up

Monday, August 12

Tourists Scramble As Oahu Vacation Rentals Disappear Under New Law

Thursday, August 8

Honolulu Rail Officials Won’t Say Much About New Round Of Subpoenas

Former Honolulu Prosecutor Wants Court To Decide If He Can Run Again

Wednesday, August 7

Kealoha Suit Against City, Ethics Commission Cost Over $355K

Council Chair’s Proposal To Kill HART Dies Its Own Early Death

Monday, August 5

Rail Faces More Uncertainty As Council Leader Tries To Abolish HART

Who Is Earle Partington And What’s He Doing In The Kealoha Case?

Friday, August 2

Judge: New Kealoha Attorney Is Good To Go

Short-Term Rental Owners Consider Options: Lease, Sell Or Leave It Vacant?

Thursday, August 1

Showdown Looms With Howard Hughes Over Parcels On Rail Route

July 2019

Tuesday, July 30

New Trial Dates Set For Kealoha Cases

A $500 Fine For HPD Officer Who Says He Was Targeted By Kealohas

The Kealoha Corruption Case Cost These Two Investigators More Than Their Jobs

Monday, July 29

Navigating Waikiki, The Wild West Of Oahu Traffic

Friday, July 26

Vacation Rental ‘Shakedown’ Nets Hundreds of Innocent Owners

Sterling Higa: Loss Of Spalding House A Reminder Old Money Alone Won’t Sustain The Arts

Thursday, July 25

Honolulu Sends Warning Letters To 5,000 Owners Of Suspected Illegal Rentals

Lawsuit: Rail Columns Pose ‘Unreasonable Risk’ To Drivers Near Waipahu

Abuse Signs In Newborn’s Death Went Unreported — Until His Sister Was Injured

Wednesday, July 24

Squeezing Along Narrow Sidewalks And Racing Crosswalk Timers In Waikiki

Tuesday, July 23

Ala Moana Playground Opponents: ‘We’re Being Steamrolled’

City To Spend $1 Million On Koko Crater Stairs

Monday, July 22

Farrington Highway Is A Lifeline — And A Big Hazard — For Leeward Residents

Sweeping Local-Hire Bill Draws Pushback From Nonunion Builders

Saturday, July 20

Proposal Would Give Honolulu Voters Chance To End HART

Friday, July 19

Honolulu Rail Will Spend Nearly $40 Million More On Change Order Fixes

Kailua Residents Long For Past, Worry About Future

Thursday, July 18

Next Kealoha Trials May Get Pushed Back As New Attorney Gets Up To Speed

Wednesday, July 17

Defiant Ethics Commission Defends Decisions On Kealohas

Tuesday, July 16

Ethics Commission Set To Examine Its Role In Kealoha Corruption Case

Behind The Verdict In The Kealoha Trial: An Interview With The Jury Foreman

Monday, July 15

Changing Habits Yields Health Benefits At MA’O Farms In Waianae

Thursday, July 11

Katherine Kealoha Loses One Attorney While A Second Seeks A Retrial

Turbulence Injures Dozens, Forces Air Canada Flight To Land In Honolulu

Chad Blair: City Prosecutor Job May Draw Crowded Field Of Candidates

Tuesday, July 9

City Sued In Crash That Killed Three Pedestrians After Police Pursuit

Family Asks Judge To Overturn Verdict That Cleared Cops In Man’s Death

Never-Ending Waikiki Sidewalk Project Hurts Businesses, Obstructs Tourists

Councilwoman: HART Should Cover Legal Costs For Subpoenas, Not City

Friday, July 5

‘It’s A Struggle’: Rail Project Loses More Top Deputies At A Crucial Time

SLIDESHOW: Oahu’s Slice Of Rodeo Life

Wednesday, July 3

Council OKs Bill Allowing Car-Sharing Companies To Rent On-Street Parking Spaces

Prosecutor’s Safe House For Abuse Victims To Close As Questions Swirl

Tuesday, July 2

Attorney Cites Ethical Concerns In Motion To Drop Katherine Kealoha As Client

Katherine Kealoha’s Tax-Funded Attorney Wants Out

Taxpayers Shouldn’t Expect Louis Kealoha To Pay Them Back Anytime Soon

Proposed Housing Development Gets A Rough Reception In Kaneohe

Monday, July 1

How Do You Make Bike Commuting Work On Oahu? Start At 4:30 a.m.

June 2019

Sunday, June 30

Hawaii Teen Tells Politicians: Listen To Us, Or We’ll Vote You Out

Friday, June 28

Understanding The Verdicts In The Kealoha Conspiracy Case

HPD Investigating Fatal Shooting By Deputy Sheriff As A Possible Murder Case

Katherine Kealoha Is Sent To Jail Until Sentencing

Thursday, June 27

Jury Convicts Kealohas And 2 HPD Officers Of Conspiracy

Mainland Mayors Face Backlash For Business Trip To Honolulu

Hawaii AG: Rehab Center Ignored Promised Reforms For 2 Years

Wednesday, June 26

Kealoha Conspiracy Trial Is Now In The Hands Of The Jury

Tuesday, June 25

Kealoha Conspiracy Trial: ‘Power, Greed And Manipulation’

City Will Use ‘Digital Stings’ To Nab Illegal Vacation Rentals Starting Aug. 1

Denby Fawcett: Ala Moana Not The Best Place For A ‘World-Class’ Playground

Podcast: Crime And Punishment In The Kealoha Trial

Here’s What To Expect At Closing Arguments In The Kealoha Case

Monday, June 24

Caldwell Wants City To Take Over Haiku Stairs In Honolulu

‘Mountains Full Of Trash’: Residents Say Bulky Pickup Pilot Isn’t Working

How To Attract Good Police Officers In The Face Of A Nationwide Shortage

The Only Way To Save This Popular Oahu Park May Be To Close It At Night

Sunday, June 23

Stairway to Heaven Could Be Removed By 2022

Thursday, June 20

Caldwell: Tax Hikes On Hotels, Investment Homes Can Cover Rail Operations

Prosecutors Say Katherine Kealoha’s Civil Attorney Lied On The Witness Stand

Podcast: The Kealohas’ ‘Disappointing’ Defense

‘Simply Madness’: City Owes $100K For Missing Deadlines In Disputes

Wednesday, June 19

Kealoha Trial: Closing Arguments Could Come As Soon As Tuesday

Tuesday, June 18

Kealoha Corruption Trial Nears End As Defense Attorneys Wrap Up Their Cases

Palolo Valley Basin Might Be Cut From Ala Wai Flood Project

Denby Fawcett: The Kealohas’ Trial Strategy — Dressing For Success In The Courtroom

Residents: Pieces Of History Could Have Been Lost To Future Ball Fields

Monday, June 17

Kealoha Trial: ‘A Conspiracy Is A Living, Breathing Thing’

Honolulu Council Approves Crackdown On Vacation Rentals

Kealoha Trial Resumes: Now You Can See What The Jury’s Been Looking At

Friday, June 14

No One Knows How Many Homes Are Sitting Empty Despite Housing Shortage

Thursday, June 13

Makiki Is A Scary Place For Pedestrians In Honolulu’s ‘Car Culture’

Tuesday, June 11

Missing Sidewalks On Oahu

Monday, June 10

Judge Refuses To Dismiss Kaneshiro Impeachment Case

City Council Considers Measure To Make Honolulu A ‘Sanctuary City’

Kakaako’s Empty Condos: ‘At Night, It’s A Ghost Town Down Here’

Friday, June 7

Kealoha Trial: Prosecutors Zero In On Defendant’s Memory Lapses

Sterling Higa: Make Our Rail Stations Attractive And Useful Destinations

Makiki Loved Its ‘People’s Library’ — So Why Did It Close?

Thursday, June 6

Ex-City Ethics Director: When We Got Close The Kealohas Fought Back

Jury: No Excessive Force In Sheldon Haleck’s Death

Some Community Leaders In Kailua Want To Break Up With Honolulu

Wednesday, June 5

Honolulu City Council Approves $23 Million To Aid The Homeless

‘We Were The Best Of Friends’: Gerard Puana Testifies In Kealoha Trial

Tuesday, June 4

She Says She Was Betrayed By Her Granddaughter, Katherine Kealoha

Chad Blair: What I Learned Renewing My License At The DMV

Monday, June 3

Kealoha Trial: ‘I Thought It Was Uncle Gerry Right Off The Bat’

May 2019

Friday, May 31

Kealoha Trial: ‘That’s Not The Way That Mailbox Should Come Off’

Defense: ‘Excited Delirium,’ Not Excessive Force, Killed Sheldon Haleck

Thursday, May 30

Caldwell Unveils Tax Plans To Increase Affordable Housing

Kealoha Trial: Prosecutors Try To Show HPD Tampered With Key Evidence

City Council Targets Decision To Pay For Louis Kealoha’s Legal Defense

Wednesday, May 29

Three Council Members Call For Halt To Waimanalo Ball Field Project

Witnesses: Kealohas Targeted Uncle Years Before Mailbox Theft

Can HPD’s New Training Program Reduce Domestic Violence Within Its Ranks?

Tuesday, May 28

‘My Heart Sank’: Former Officer Details His Role In Mailbox Conspiracy

Friday, May 24

Kealoha Trial: Officers Testify Against Their Former Chief And His Wife

City May Reserve Some On-Street Parking Spaces For Car-Sharing Companies

Thursday, May 23

‘Why Us?’ Homicide Detective Wondered As He Was Assigned To Mailbox Case

Wednesday, May 22

Kealohas On Trial: Conspiracy Or Just A ‘Conspiracy Theory’?

Kealoha Trial Kicks Off With Opening Statements

Who — Or What — Is To Blame For The Death Of Sheldon Haleck?

There’s Still No Word On How Much Honolulu Rail Will Cost —To Ride

It’s Too Soon For A Pedestrian Safety Commission, Council Panel Decides

Monday, May 20

A Tragic Misunderstanding That Left A Navy Man Dead On His Neighbor’s Porch

Friday, May 17

How Did A Long-Discussed Beach Park Project Sneak Up On Waimanalo?

Thursday, May 16

No Link Between Honolulu, California Rail Troubles, Local Leaders Say

Wednesday, May 15

TV Reporter No Longer Sought As Witness In Corruption Trial

Hawaii News Now: Kealohas Are Retaliating Against Our Reporter

Tuesday, May 14

Trisha Kehaulani Watson: How I Became A Witness In The Kealoha Corruption Trial

Monday, May 13

Hundreds Of Potential Jurors Screened On Opening Day Of Kealoha Trial

The Kealoha Trial Begins

Friday, May 10

Housing Advocates Might Love This Project, But The Neighbors Don’t

Thursday, May 9

Report: Witnesses Saw Helicopter Break Apart In Mid-Air Before Kailua Crash

Wednesday, May 8

City Council Defers Measures to Crack Down On Vacation Rentals

‘Save Sherwood Forest’: Anger Grows Over Planned Sports Complex

Tuesday, May 7

Denby Fawcett: Kakaako Homeless Population Grows While City And State Dither Over Land Transfer

Friday, May 3

Caldwell Refuses To Halt Construction At Waimanalo Beach

Final State Audit On Rail Finds Overpayments To Contractors, Billing Issues

Wednesday, May 1

Why Is It So Hard To Fire Honolulu Police Sgt. Darren Cachola?

April 2019

Monday, April 29

Official: 3 Dead In Kailua Tour Helicopter Crash

Former HPD Sergeant Gets 1-Year Probation In Mailbox Theft Case

Longtime Acupuncturist Agrees To Stop Practicing To Settle Patient Complaint

Ala Wai Canal: Flood Control Project Will Do Little To Clean Up the Polluted Waterway

Friday, April 26

Census: Oahu’s Population Declined From 2010-18

Thursday, April 25

A Nonprofit Honolulu Rehab Center Mixes Taxpayer Support With Lavish Pay

Wednesday, April 24

Honolulu Police Sergeant Charged With Domestic Abuse

Neighborhoods Are Really Angry At The Feds’ $345 Million Ala Wai Project

Tuesday, April 23

Saiki: ‘End Is Near’ For Company’s Hold On Kakaako Streets After $250K Fine

Thursday, April 18

A ‘Vicious’ Battle Over The Future Of Koko Crater Stables

Monday, April 15

Honolulu Mayor To Legislature: Let’s Partner On Fixing The Ala Wai

Vacation Rentals On Oahu May Face Tough Enforcement And New Limits

Saturday, April 13

Waters Defeats Ozawa In Honolulu City Council Rematch

Friday, April 12

Honolulu Police Corruption: This Is Why We Rarely Rely On Anonymous Sources

Thursday, April 11

Honolulu Rail’s Final Federal Money Not Expected Until Next Year

Wednesday, April 10

Feds Still Aren’t Releasing $744 Million For Honolulu Rail

Ex-Mayor Peter Carlisle Wants To Be Honolulu Prosecutor Again

Over 30,000 Have Voted In Special Election For City Council

Friday, April 5

Judge Allows Early Testimony From Grandmother In Kealoha Case

Feds Indict Two Honolulu Cops For Making Man Lick Urinal

Thursday, April 4

Waters Leads Ozawa In Money Raised And Spent In City Council Race

Defendant Wants To Stop Early Testimony Of Katherine Kealoha’s 99-Year-Old Grandmother

Wednesday, April 3

Critics Renew Calls To Stop Honolulu Rail At Middle Street

Monday, April 1

Pod Squad: Helping Men In Their Crucial First Weeks Out Of Prison

March 2019

Friday, March 29

Kealoha Attorney Wants UH Instructor Muzzled Or Fired

Honolulu Rail Cars Fail Fire Test, But Officials Question Its Validity

Thursday, March 28

Latest Audit: Agency ‘Arbitrary,’ ‘Inconsistent’ In Reviewing Rail Costs

Zero-Interest Loans Help Hawaii Residents Afford Big Down Payments

Wednesday, March 27

Feds Want Testimony From Katherine Kealoha’s Aging Grandmother Before It’s Too Late

These 10 Oahu Intersections Drive Our Readers Crazy

The Twisted History Of Honolulu Traffic Engineering

Tuesday, March 26

Local Artisans Are Thriving Amid Kakaako’s Condo Boom

Friday, March 22

After City Offered Help, Kealoha Says He Wants To Stick With His Federal Lawyer

Thursday, March 21

Honolulu Police Chief Gets High Marks From Commission And Community

Wednesday, March 20

HPD Chief Ballard Says Allegations Of Doctored Test Scores Are Unfounded

This Longtime Acupuncturist Who Pushed For Oversight Is Now Under Investigation

Monday, March 18

Judge Orders Release Of More Records In Case Of HPD Officer Who Beat Girlfriend

Thursday, March 14

Names, Ranks And Salaries Of Honolulu Cops Are Still Secret

Wednesday, March 13

Judge Approves $1.3 Million Sale of Kealohas’ Hawaii Kai Home

As Deadline Looms, HART May Not Fully Comply With Federal Subpoena

Tuesday, March 12

SLIDESHOW: Battling High Winds, Falling Rocks To Fix Pali Highway

Shining Sunlight On The Honolulu Police Chief’s Performance

Monday, March 11

How An Accused Drug Dealer Became Key To The Biggest Corruption Case In Honolulu History

Lawsuit Claims HPD Officer Sexually Assaulted Woman

Friday, March 8

Yet Another Audit Planned For Honolulu Rail Project

City Council Decides To Pay Keith Kaneshiro’s Legal Fees

The Kealohas Could Lose Their Taxpayer-Funded Lawyers

Thursday, March 7

City Council Approves $550,000 Payment To Cop Who Claimed HPD Doctored Test Scores

Embattled Honolulu Prosecutor Takes Immediate Leave Of Absence

Wednesday, March 6

SLIDESHOW: Growing Food, Fixing Bikes — This Is Kalihi’s Cornerstone

Federal Probe Has State Looking To Pull Back On Rail Audits

Tuesday, March 5

Stripping Away The Stereotypes About People With Mental Illness

Monday, March 4

Kealohas’ Trial Delayed Until May For Medical Reasons

Danny De Gracia: When Are City Leaders Going To Talk To Us About Corruption?

Friday, March 1

Katherine Kealoha Says She Needs Cancer Treatment, Wants Trial Delayed

February 2019

Thursday, February 28

Whistleblower Lawsuit: HART Mishandled More Than 100 Change Orders

Wednesday, February 27

Honolulu Corruption: State Will Take Over Some City Prosecutor Cases

Tuesday, February 26

Judge Releases Potential Juror Who Was Jailed For Shouting ‘He Is Guilty!’

Monday, February 25

Feds Demand Records Of HART Board’s Closed-Door Meetings

Friday, February 22

Katherine Kealoha Says She’s Mentally Unfit To Stand Trial But The Judge Disagrees

Thursday, February 21

Feds Are Investigating HART’s Relocation Payments

Two Honolulu Police Shootings In Less Than A Day, One Of Them Fatal

Banning Bikes At The Capitol Would Make Cycling On Oahu Even Harder

Special Council Election Requires Hundreds Of New Campaign Finance Reports

Wednesday, February 20

Family Is The Safety Net For Many Young Adults On Pricey Oahu

10 Charts That Show The Struggle Of Being A Millennial In Hawaii

Police Union Goes To Court To Overturn Labor Board Ruling On Officer Transfers

Tuesday, February 19

Landslide Closes Pali Highway And Seriously Injures Woman

Judge: HPD Must Release Arbitration Report On Officer Who Beat Girlfriend

So Why Would Anyone Fake Stealing A Mailbox? The Feds Make Their Case

Friday, February 15

Rail Project Faces Grand Jury Probe Just As It Pushes For Federal Funds

Kealohas’ Hawaii Kai House Gets $1.3 Million Cash Offer

Thursday, February 14

Honolulu Rail Agency Hit With Federal Subpoena

Businessman Launches New Petition Drive To Oust Kaneshiro

Justice Served? A Highly Unusual Hawaii Law Is Costing This Woman Her Home

Wednesday, February 13

Prosecutors Want Katherine Kealoha’s Brother Held Without Bail

State Looks To End The Battle Over Kakaako’s Disputed Roads

Group Calls For Ouster Of Humane Society CEO

Tuesday, February 12

Hawaii’s ‘Unprecedented’ Push To Suspend Keith Kaneshiro

Honolulu Police Corruption: Drug Charges Filed Against Katherine Kealoha And Her Brother

City Councilwoman Calls For Forensic Audit Of Honolulu Rail Project

Hawaii AG Asks Supreme Court To Suspend Honolulu Prosecutor

Monday, February 11

Nonprofits Protest Coca-Cola’s Sponsorship Of The Great Aloha Run

SLIDESHOW: They’re Covering America With Giant Postcards

Friday, February 8

Want Real Traffic Relief? Give Oahu’s Students And Workers Flexible Hours

Fighting To Keep The Kealoha Case Open To The Public

Thursday, February 7

Mysterious Manoa Tree Hackers May Be Peddling Hallucinogenic Bark

Monday, February 4

Police: Driver Struck Honolulu Pedestrians At High Speed

City Council Likely To Appoint Mike Formby As Interim Member

Report: Far Fewer HPD Officers Were Fired Or Suspended Last Year

Friday, February 1

Honolulu’s Mayor Must Own Up To Rail’s Failures

January 2019

Thursday, January 31

Manslaughter Charges Filed In Deaths Of 3 Pedestrians

Tuesday, January 29

Police Chief On Honolulu Crash: ‘Deadliest In Many, Many Years’

Ozawa-Waters Rematch Coming Up April 13 In City Council District 4

Honolulu Police Fatally Shoot Man Who Drove Toward Officer

Honolulu Disability Treatment Center For Kids Will Close

Friday, January 25

Supreme Court Invalidates Ozawa-Waters Election Result

Wednesday, January 23

Police Commission Opts For Public Hearings In Former Chief’s Case

Former Police Chief Wants Taxpayers To Cover His Criminal Defense

Tuesday, January 22

SLIDESHOW: Canoes Are The Classrooms For Youth Paddling Team

Friday, January 18

Government Shutdown Won’t Stall Kealoha Trial

Labor Board: Police Chief Did Nothing Wrong When She Transferred SHOPO President

City Auditor: Rail Costs Could Keep Rising If HART Doesn’t Take Action

Thursday, January 17

Rail Project Director Doesn’t Fully Meet Expectations — But Still Gets A Bonus

Wednesday, January 16

Federal Shutdown Claims New Victim: Katherine Kealoha’s Right To A Fair Trial

Tuesday, January 15

Supreme Court Focuses On Late Mail Ballots In Ozawa-Waters Vote Challenge

Audit: Heavy Reliance On Consultants Is Causing Problems For Honolulu Rail Project

Monday, January 14

Police Corruption Probe Snags City’s Top Lawyer

Honolulu Will Pay Train Maker $160 Million To Cover Rail Delays

Here’s Another Busy Highway Where The Crosswalks Have Been Removed

Friday, January 11

Honolulu Police Corruption: Another Cop Pleads Guilty

Supreme Court To Hear Arguments In Ozawa-Waters Election Challenge

Lawsuit Filed Against Honolulu Police Over Beach Park Shooting

Trump’s Border Wall Could Imperil $345M Ala Wai Canal Flood Control Project

Thursday, January 10

Audit: Honolulu Rail Agency Hid True Costs From Public View

Wednesday, January 9

What Would You Pay To Drive During Honolulu’s Rush Hour?

Tuesday, January 8

Court Demands Mail Ballot Information In Challenges To Ozawa Victory

Ex-Honolulu Police Chief’s Home For Sale In Foreclosure

Monday, January 7

Veggies Really Are Cheaper In Chinatown — If You Know How To Shop

Friday, January 4

Honolulu Is Short On Cops — And Seattle Is Poaching

Thursday, January 3

Honolulu Police Sergeant To Plead Guilty In Kealoha Case

Can Someone Please Turn These !*#@#&! Lights Off?

Wednesday, January 2

Election Challenge Prevents Ozawa From Being Sworn In For New Term

Cracking Down On People Who Abandon Cars Is Harder Than You Think