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‘Nothing Is Working’: Kakaako’s Disputed Roads Still Languish In Disrepair Cory Lum/Civil Beat

‘Nothing Is Working’: Kakaako’s Disputed Roads Still Languish In Disrepair

A five-year legal battle challenges the control of the streets by a private company that charges for parking and provides little road maintenance.

Honolulu City Council Voted On Company’s Project Then Let It Buy Lunch Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Honolulu City Council Voted On Company’s Project Then Let It Buy Lunch

Ethics guidelines advise government agencies against accepting free food if the company has business before the city.

This Central Oahu City Is About To Bloom With New Economic Life Cory Lum/Civil Beat

This Central Oahu City Is About To Bloom With New Economic Life

Wahiawa has struggled since the collapse of the pineapple industry. But new projects, some supported by political leaders, are giving city leaders new hope.

How The Gas Company Plans To Fight A Bill Banning Gas Water Heaters Cory Lum/Civil Beat

How The Gas Company Plans To Fight A Bill Banning Gas Water Heaters

Hawaii Gas faces an uncertain future as the state moves to renewables. Now it’s creating a new entity to help advocate for gas.

New HART Analyses Show Millions Of Dollars In Added Rail Costs Cory Lum/Civil Beat

New HART Analyses Show Millions Of Dollars In Added Rail Costs

Rail’s ultimate price tag remains a mystery, but HART’s own risk reports show the costs steadily climbing.

Council Passes Landmark Bill Restricting Single-Use Plastics On Oahu Claire Caulfield/Civil Beat

Council Passes Landmark Bill Restricting Single-Use Plastics On Oahu

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell has signaled he supports the bill. Its restrictions on food-vendor plastics would roll out in the next two years.

Case Dismissed: 8 Years, No Conviction And A Honolulu Man’s Life Derailed Illustration by Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Case Dismissed: 8 Years, No Conviction And A Honolulu Man’s Life Derailed

Sefo Fatai says a woman he thought would give him money to pay off a debt to his boss handed him meth instead, plunging him into an eight-year ordeal fighting the criminal justice system.

Security Deposits Put Housing Out Of Reach For Some In Hawaii Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Security Deposits Put Housing Out Of Reach For Some In Hawaii

As housing costs rise, renters have to cut bigger and bigger checks just to get in the door.

Now’s Our Chance To Clean House In Honolulu Government Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Now’s Our Chance To Clean House In Honolulu Government

As the police corruption investigation continues with a focus on other city agencies, leaders and voters must take steps to guard against similar problems.

‘Please Hold’: Disabled Handi-Van Users Face Long Waits To Book Rides Cory Lum/Civil Beat

‘Please Hold’: Disabled Handi-Van Users Face Long Waits To Book Rides

City officials blame heavy call volumes and technological issues for a system that has been problematic for years.

Honolulu Council Chair’s Staffer Announces Bid For Windward Seat Courtesy of Alan Kekoa Texeira campaign

Honolulu Council Chair’s Staffer Announces Bid For Windward Seat

Ikaika Anderson is set to finish his third and last council term next year, and Alan Kekoa Texeira hopes to succeed him.

Denby Fawcett: Rescuing A 12th Century Heiau From A Garbage Dump courtesy

Denby Fawcett: Rescuing A 12th Century Heiau From A Garbage Dump

There’s a new effort to restore the sacred Pahukini Heiau and increase public access.

December 2011

Saturday, December 31

Photos — Occupy Honolulu On The Day After Arrests

Inside Honolulu – Government, Politics and Issues – Jan. 2-8

Friday, December 30

Honolulu Police Move Against Occupy Honolulu

Feds OK Final Rail Design Work, But Demand Stronger Financial Plan

Carrie Okinaga’s New Gig: First Hawaiian Lawyer

Thursday, December 29

Honolulu Council May Try To Take Over Water Board

2012: Year of Honolulu Community Planning

How To Be Right, While Dead Wrong

Wednesday, December 28

New Honolulu Council, Mayor Had ‘Quiet’ 2011

Saturday, December 24

2011 Year in Review — Honolulu

Friday, December 23

Inside Honolulu – Government, Politics and Issues – Dec. 26-Jan. 1

Can Pro-Business Charity Pay For Rail Lawsuit?

Thursday, December 22

Honolulu Council Chair to Push Plastic Bag Ban

Wednesday, December 21

Honolulu’s Response to Too-Popular Service: Stop Offering It

Monday, December 19

Honolulu Property Tax Overhaul Dead On Arrival?

Friday, December 16

Inside Honolulu – Government, Politics and Issues – Dec. 19-Dec. 25

Thursday, December 15

Re-Homed & Off the Edge: Wrap Up — The Secret of My Failure

Wednesday, December 14

Occupy Honolulu: Meeting with Mayor Didn’t Go Well

Tuesday, December 13

Scathing Audit: Honolulu Ambulance Service Lacking

Saturday, December 10

Inside Honolulu – Government, Politics and Issues – Dec. 12-Dec. 18

Belongings Ban Signed Into Law, But Questions Remain

Thursday, December 8

Honolulu Homeless on Notice: Belongings Banned From Public Places

Wednesday, December 7

Police Video of Drunk Honolulu Council Member at APEC Event

Honolulu Panel: Property Tax Exemptions Unfair

Impeachment Push Could Lead To Berg Ethics Probe

Tuesday, December 6

Florida Homeless Success Lesson: Don’t ‘Force It Down People’s Throats’

Monday, December 5

Forward Thinking From Honolulu Hale

Sunday, December 4

Occupy Honolulu Joins City Lights Parade

Saturday, December 3

Inside Honolulu – Government, Politics and Issues – Dec. 5-Dec. 11

Friday, December 2

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 2

Honolulu Not Alone in Trying to Move Homeless from Sidewalks

Thursday, December 1

Harimoto: Strip Berg’s Voting Rights Until He Calms Down

Inouye Says He’s a ‘Realist’ About Rail Project

Inside Honolulu: Dec. 1

After Years of Dissent, Rail Critics Get Day In Court

November 2011

Wednesday, November 30

Police: Berg, Reeking Of Alcohol, Argued With Secret Service At APEC

Honolulu Clears Homeless from Stadium Park — But Not For Long

Rail to ‘Plow Forward’ With Or Without Federal Money

Tuesday, November 29

Clock Ticking on $510M in Honolulu Rail Funding

Inside Honolulu: November 30

Inside Honolulu: November 29

HART Signs $1.4 Billion Contract With Ansaldo

‘There is Space’ in Shelters for Stadium Park Homeless

Monday, November 28

ORI Cabins Not in Good Standing With the State

Saturday, November 26

What Convinced Honolulu Rail Officials That Ansaldo Could Do The Job?

Friday, November 25

Occupy Honolulu Protests Black Friday at Walmart

Ansaldo CEO Satisfies Honolulu Rail Board

Wednesday, November 23

Re-Homed & Off the Edge: Flashbacks

City to Sweep Homeless from Stadium Park

Influential Environmental Group Opposes Honolulu Rail Project

Monday, November 21

Federal Agent Charged with Waikiki Murder Pleads Not Guilty

Saturday, November 19

APEC Success a Game Changer for Hawaii

As Shooting Rumors Swirl, Authorities Keep Details Under Wraps

Friday, November 18

Waikiki Shooting Victim’s Family Sues Federal Agent for Negligence

Inside Honolulu: November 18

Sidewalk Bill Advances Despite Occupy Honolulu

Thursday, November 17

HART Will Delay Ansaldo Contract

Federal Agent Charged in APEC Shooting Appears in Honolulu Court

Inside Honolulu: November 17

Re-Homed & Off the Edge: What does a Standing Ovation Feel Like?

Wednesday, November 16

Makana Sings at Occupy Honolulu Encampment

Inside Honolulu: November 16

Tuesday, November 15

Sidewalk Bill A Threat To Occupy Honolulu Protest?

Inside Honolulu: November 15

Monday, November 14

Inside Honolulu: November 14

Saturday, November 5

Inside Honolulu: November 7

Berg: West Oahu Should Secede From Honolulu

Friday, November 4

Inside Honolulu: November 4

Thursday, November 3

Honolulu Presents Final Plan to Prevent $7.9M Grant Repayment

Caldwell Raising Money For Carlisle Rematch

Honolulu Mom Arrested For Shoplifting Blames Safeway Manager

Wednesday, November 2

Inside Honolulu: November 3

For Council, Kapolei A Home Away From Hale

Inside Honolulu: November 2

Rod Tam Will Spend New Year’s in Jail

Tuesday, November 1

Inside Honolulu: November 1

October 2011

Monday, October 31

City Pays Landfill Operator $2.6M for Spill Cleanup

Saturday, October 29

Inside Honolulu: October 31

Friday, October 28

Inside Honolulu: October 28

Thursday, October 27

Inside Honolulu: October 27

Wednesday, October 26

Civil Beat’s News Coverage of Rail is Substandard

Inside Honolulu: October 26

Tuesday, October 25

‘Intermodal Pete’ and the Tale of Two Bus Stations

Inside Honolulu: October 25

Monday, October 24

Just How Much Can the State Restrict a Peaceful Protest?

Inside Honolulu: October 24

Saturday, October 22

Ansaldo, State Reach Deal On Licensing Violation

Rail Shifted From Airport, But Strip Club Stays

When Do Facebook Comments Go Too Far?

Friday, October 21

Inside Honolulu: October 21

Honolulu Police Share Use Of Force Guidelines

Thursday, October 20

Inside Honolulu: October 20

Rail at the Airport, Part 3: How Much Will It Cost?

Rail at the Airport, Part 2: Who Was Responsible?

Rail at the Airport, Part 1: What Happened?

Rail At The Airport: Investigation In 3 Parts

Wednesday, October 19

Issues at ORI Senior Center Unresolved as Federal Deadline Looms

Rail Operating Costs Worry Honolulu Council Members

Inside Honolulu: October 19

Ernie Martin ‘Definitely’ Running for Mayor — The Question is When

Hawaii Officials Merrily Celebrate Rail in D.C.

Tuesday, October 18

Inside Honolulu: October 18

When Leases End, Lessors Could Gain From Rail

Monday, October 17

Inside Honolulu: October 17

Saturday, October 15

Disqualified Honolulu Rail Bidder Bombardier Files New Appeal

Thursday, October 13

HART: Full Steam Ahead For Ansaldo Rail Contract

Inside Honolulu: October 13

Police-Business Deal Raises Ethical Questions

Re-Homed & Off the Edge: Where Have I Been?

Wednesday, October 12

Inside Honolulu: October 12

Tuesday, October 11

A Second Crack at Clearing Honolulu’s Sidewalks

Inside Honolulu: October 11

Monday, October 10

Honolulu Homeless Target Of Belongings Ban?

Inside Honolulu: October 10

Friday, October 7

In First Year, Carlisle Was Honolulu’s Global Mayor

Rail = Jobs

Waikiki Business Gifts to Police Under Fire Before

Inside Honolulu: October 7

Rail Price Drops Again In New Draft Financial Plan

Thursday, October 6

Inside Honolulu: October 6

Honolulu Installed Security Cams Without Council OK

Wednesday, October 5

Is Honolulu Police Protection Now For Sale?

Inside Honolulu: October 5

Tuesday, October 4

Inside Honolulu: October 4

First Redistricting Hearing: Zero Windward Citizens

Saturday, October 1

HART: Bus costs will drop with rail

Inside Honolulu: October 3

September 2011

Friday, September 30

Inside Honolulu: September 30

Thursday, September 29

Station To Station: East Kapolei, UH West Oahu and Hoopili

Inside Honolulu: September 29

East Honolulu Asks: Is Rail Worth It After All?

Contract Dispute Moves From Court Room To City Council Chambers

Wednesday, September 28

City Leaves Key Questions About ORI Unanswered

Inside Honolulu: September 28

At First Town Hall, Kapolei Wants Rail, And Soon

Feds Nab Hawaii Pimp on the Lam in Houston

Civil Beat Underestimates The City’s Cost For Rail

Tuesday, September 27

Inside Honolulu: September 27

Monday, September 26

Feds Still Have ‘Serious Concerns’ About ORI Plan

Inside Honolulu: September 26

Saturday, September 24

Managed Lanes are Oahu’s Future

Friday, September 23

Inside Honolulu: September 23

Scorecard on Honolulu Rail Opponents’ Claims

Off The Beat: Population Without Representation

Video Monitoring in Honolulu — “Safety” at What Price?

Thursday, September 22

Carlisle Called Rail Report ‘Shoddy,’ Then Followed It

Inside Honolulu: September 22

Honolulu Test Drives Bike Lanes on Waialae

Wednesday, September 21

Inside Honolulu: September 21

Tuesday, September 20

Rail Opponents Rebut Civil Beat Editorial on Congestion Deception

Inside Honolulu: September 20

Monday, September 19

Inside Honolulu: September 19

Saturday, September 17

Marriott Hotel Part of A Big Laie Development Plan?

Friday, September 16

Did Mishandling Cause the Death and Injuries of HPD Officers?

Inside Honolulu: September 16

Thursday, September 15

Off The Beat: Panos Not Getting SHOPO Endorsement Anytime Soon

Inside Honolulu: September 15

Ongoing Deception by Rail Proponents

Wednesday, September 14

Honolulu Rail Agreed to Pay Lobbyist $300,000

Inside Honolulu: September 14

Panel Picks Honolulu Council Redistricting Plan

Tuesday, September 13

Inside Honolulu: September 13

Monday, September 12

Civil Beat is Wrong Again – This Time Regarding Job Creation

Friday, September 9

Inside Honolulu: September 12

Inside Honolulu: September 9

Where is the Outrage?

Thursday, September 8

Civil Beat Catches Rail Leaders Trying to Go ‘Deep Undercover’ in Washington

What We Learned From the Ansaldo Teleconference

Inside Honolulu: September 8 – LIVE BLOG – HART Questions Ansaldo

Planning Commission Again Splits on Vacation Rental Enforcement

Wednesday, September 7

Inside Honolulu: September 7

Did City Mislead Public About Rail’s Impact on Congestion?

Re-Homed & Off the Edge: Rats Really Are Everywhere

Tuesday, September 6

Inside Honolulu: September 6

Monday, September 5

Rail Proponents: Honolulu 2nd-Most Congested City in U.S.

Saturday, September 3

Former Hawaii Gov. Cayetano Responds to Mayor Carlisle’s Criticism

Carlisle Says ORI Wasn’t ‘Following Rules’

Carlisle: Homelessness Worse than Rat Infestation

Honolulu Mayor Ducks Undercover

Friday, September 2

Inside Honolulu: September 2

Carlisle Wants $1B Rainy Day Fund as Legacy

Re-Homed & Off the Edge: That’s Not Me Anymore

Honolulu Rail Authority Follows Abercrombie Secrecy Doctrine

Mayor: Foes ‘Hostile to Rail’ Deliberately Misleading the Public

Thursday, September 1

Rail Foes Decry ‘Hatchet Job’ Fact Checks – Part 2

Rail Foes Decry ‘Hatchet Job’ Fact Checks – Part 1

Inside Honolulu: September 1

Honolulu Police Out of Step With Other Departments on Undercover Officers

August 2011

Wednesday, August 31

Inside Honolulu: August 31

Tuesday, August 30

Cleanup Cost Landfill Company at Least $2.2M

Inside Honolulu: August 30

Monday, August 29

Inside Honolulu: August 29

Rail Opponents: City Has Yet To Identify 10,000 Promised Jobs

Rail Opponents: DLNR Statement on Burials ‘Patently False’

Rail Opponents: City Used Dated Population Forecast

Rail Opponents: City Needs $100M Per Year To Keep Trains Running

Rail Opponents: Environmental Groups Oppose Heavy Rail

Rail Opponents: Stations Would Be Ten Stories High

Rail Opponents: Bus/Rapid Transit Would Accomplish Same As Rail, Cheaper

Friday, August 26

Inside Honolulu: August 26

Honolulu Rail Asks Losing Bidder to Extend Offer — Just In Case

Thursday, August 25

Inside Honolulu: August 25

Following State’s Lead, Honolulu Counts Military

Mayor to HUD: Tell Us What To Do And We’ll Do It

Planning Panel Split Over Honolulu Vacation Rentals

Wednesday, August 24

Inside Honolulu: August 24

Carlisle’s Tales From Japan

Tuesday, August 23

Inside Honolulu: August 23

Is Hawaii Ready For a Stock Exchange?

Monday, August 22

Inside Honolulu: August 22

Saturday, August 20

New Twist in Case Against Ansaldo — Lack of License

Thursday, August 18

HART Uses Kid Gloves on Controversial Rail Contract

Inside Honolulu: August 18

Wednesday, August 17

HUD Concerned About ORI Report From City

Inside Honolulu: August 17

City To Settle Trip-and-Fall Case for $1 Million

Tuesday, August 16

Inside Honolulu: August 16

Monday, August 15

Re-Homed & Off The Edge: Am I Home Yet?

Bombardier Appeals Honolulu Rail Contract

Inside Honolulu: August 15

State Rejects Sumitomo Appeal, Clears Path for Honolulu Rail

Sunday, August 14

Honolulu Rail Opponents Have No Case, Feds Say

Saturday, August 13

Coming Soon: Honolulu’s Sustainable Airport

Friday, August 12

Inside Honolulu: August 12

VIDEO — Newsmaker: Talk Live With Honolulu Transportation Director Wayne Yoshioka

Thursday, August 11

Now Driving Honolulu’s Money Train: Don Horner

Inside Honolulu: August 11

Honolulu Vacation-Rental Controversy Heats Up

Enterprise Services Chief Quintal Retires, Quietly

Wednesday, August 10

Inside Honolulu: August 10

Tuesday, August 9

Planning Commissioner Fined For Ethics Violations

Inside Honolulu: August 9

Full Disclosure: Mayor Peter Carlisle’s Cabinet

Regulating Vacation Rental Ads Doing Little on Maui

Sunday, August 7

Inside Honolulu: August 8

Saturday, August 6

Large Rail Landowners Give to Pro-Rail Campaigns

Honolulu Police Declines to Name Promoted Officers — Then Names Them

Friday, August 5

HUD: City Should Have Caught ORI’s Problems

Inside Honolulu: August 5

Thursday, August 4

HART Can’t Get Ansaldo Money Answers — Yet

Inside Honolulu: August 4

Council Vice Chair Wants to Reopen Budget to Avoid Trucking Sewage

Honolulu Council Goes Easy on Troubled Nonprofit

Wednesday, August 3

Inside Honolulu: August 3

Nonprofit Opts Not To Fight HUD Findings

Senior Center at Heart of Federal Probe Falls Short

Tuesday, August 2

Inside Honolulu: August 2

Re-Homed & Off The Edge: New Choices

Monday, August 1

City Begins Defense of Ansaldo Rail Contract

The Star-Advertiser’s Feeble Circulation Boast

Inside Honolulu: August 1

July 2011

Sunday, July 31

Emergency Services Director: Ocean Safety ‘Savings’ Will Cost Taxpayers More

Saturday, July 30

Frequent-Flying Mayor Makes Japan Next Stop

Friday, July 29

Last-Ditch Rail Fight Hinges on Landmark Environmental Law

Inside Honolulu: July 29

Rail Bid Judges Ignored Ansaldo’s Past Problems

Thursday, July 28

Inside Honolulu: July 28

Appeal: Honolulu Ignored $700 Million in Extra Rail Costs for Taxpayers

Wednesday, July 27

Ten Years After 9/11, Emergency Response Needs Improvement

Inside Honolulu: July 27

Tuesday, July 26

Berg E-Canned Second Staffer — Or Said He Did

Inside Honolulu: July 26

Monday, July 25

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Settling In

Sunday, July 24

Inside Honolulu: July 25

Saturday, July 23

Even With Rate Increases, Honolulu Water Cheap

Friday, July 22

Even Without Challenger, Carlisle Rakes In Cash

Inside Honolulu: July 22

Recent Rail Tax Revenues a Pleasant Surprise for City

Honolulu Shuts Freeways Longer Than Other Cities

Thursday, July 21

Inside Honolulu: July 21

From May to July, Carlisle Changed Tune on Sludge

Most Oahu Parcels Within Two Miles of Rail Station

Sewage Sludge Heading Ewa Only, for Now

Wednesday, July 20

Inside Honolulu: July 20

Tuesday, July 19

State Denies Bombardier Rail Contract Appeal

Inside Honolulu: July 19

Embattled ORI Opens Doors, But Not Kimono

Monday, July 18

Ryan Exacts His Revenge, Reveals Berg ‘Corruption’

Inside Honolulu: July 18

Saturday, July 16

Berg Fires Chief of Staff Amid Attacks on State Rep

More Technical Difficulties for Councilman Tom Berg

Is HART Board Member’s Link to Biggest Rail Landowner a Conflict?

Friday, July 15

Inside Honolulu: July 15

Thursday, July 14

Inside Honolulu: July 14

Budget Battle Left Few Sewage Sludge Options

Wednesday, July 13

Inside Honolulu: July 13

Few Cities Track Police Crimes, Honolulu Included

Tuesday, July 12

Inside Honolulu: July 12

One Bowl, Two Spoons, Two Forks and a Knife

Berg Falsely Accuses Paper of Censoring Comments

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Holy Moly! I’m Re-homed!!!

Monday, July 11

Inside Honolulu: July 11

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Identity Crisis… or Not…

Friday, July 8

Inside Honolulu: July 8

City Starts Work on Commitment to the Future

Thursday, July 7

In the Shadow of the Train, Landowners Stand to Gain

Inside Honolulu: July 7

Roses By Other Names? Chair Retitles Committees

Wednesday, July 6

Inside Honolulu: July 6

Tuesday, July 5

Inside Honolulu: July 5

Monday, July 4

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: I’ll Go Ahead and Say It…

Does Hanauma Bay’s Repair Process Need a Fix?

Saturday, July 2

HART Convenes, Adopts Budget, Won’t Sue Council

Friday, July 1

Honolulu City Workers’ Pay Back Up to Pre-Furlough Levels

Inside Honolulu: July 1

Sumitomo Appeals Rail Contract Ruling

June 2011

Wednesday, June 29

Inside Honolulu: June 29

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Mr. Fix-it

Tuesday, June 28

Honolulu Takes Steps to Avoid Paying Back $7.9M

Inside Honolulu: June 28

Fight Over Budget in New Transit Agency’s Hands

Honolulu Mayor: Council Flip-Flopped on Subsidy

Monday, June 27

Handing Over City Council Reins, Nestor Garcia Channels Conan O’Brien

Council Overrides HART Vetoes; Next Stop, Court?

Inside Honolulu: June 27

Friday, June 24

Honolulu Rail Gets All It Asked For — So Far

No Crime Stats Kept on Honolulu Police Officers

Inside Honolulu: June 24

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: The Signs Say It All

City Ad Promised HART Would Work ‘Hand-in-Hand’ With Council

Thursday, June 23

Berg, Neighborhood Board Bang Heads Over Rail

Inside Honolulu: June 23

Off the Beat: Honolulu Mayor Phones It In

Wednesday, June 22

Carlisle on China: ‘We Bring the Hula, They Bring the Acrobats’

 Carlisle: Decision-Making For Rail Has Been in My Hands

Inside Honolulu: June 22

Honolulu Mayor Kills Recycling Subsidy — Again

Carlisle Vetoes Council’s Transit Authority Budget

Tuesday, June 21

Off The Beat: ‘Fact-Finding’ Versus Stating The Obvious

Inside Honolulu: June 21

Rail Report Reveals Little About Ansaldo’s Problems

Monday, June 20

Inside Honolulu: June 20

Saturday, June 18

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: It Could Be Worse

Do Hawaii’s Strict Gun Laws Fuel a Black Market?

Friday, June 17

Inside the Nonprofit at Center of HUD Probe

Inside Honolulu: June 17

Thursday, June 16

Ernie Martin’s Rapid Rise to Council Power

Inside Honolulu: June 16

Staging a Coup Without Breaking the Sunshine Law

The Seven-Month Itch: Garcia’s Stint as Chairman

Wednesday, June 15

Council Division on Rail Led to Shake-Up

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Why Would Anyone Do This?

Inside Honolulu: June 15

Honolulu City Council Moving to Oust Nestor Garcia as Chairman

Carlisle Administration Forgave $1.2 Million in Loans to Nonprofit Accused of Misusing Federal Funds

Off the Beat: Do City Ethics Laws Forbid Officials From Accepting Gifts?

Tuesday, June 14

Inside Honolulu: June 14

Facts Kept Secret In City’s Fact-Finding Rail Trip

Monday, June 13

HPD Officer Sentenced For Hitting Pedestrian While Driving Drunk

Saturday, June 11

Honolulu, Feds Differ on Conflicts of Interest

Friday, June 10

Carlisle Hand-Delivering Invites to Asia Leaders

Thursday, June 9

Charges to be Refiled Against HPD Officers in Overtime Scam

Inside Honolulu: June 13

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Under The Magnifying Glass

Honolulu City Council Approves Every Gift Offered in 2011

Legal Gun Permit Was Never an Option for Stangel

Wednesday, June 8

HUD: City’s Use of Federal Monies ‘Unacceptable’

HUD Threatens to Recoup $7.9M From Honolulu

Tuesday, June 7

Berg ‘Concerned’ About Aide Tampering with Hawaii Rep’s Email

Rod Tam Sentencing Delayed to August

Inside Honolulu: June 7

Off The Beat: If China Foots the Bill, Who Sets the Agenda?

Sunday, June 5

Honolulu Mayor’s Office to Get $7,351 Makeover

Honolulu Shooting Spree Suspect Charged with Murder, Held on $5M Bail

Honolulu: Do You Know Where Your Mayor Is?

Inside Honolulu: June 6

In New Rail Agency’s First Meeting, Leaders Emerge

Saturday, June 4

Two Years Later: Is Honolulu’s Hands-Free Law Working?

Mayor, City Council Move Closer to Litigation on Rail

Honolulu Council: Scrap-Yard Subsidy Reinstated

Friday, June 3

1 Killed, 2 Injured in Honolulu Shooting Spree

Inside Honolulu: June 3

Thursday, June 2

Honolulu Police Arrest Teen In School Gun Firing

‘Fiscal Conservative’ Mayor Finds Council Wields Sharper Budget Knife

Inside Honolulu: June 2

Hubba Hubba! Honolulu Planners Likely Won’t Touch Iconic Neon Sign

Off The Beat: Keeping Politics Out of Rail?

It’s Cheap to Park at Honolulu Parks

Wednesday, June 1

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Laundry Day

Slideshow: The Ram Living In Aiea

Inside Honolulu: June 1

Honolulu Mayor Signs Bill Ending Recycling Subsidy

Honolulu Council To Scrap Park Parking Fees Plan

May 2011

Tuesday, May 31

Zoo Animals Need to Eat — Even on Furlough Fridays

Chin: Lingle Added $129 Million to Cost of Rail Project

Inside Honolulu: May 31

Monday, May 30

The Heart of Honolulu

Saturday, May 28

Hawaii Puppy Mill Faces 153 Animal Cruelty Counts

Friday, May 27

What You Won’t Learn From Honolulu Council Financial Disclosure Forms

Inside Honolulu: May 27

Honolulu Mayor Advances Plan to Demolish Waikiki Natatorium

For Tulsi Gabbard, Serving Hawaii Means Leaving City Council Early

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Welcome Back

Thursday, May 26

Evidence Ignored in Unsolved Rapes

Wednesday, May 25

Inside Honolulu: May 26

Inside Honolulu: May 25

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: My Life as a Pigeon

Tuesday, May 24

Honolulu Has to Wait Until June for Rail Report

Waialae Avenue Latest Battleground In Making Honolulu Bike-Friendly

Judge Dismisses Honolulu Police Officers’ Cases in Overtime Pay Scandal

Inside Honolulu: May 24

Monday, May 23

Two Suffer Minor Injuries After Handgun Discharges At Intermediate School

Saturday, May 21

Rail Opponents Counter ‘Misconception’ on Financial Backers

Friday, May 20

Keeping the Beat — And Keeping Tabs On Rail

Disagreement, not Kawaiaha‘o, Is Causing Anguish

Thursday, May 19

Inside Honolulu: May 19

Tourism Infrastructure Most Vulnerable to Climate Change in Honolulu

Wednesday, May 18

Inside Honolulu: May 18

Council, Mayor Threaten to Sue Each Other Over New Rail Agency

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Beginnings

What if Honolulu Rail Fails?

Tuesday, May 17

Inside Honolulu: May 17

What Happened to the Pro-Rail Movement?

Monday, May 16

Inside Honolulu: May 16

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: On the Road — But Not in Hawaii

Saturday, May 14

Fighting Rail From The Other Side Of The Tracks

Honolulu Managing Director Explains 49 Percent Spike in Overtime

Friday, May 13

Inside Honolulu: May 13

Second HPD Officer Found Innocent in Overtime Scheme

Denmark National Rail Wants to Dump Ansaldo

Thursday, May 12

Advisory Committee Hammers Out Landfill Selection Criteria

Honolulu Is Best City For Commuting On Public Transportation

Lawsuit Challenges Rail’s Environmental Compliance

Inside Honolulu: May 12

End to Subsidy for Scrap Yard Passes — With a Catch

Second HPD Officer On Trial in Overtime Scandal

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Cash Flow

Honolulu Council Asserts Authority, Votes on Rail Agency’s Budgets

Wednesday, May 11

Kawaiahao Breeds Anguish at Oahu’s Burial Council

Soon To Be Illegal In Honolulu: Crossing the Street Using A Phone?

Undercover Liquor Investigators’ Covers Blown — on Facebook

Inside Honolulu: May 11

Rapid Transit Board Dominated by East Honolulu Residents

Council Transportation Chair Gives Glimpse of Fact-Finding Trip

Harimoto Confirms So-Called ‘Blunderground’ In Denmark Had Problems

Tuesday, May 10

Tenants Voice Concerns About City Plans to Sell Affordable Housing

Honolulu Pays Road Crews Overtime — on Furlough Days

Inside Honolulu: May 10

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: How Do You Spot An “Un-homed?”

Winning Rail Bidder Rejects Losers’ Claims

Saturday, May 7

Inside Honolulu: May 9

Friday, May 6

Newsmaker: Talk Live With Honolulu Managing Director Doug Chin

HPD Officer Accused in Overtime Scandal: Not Guilty

Inside Honolulu: May 6

‘One by One,’ Trafficking Suspects Plead Guilty, Victims’ Lawyer Says

Thursday, May 5

Inside Honolulu: May 5

Honolulu Council Learns Rail Contractor Gave A Gift — Two Months Later

HPD Officer Accused in Overtime Scandal On Trial

Wednesday, May 4

Why Does the City Need Bond Money for Rail Anyway?

Inside Honolulu: May 4

Preschoolers Demand To See Honolulu Mayor

Tuesday, May 3

Inside Honolulu: May 3

Power Outage Hits Oahu

Obama’s Golfing Buddy Pleads No Contest To Prostitution Charges

Honolulu Council Should Push for Rail Transparency

Monday, May 2

Waikiki Hotel Plan Caught In Honolulu’s Tangled Web

Inside Honolulu: May 2

April 2011

Friday, April 29

Property of Obama’s Childhood Home in Manoa Could Become Parking Lot

City Lawyers Told Council Members What Not To Ask On Rail Fact-Finding Trip

Honolulu’s Art Museums Make Merger Official

Inside Honolulu: April 29

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: A Funny Thing Happened…

Thursday, April 28

Inside Honolulu: April 28

Wednesday, April 27

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: A Governor’s Decision

Inside Honolulu: April 27

Tuesday, April 26

Inside Honolulu: April 26

Monday, April 25

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Trying to Stay Clean

Saturday, April 23

Honolulu Department’s OT Jumps 49 Percent, Director Won’t Talk About It

Friday, April 22

Inside Honolulu: April 25

‘Speechless’ Over Rail Chief’s Attitude Toward Long-Term Operating Costs

Thursday, April 21

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Pity or Compassion

Honolulu’s Billion-Dollar Door-to-Door Service

Honolulu Closer To Ending Scrap-Yard Subsidy

Wednesday, April 20

Honolulu Lowers Projected Rail Cost To $5.3 Billion

New Plan: Rail Operating Costs Down, Honolulu Transportation Costs Up

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Best Friends Forever… or For a While

Inside Honolulu: April 20

Inside Honolulu: April 21

An Open Letter to Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle

Tuesday, April 19

Off The Beat: Sunshine Too Bright at City Hall?

Berg: Hawaii Profiteering Off Honolulu Taxpayers

Inside Honolulu: April 19

First Hawaiian’s Horner Now on Rail, Education and Tourism Boards

Saturday, April 16

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Going with the Flow

Inside Honolulu: April 18

Honolulu Police Reviewing Open Records Policy

Tracking Chips Help Deter Hawaii Towel Thieves

Friday, April 15

Off The Beat: Are Criminals Furloughed, Too?

Inside Honolulu: April 15

Mayor’s Budget Includes $2.3 Million for Meals

Shooting Death, Carjacking Near Waialae Country Club

Thursday, April 14

Bombardier: Honolulu Didn’t Keep Its Word on Rail Contract

Carlisle: Ansaldo’s Copenhagen Line One of World’s Best

Inside Honolulu: April 14

City Plans to Spend $38 M on Road Rehab Before July

Wednesday, April 13

Harimoto: ‘God Intervened’ In Dispute with Mayor

Discussion: Prostitution In Honolulu

Inside Honolulu: April 13

Carlisle: I’m Not An ‘Arrogant SOB’

Selling Sex In Honolulu: Tracking Arrests

Selling Sex in Honolulu: Police Use Massage License Law Against Prostitutes

Selling Sex In Honolulu: In Nine Months, Police Dept. Arrests Just One Pimp

Tuesday, April 12

Hawaii Will Have A Symphony Once Again

OSHA Opens Investigation After Deadly Hawaii Fireworks Explosion

Rail Protest Claims Ansaldo Bid to Cost Honolulu an Extra $900 Million

Hawaii Invention Helps Japan Clean Up Radiation

Honolulu Personal Service Contracts Examined

Monday, April 11

Inside Honolulu: April 11

Sunday, April 10

Five Dead After Hawaii Fireworks Explosion

Saturday, April 9

Carlisle the Candidate vs. Carlisle the Mayor

Peter Carlisle a Leader Learning to be a Mayor

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Milestones

Friday, April 8

Board of Water Supply Says Honolulu Has Fewer Water Main Breaks Than Average

Hawaii Fireworks Explosion Kills Four

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Anger Paralysis

Inside Honolulu: April 8

Thursday, April 7

Inside Honolulu: April 7

Hawaii Health Officials Track Possible Dengue on Maui

Wednesday, April 6

Honolulu Council: More Money for Roads, Parks

Inside Honolulu: April 6

Honolulu City Council Shares Possible Conflicts

Praise for City Staff from Losing Rail Bidder

Honolulu Revises Rail Redactions After Criticism

Tuesday, April 5

Apo Committed Same Ethics Violation — Twice

Honolulu Council Slashes Mayor’s Operating Budget

Honolulu City Council Divided Over Chairman’s Ethics

Inside Honolulu: April 5

Honolulu, Losing Rail Bidder Lawyering Up

Monday, April 4

Rogoff: ‘Not Unusual’ For Cities to Award 20 Percent of Rail Contracts Before FFGA

Off the Beat: Why Hide Disclosures Offline?

Sunday, April 3

Inside Honolulu: April 4

Honolulu Managing Director Defends Transparency on Rail

Saturday, April 2

Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em, Furloughs Do Save Money

Tea Party’s Berg Cheapest On Honolulu City Council

Friday, April 1

Inside Honolulu: April 1

No New Confirmed Dengue Cases In Hawaii

March 2011

Thursday, March 31

Cachola: Honolulu Rail Project the Most Expensive in U.S.

Honolulu City Council Plans “Significant Cuts” to Mayor’s Budget

Inside Honolulu: March 31

Honolulu Council’s Rail Concerns Boil Over

Rail Contractor Says City Rejected ‘Best Value’

Wednesday, March 30

One Marine Dead, Three Hurt After Hawaii Helicopter Crash

Honolulu Mayor: “I Don’t Remember” Meeting Over Rail Concerns

Inside Honolulu: March 30

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Timing is Everything

Honolulu Rail Contract to Italian Firm Under Fire

Tuesday, March 29

SLIDESHOW: Tsunami Damages Northwest Hawaiian Islands Refuge

Honolulu to Pay Ansaldo More Than $1B For Rail

Inside Honolulu: March 29

Honolulu City Council Chairman: ‘Don’t Tell Me I’m a Whore’

Whole Foods To Open In-Store Bar In Hawaii

Trace Amounts of Iodine-131 Found In Hawaii Radiation Monitor

Monday, March 28

Japan Airlines Slashes Hawaii Flights

Inside Honolulu: March 28

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: It’s All Relative

Friday, March 25

Honolulu Council Chair Has A Conflict of Interest On Rail Project

Lab Results: Landfill Water Exceeded Legal Levels for Just One Chemical — Iron

Thursday, March 24

Dengue Fever Confirmed in Hawaii

Unity on Rail a Good Sign, Harimoto Says

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Riding Heartbreak

Former GM: Scrap Yard Doesn’t Need Subsidy

Wednesday, March 23

U.S. Transportation Chief: “No Doubt” City Will Follow Path To Rail Success

Inside Honolulu: March 23

U.S. Transportation Chief: Rail ‘Progressing Fine’

Council Members to Investigate Rail Contractor

Honolulu Transit Chair Says He Has Serious ‘Concerns’ About Rail

Tuesday, March 22

Cops Crash Magic Island Spring Break Party

Inside Honolulu: March 22

Other Cities Report Problems with Honolulu Rail Contractor

Despite Furloughs, Overtime Down in Most City Departments

Monday, March 21

Inside Honolulu: March 21

Should Private Scrap Yard Get $1.9 Million Subsidy from Honolulu?

Saturday, March 19

Honolulu Will Revise Tsunami Evacuation Plans For The Homeless

Friday, March 18

HPD Officer Salaries: A Tale of Confusion and Contradiction

Inside Honolulu: March 18

Honolulu City Council Battles Administration for Control of Rail Agency

Thursday, March 17

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: The Courage Needed

Inside Honolulu: March 17

Wednesday, March 16

Transparent? Mayor Makes $44M Disappear

Inside Honolulu: March 16

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Getting Swept Away… Almost

During Tsunami, Hawaii Homeless Left Behind

Tuesday, March 15

Inside Honolulu: March 15

Monday, March 14

Inside Honolulu: March 14

Sunday, March 13

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Neglect

Thursday, March 10

Inside Honolulu: March 10

Why We Need A New Building At Kawaiahao

Carlisle Boosts Funding for Most City Departments

Wednesday, March 9

March 7: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Budget for New Transit Authority: $21 Million

Inside Honolulu: March 9

Tuesday, March 8

Chin: Medical Examiner’s Salary ‘Low In Comparison’

Repairs Continue On Waikiki Water Main

Inside Honolulu: March 8

Feb. 28: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Feb. 24: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Small Measures of Success

Monday, March 7

Inside Honolulu: March 7

Sunday, March 6

Lights On Across Oahu

Honolulu Mayor Urges Union, HECO Compromise

Friday, March 4

Inside Honolulu: March 4

Thursday, March 3

State Investigating Violations Related to Medical Waste

Inside Honolulu: March 3

No Shortfall, But Carlisle Still Wants Higher Taxes

Police Secrecy Law Stalls in Hawaii House

Off The Beat: City Council Histrionics

Carlisle: In July, City Government and Rail Part Ways

Honolulu to State: There’s No Rail Money for You

Carlisle Proposes Raising Honolulu Budget by 6%

Wednesday, March 2

Feds Investigate TSA Screening Lapses in Hawaii

Off The Beat: Accidental Scofflaws?

Feb. 25: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Carlisle: $29 Million Would Keep Honolulu Running For Five Days

Tuesday, March 1

Inside Honolulu: March 2

Inside Honolulu: March 1

February 2011

Monday, February 28

Registered Lobbyist Says He Isn’t A Lobbyist

Sunday, February 27

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 28

Friday, February 25

 Carlisle: 18 Holes For $4.50

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: I Miss My Bed

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: My Closet Has a Flat Tire

Feb. 22: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 25

Thursday, February 24

Carlisle: Financial Truth About City is ‘Not Pretty’

Honolulu Police Officer Not Guilty of Brutality Charge

Complete Text: State of the City Address by Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle

Wednesday, February 23

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 24

Feb. 21: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Video: Honolulu Rail Groundbreaking

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 23

Confidence Reigns At Rail Groundbreaking

Tuesday, February 22

Feb. 18: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Feb. 17: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Oversight of Honolulu Medical Waste Limited

Monday, February 21

Inside Honolulu, Feb. 22: Live Blogging the Rail Groundbreaking

Honolulu Mayor Lacks Key Overtime Info For Budget

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 21

Sunday, February 20

Rail Groundbreaking: Phony or For Real?

Saturday, February 19

Off The Beat: Indicted Police Officer Still At Work

Exact Finances on Rail Hard to Pin Down

Friday, February 18

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 18

Thursday, February 17

Feb. 15: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Feb. 16: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: Hopes and Dreams

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 17

Wednesday, February 16

FTA: Honolulu “Cannot Expect” Funds For Rail

Tuesday, February 15

Honolulu City Council to Take Up B&B Law Again

Feb. 14: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 15

Un-homed but Not Unhinged: Homeless Are People, Too

Monday, February 14

Feb. 10: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Feb. 11: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 14

Saturday, February 12

Landfill Hopping

Friday, February 11

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 11

Un-homed but Not Unhinged: Full Monty or Not?

Thursday, February 10

Feb. 8: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 10

Wednesday, February 9

HECO Picks Mainland Company For Solar Farm

Progress at Landfill But Trash Woes Persist

Un-homed but Not Unhinged: Back Seat Office

Wide Gap Between Illegal Rentals, City Enforcement

Cachola: Lots of Other States Have Worse Homeless Problems

Tuesday, February 8

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 9

Feb. 7: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 8

No Redskins in Hawaii?

Monday, February 7

Feb. 4: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 7

Un-homed but Not Unhinged: Staying Connected

Saturday, February 5

Carlisle’s Campaign Rhetoric Meets Reality of Bargaining Table

HPD Spent $228,000 in OT Protecting Obama in Hawaii

Friday, February 4

Feb. 3: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 4

Thursday, February 3

Feb. 2: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 3

Landfill Manager Grilled on Spill, New Violation

Un-homed but Not Unhinged: Those Small Indignities

Invasive Snake Nabbed by Ag Inspectors

Wednesday, February 2

Feb. 1: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Jan. 31: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 2

Tuesday, February 1

Don’t Speak English? Automatic Gratuity Added

Turning Over a New Leaf, With Nissan’s Help

Cayetano: Cost Overruns for Rail Systems Average 40 Percent

Inside Honolulu: Feb. 1

Un-homed but Not Unhinged: Putting Your Life in Storage

Waimanalo Gulch Landfill Spill — a Timeline

Health Department: EPA Approved Release of Landfill Water

Jan. 28: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

January 2011

Monday, January 31

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 31

Saturday, January 29

Jan. 27: Waste Management Daily Progress Report

Jan. 26: Storm Water Contingency Plan

Jan. 26: Report on Cell E6 and E4 Repair

Un-homed but Not Unhinged: One step forward, one step back

Thursday, January 27

Honolulu Prosecutor Says Hawaii Doesn’t Need A Human Trafficking Law

No Paperwork to Back Up Safety of Medical Waste

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 27

Wednesday, January 26

Un-homed: Exciting New Career Opportunities

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 26

Kaneshiro Wants Stiffer Prostitution Penalties

EPA Orders Immediate Clean-Up at Landfill

Tuesday, January 25

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 25

Carlisle: Landfill Always Compliant With Permits

Nurses Warn Against Dumping Medical Waste in Honolulu Landfill

Landfill “Crisis” Worsens, Honolulu Officials Say

Sunday, January 23

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 24

Friday, January 21

City Reminds Winter White House Owner of Rental Law

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 21

Dump DéJà Vu

How to Keep America Moving

Thursday, January 20

Un-homed: End of the Day

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 20

Wednesday, January 19

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 19

Street Sweeping Scandal Nets Supervisor Jail Time

Rail Officials Celebrate Feds’ Record of Decision

Monday, January 17

Honolulu Mayor Could Gut Capital Budget

Saturday, January 15

No Furlough Days for Beat Reporters

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 18

Thursday, January 13

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 14

Un-Homed but Not Unhinged: When to Hold On, When to Let Go?

After City’s Rail Panel, Opponents Hold Their Own

Oahu Burial Council Can’t Keep Track of Its Members

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 13

Wednesday, January 12

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 12

City to Contact Property Owner About Short-Term Obama Rental

Honolulu Police Union Wants Entire Force to Be Secret

Tuesday, January 11

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Location, Location, Location

Honolulu Officials At Odds With Winter White House Owner’s Take on Law

Monday, January 10

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 11

Friday, January 7

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 10

Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Range of Motion

Thursday, January 6

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 7

Carlisle Says Abercrombie Won’t Stop Talking

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 6

State Health Officials: Drink Up, the Water is Fine

Un-Homed but Not Unhinged: Food More than Sustenance

Wednesday, January 5

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 5

Obama’s Winter White House an Illegal Rental

Tuesday, January 4

Inside Honolulu: Jan. 4

Civic Leaders Eye Instant Runoff Elections

Monday, January 3

Former Castle High School Star QB Shot Dead

Un-homed But Not Unhinged: High- and Low-Lights