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Lawmakers: Red Hill Fuel Leaked Into Well Through A Pipeline Navy Didn’t Know Existed Courtesy: State Senate/2022

Lawmakers: Red Hill Fuel Leaked Into Well Through A Pipeline Navy Didn’t Know Existed

Navy officials didn’t know about the pipeline until someone reviewed the facility’s schematics from 1941, lawmakers who took a tour said they were told.


Honolulu Police Chief Search Expected To Take At Least 6 More Months Honolulu Police Commission/2022

Honolulu Police Chief Search Expected To Take At Least 6 More Months

PSI Services LLC, the consulting firm hired to assist in the search, said it plans to present the police commission with up to four finalists in June.

Three Former Honolulu Officials Charged With Conspiracy For Kealoha Payout Hawaii News Now/2022

Three Former Honolulu Officials Charged With Conspiracy For Kealoha Payout

UPDATED: All defendants pleaded not guilty, and a judge allowed their release on unsecured $50,000 bonds.

Kahikina Lists Achievements In Her First Year Leading Honolulu Rail Cory Lum/Civil Beat/2021

Kahikina Lists Achievements In Her First Year Leading Honolulu Rail

An official slide presentation on the new executive director’s performance cites plenty of achievements but no weaknesses.

Navy Agrees To Comply With Hawaii’s Order To Drain Red Hill Fuel Facility Screenshot: House Armed Services/2022

Navy Agrees To Comply With Hawaii’s Order To Drain Red Hill Fuel Facility

Employees at Red Hill filed complaints about safety hazards before the leaks in 2021, a Navy official said.

HPD And DOE Sued For Allegedly Handcuffing 10-Year-Old Girl Over Drawing Cory Lum/Civil Beat/2021

HPD And DOE Sued For Allegedly Handcuffing 10-Year-Old Girl Over Drawing

The civil rights lawsuit was filed Friday and alleges that the girl suffered physical, emotional and physiological injuries in the wake of the incident.

SHOPO Leader Wants Faster Progress In Finding A New Honolulu Police Chief Cory Lum/Civil Beat/2021

SHOPO Leader Wants Faster Progress In Finding A New Honolulu Police Chief

The union’s newly elected president, Robert Cavaco, criticized the police commission’s decision to hire a consulting firm to help with the search.

Miske’s Hawaii Kai Home Is For Sale, But He’s Unlikely To Get The Proceeds Honolulu Board of Realtors

Miske’s Hawaii Kai Home Is For Sale, But He’s Unlikely To Get The Proceeds

The waterfront property has been encumbered by the federal government’s intent to seek its forfeiture if Miske is convicted on the charge of racketeering conspiracy.

Employees Challenge Hawaiian Airlines Vaccine Mandate Ludwig Laab/Civil Beat/2021

Employees Challenge Hawaiian Airlines Vaccine Mandate

Seven employees sued the company, alleging it violated federal law when implementing its vaccine policy.

December 2010

Friday, December 31

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Figuring it all out someday

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 3

Carlisle: City in Better Financial Shape Than Expected

Thursday, December 30

Stories From the Honolulu Beat – 2010 Recycled

An Electoral Victor With Support of 4.3 Percent of Registered Voters

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 30

No Jail For Administrator Who Used School Funds To Buy Bed, Booze and More

Wednesday, December 29

Berg Wins District 1 City Council Race

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 29

Furlough Days Won’t Keep Reporters Off the Job

Tuesday, December 28

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Solitude

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 28

Monday, December 27

Honolulu Prosecutor Responds to Civil Beat Series on City Overtime

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 27

Friday, December 24

Testing the Waters Off Magic Island — After the Storm

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: The Good, The Bad…

Thursday, December 23

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 23

State Water Official: Chromium Six Test “Irresponsible”

Wednesday, December 22

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: From the Heart

Tuesday, December 21

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 21

‘Do What You Want To Do,’ Carlisle Tells Grads

Heavy Union Influence in Honolulu City Council Race

Monday, December 20

Study Finds Probable Carcinogen in Honolulu Tap Water

Sunday, December 19

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 20

Friday, December 17

92-year-old May Be Oldest Woman in the World to Complete a Marathon

On Furlough Day, City Business Done in Secret

City Rebuts IMG’s Financial Analysis

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Does Anyone Really See Me?

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 17

Abercrombie Clears the Way For Rail

Thursday, December 16

New Honolulu Zoo Director Quit San Francisco Job After Tiger Killed Visitor

Court Takes New Tack with Public Records

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Keeping Perspective

Honolulu Cops Accused of Falsifying OT Reports Want City to Pay Legal Fees

Mufi Makes His Return to Honolulu Hale

City Faces “Constant, Ongoing Harassment” from Hackers

Wednesday, December 15

Billionaire With Rundown Kahala Homes Wants Private Museum

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 15

Tuesday, December 14

Un-homed, but Not Unhinged: Showers at the Natatorium

Monday, December 13

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 14

City Council Candidates Respond to Civil Beat Questionnaire

Sunday, December 12

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 13

Saturday, December 11

City Responds To Civil Beat on Tax Revenues for Rail

Thursday, December 9

Un-homed, but Not Unhinged: Achieving Homelessness

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 9

Wednesday, December 8

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 8

Civil Beat Conclusion: Honolulu Rail Report ‘Shoddy,’ ‘Biased’ — and Right?

Civil Beat Analysis: Honolulu Estimate for Federal Funding to Run Rail Questionable

Civil Beat Discovers $227 Million Error in State Consultant’s Work

Civil Beat Analysis: IMG’s Rail Operating Cost Off By Miles

Civil Beat Analysis: City’s Rail Tax Plan Optimistic

Tuesday, December 7

Mayor Shifts Stance on Furloughs

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 7

Fact-Checking Rail’s 2 Financial Analyses

Monday, December 6

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 6

Saturday, December 4

IMG Chairman Defends Rail Report Independence

Carlisle: “Shoddy” Outside Rail Report Is “Biased”

Friday, December 3

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 3

Lingle Rail Consultant: ‘Bus Is Good. Rail Is Bad.’

Thursday, December 2

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 2

Wednesday, December 1

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 1

November 2010

Tuesday, November 30

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 30

Thursday, November 25

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 29

Wednesday, November 24

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 24

Tuesday, November 23

Cachola: One Change to Council Resolution and It’s Finished

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 23

Sunday, November 21

Will Green Light for Tanoue Be Green Light for Developers?

Selling Sex in Honolulu: Prostitution Busts for Men Turn Up Mostly Locals, Few Tourists

Selling Sex in Honolulu: Police Focus Prostitution Arrests on Women, Not Men

Saturday, November 20

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 22

Friday, November 19

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 19

Thursday, November 18

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 18

Selling Sex in Honolulu: Unlicensed Massage Parlors Lack Enforcement Scrutiny

Carlisle ‘Not Happy’ About Excessive Overtime Use by City Workers

Wednesday, November 17

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 17

Tuesday, November 16

Road to Riches: Getting Paid for Overtime Work — Twice

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 16

Monday, November 15

Road to Riches: City Workers Claimed 5,525 Overtime Hours for Illegal Stream Dumping

Sunday, November 14

Road to Riches: Overtime at City Road Division

Saturday, November 13

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 15

Friday, November 12

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 12

‘I Think I’m Peter. They Think I’m the Mayor.’

Thursday, November 11

Mayor Says He’s Found “Circle the Wagons” Mentality at Honolulu Hale

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 11

Wednesday, November 10

All Races Settled: There Will Be No Recounts

Inside Honolulu: Nov. 10

Planning Director Hasn’t Opposed a Major Project

Carlisle: New Buses Both Green and Cost-Effective

Tuesday, November 9

530 South King: Nov. 9, 2010

Saturday, November 6

City Watch: Nov. 8, 2010

Tuesday, November 2

Second Guessing Secondary Treatment

Monday, November 1

Honolulu Voters Approve All Six Charter Amendments

The Last Word: Cliff Slater on Why Voters Should Reject Transit Authority

The Last Word: Todd Apo on Why Honolulu Needs a Transit Authority

October 2010

Friday, October 29

Ethics Complaints Up at Honolulu Hale

Wednesday, October 27

Professors Question Need for Transit Authority

Office of Housing: Take 2

Tuesday, October 26

In Newspaper Ad, Neutrality Isn’t Black and White

Turbin Ups the Ante In Council Race, Loans Himself 136K In October

19,000 Knocks Lift Chang to the Top

Monday, October 25

Carlisle Says ‘No’ to New Office of Housing

Friday, October 22

City Asks Voters: Have a HART?

Tuesday, October 19

Election Office Breaches Confidentiality of Voters

Council Reverses Course on Higher Taxes for Ohana Housing

Monday, October 18

Web of Lies in Neighborhood Dispute

Absentee Ballot Requests for General Election Already Eclipse Primary

Saturday, October 16

Long Time No See: Governor Drops By Honolulu Hale

Carlisle on Rail: Feds Still On Board

Thursday, October 14

The Rail Divide — The Five Best Reasons to Support or Oppose the Honolulu Rail Project

The Rail Divide — Part 4: Slater on Five Best Reasons to Oppose Project

The Rail Divide — Part 4: The City on Five Best Reasons to Support Project

The Anti-Homeless Bill That Dare Not Say Its Name

Wednesday, October 13

Carlisle’s Off-Island, Who’s in Charge?

At Honolulu Hale, It’s In With The Old For Now

Tuesday, October 12

New Mayor Takes Office, Preps for Trip to D.C.

Saturday, October 9

Unions Anxious as New Mayor Takes Office

Friday, October 8

Karaoke Carlisle: The New Mayor on Mic

Thursday, October 7

HPD: Law Doesn’t Apply to Us

Wednesday, October 6

Police Question Enforceability of Sidewalk Plan

Monday, October 4

City Parks Named After the Living Back on the Table

The Rail Divide — Part 3: City Claims Evaluated

The Rail Divide — Part 2: City Claims Evaluated

The Rail Divide — Part 1: City Claims Evaluated

The Rail Divide — Part 3: Slater Claims Evaluated

The Rail Divide — Part 2: Slater Claims Evaluated

The Rail Divide — Part 1: Slater Claims Evaluated

The Rail Divide: Cliff Slater’s Complete Response to Civil Beat

The Rail Divide: The City’s Complete Response to Civil Beat

The Rail Divide: Overview

Saturday, October 2

Discussion: Honolulu City Government

Friday, October 1

Urban Zones Proposed to Keep Sidewalks Clear of Homeless

Big Job Ahead for New City Administration

Opinion: Honolulu Responds to Brizdle on Rail Construction

September 2010

Thursday, September 30

City’s Budget Director Leaving His Post

New Council May Bring More Skeptical Eye on Rail

Monday, September 27

City Council to Homeless: Get Off Our Sidewalks!

Carlisle, Chin In Hurry to Take Over Honolulu Hale

Opinion: Honolulu Should Not Start Rail Construction Until Engineering is Complete and Final Cost is Known

Saturday, September 25

A New Year’s Without Fireworks in Honolulu?

Friday, September 24

Rail’s Direction Hinges on New City Leadership

Thursday, September 23

Where’s the Mayor Elect?

Friday, September 17

City Council Races: Bring on the General Election!

Thursday, September 9

Council Candidates Emerge as Financial Front-Runners

Tuesday, September 7

City’s Spending on Rail PR Totals $4.7 Million

Thursday, September 2

10 Questions for the City Council Candidates

Wednesday, September 1

Council Candidates Offer Trash Solutions

August 2010

Tuesday, August 31

Yet Another Special Election Likely for Honolulu

Council Candidates Focus on Infrastructure

Monday, August 30

Discussion: Honolulu City Council Election 2010

Sunday, August 29

How the City Spent $2 Million on Rail PR

Saturday, August 28

Council Candidates Discuss Homelessness

Thursday, August 26

No Public Accountability for Rail PR Contracts

Wednesday, August 25

Hannemann’s Honolulu Hale Examined

Tuesday, August 24

Rail Divides Council Candidates

Wednesday, August 11

What Merger of Honolulu Art Museums Might Mean

Wednesday, August 4

Council Candidates Raise Half Million

July 2010

Friday, July 30

Why Isn’t Honolulu Bike Friendly?

Thursday, July 29

Curfew to Lead to New State Rules for Public Housing

Thursday, July 22

In Their Own Words: Why I Should be Mayor

In Their Own Words: Mayoral Hopefuls on Rail

Political Roadmap to the Top of Honolulu Hale

Wednesday, July 21

AG Pursues Criminal Investigation Into Tam’s Spending

Tuesday, July 20

Yes, Panos Prevedouros Really Is Male

Date Could be a Factor in Mayoral Election Outcome

Thursday, July 15

Discussion: Honolulu Sewage Settlement

City Council Approves Massive Sewage Settlement

Council Weighs Banning Gas Leaf-Blowers

Discussion: Should Honolulu Ban Gas Leaf-Blowers

Wednesday, July 14

Honolulu Rail — The View From a Contractor

Rail Debate is On — Now it’s Your Turn

Tuesday, July 13

Lawmakers, the Homeless and the Media

Saturday, July 10

What Mayoral Election?

Mayor’s Race: Five Men, One Job

“Rail Is So Ridiculous”

Friday, July 9

Stalled River Street Housing Project May Be Dead

Thursday, July 8

Rail Likely to Drive Another Mayoral Election

June 2010

Monday, June 28

UPDATE: ‘Major Breakthrough’ In Sewer Lawsuit

Saturday, June 26

Inaccurate “Correction” by Star-Advertiser

Wednesday, June 23

Visiting the Honolulu Police Fortress

Tuesday, June 22

City Budgets $38.8 Million for 1,000 Vacant Positions

A Honolulu Government That Keeps On Growing

Discussion: Honolulu City Budget

Wednesday, June 16

Honolulu Rail: The Complete Final Environmental Impact Statement

Tuesday, June 15

Feds Approve City’s Rail Study: Now What?

Monday, June 14

The Weekend Editions Of The New Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Friday, June 11

Days 4-5 Of The New Star-Advertiser

Thursday, June 10

When The Honolulu Weekly Moved To Maui

Day 3 Of The New Star-Advertiser

Tuesday, June 8

Day 2 Of The New Star-Advertiser

Day 1 Of The New Star-Advertiser

Sunday, June 6

Discussion: One-newspaper town

Reflections On The Death Of The Honolulu Advertiser

May 2010

Monday, May 24

Mr. Djou Goes To Washington

Sunday, May 23

1st District Voters Send Djou to Congress

Thursday, May 20

UPDATE: Tax Revenue for $5.5 Billion Rail Project Short $2 Million

Wednesday, May 19

“This is not Mufi’s train.”

Tuesday, May 18

Honolulu Property Tax Proposal In Perspective

UPDATE: City Testing Soil In Advance Of Rail Groundbreaking

Website 101 With Ed, Colleen and Charles

Monday, May 17

UPDATE: Construction Leaders Weigh In On Rail

Saturday, May 15

Transit Plan Out of City Hands

Thursday, May 13

Discussion: Honolulu Rail

Discussion: 1st Congressional District Special Election

Tuesday, May 11

UPDATE: Sewage Spill Contaminates Palolo Stream to Magic Island

UPDATE: Djou resignation would not trigger special election

UPDATE: Special Elections Past and Present

National Democrats Pull Out Of Hawaii After Civil Beat Poll

Monday, May 10

Sunday In The Park With ‘Uncle’

Friday, May 7

UPDATE: Would you throw out trash if you had to pay by the bag?

Wednesday, May 5

UPDATE: Postal Workers Assisting Rising Ranks of Hawaii’s Hungry

UPDATE: The Trash Pile Isn’t Moving

Tuesday, May 4

UPDATE: What’s All the Flushing Doing to the Ocean?

Monday, May 3

UPDATE: Curbside Recycling Spreads Across Island

Discussion: Honolulu

Saturday, May 1

What Comes After Curfew at Housing Complex?

Are Honolulu Rail Job Projections On the Right Track?