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Council Passes Landmark Bill Restricting Single-Use Plastics On Oahu Claire Caulfield/Civil Beat

Council Passes Landmark Bill Restricting Single-Use Plastics On Oahu

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell has signaled he supports the bill. Its restrictions on food-vendor plastics would roll out in the next two years.

Case Dismissed: 8 Years, No Conviction And A Honolulu Man’s Life Derailed Illustration by Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Case Dismissed: 8 Years, No Conviction And A Honolulu Man’s Life Derailed

Sefo Fatai says a woman he thought would give him money to pay off a debt to his boss handed him meth instead, plunging him into an eight-year ordeal fighting the criminal justice system.

Security Deposits Put Housing Out Of Reach For Some In Hawaii Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Security Deposits Put Housing Out Of Reach For Some In Hawaii

As housing costs rise, renters have to cut bigger and bigger checks just to get in the door.

Now’s Our Chance To Clean House In Honolulu Government Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Now’s Our Chance To Clean House In Honolulu Government

As the police corruption investigation continues with a focus on other city agencies, leaders and voters must take steps to guard against similar problems.

‘Please Hold’: Disabled Handi-Van Users Face Long Waits To Book Rides Cory Lum/Civil Beat

‘Please Hold’: Disabled Handi-Van Users Face Long Waits To Book Rides

City officials blame heavy call volumes and technological issues for a system that has been problematic for years.

Honolulu Council Chair’s Staffer Announces Bid For Windward Seat Courtesy of Alan Kekoa Texeira campaign

Honolulu Council Chair’s Staffer Announces Bid For Windward Seat

Ikaika Anderson is set to finish his third and last council term next year, and Alan Kekoa Texeira hopes to succeed him.

Denby Fawcett: Rescuing A 12th Century Heiau From A Garbage Dump courtesy

Denby Fawcett: Rescuing A 12th Century Heiau From A Garbage Dump

There’s a new effort to restore the sacred Pahukini Heiau and increase public access.

HART’s Last Original Board Member Hasn’t Left As Planned Cory Lum/Civil Beat

HART’s Last Original Board Member Hasn’t Left As Planned

Damien Kim announced his departure five months ago, but the City Council can’t find a qualified successor.

Honolulu May Sue Convicted Police Chief To Claw Back Retirement Money Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Honolulu May Sue Convicted Police Chief To Claw Back Retirement Money

The city will likely take its former police chief to court.

More HART Employees Hit With Federal Subpoenas Cory Lum/Civil Beat

More HART Employees Hit With Federal Subpoenas

It’s the second round of orders sent to rail staff. The agency still won’t say how many employees have received subpoenas.

Former Judge Steve Alm Announces Bid For Prosecuting Attorney Christina Jedra/Civil Beat

Former Judge Steve Alm Announces Bid For Prosecuting Attorney

He has the support of the police union and the chair of the police commission.

New Snags Hold Back Ala Wai Flood Control Project Cory Lum/Civil Beat

New Snags Hold Back Ala Wai Flood Control Project

UPDATED: Both the city and a state court judge have issues with the environmental impact reports, halting the controversial flood control project.

December 2013

Monday, December 30

Hawaii Police Union Wants Officer Misconduct Records Kept Confidential

Friday, December 27

Urban High: Rail Lets Honolulu Grow Up

Tuesday, December 24

Gene Park: Who Were the Social Media Stars of Hawaii Politics in 2013?

Monday, December 23

It’s Your Money: Man Shot By Honolulu Police Gets $150K

Sunday, December 22

Another Union, Another Raise: Who’s To Say There’s No Money?

Tuesday, December 17

Honolulu Rail Audit: Too Many Consultants, Too Little Accountability

Friday, December 13

Finding the City’s Flow: Why Honolulu’s Traffic Goes Against the Grain

Pritchett: From Riches to Rags

Open Letter to the Honolulu City Council

Thursday, December 12

Did Honolulu’s $142M Housing Deal Collapse?

Wednesday, December 11

Running a Business: Inside The Honolulu Marathon

Tuesday, December 10

Caldwell Fears For Honolulu Homeless If City Housing Deal Collapses

Mayor Caldwell’s #AskKirk Twitter Town Hall Grabs Attention, Offers Answers

Saturday, December 7

Honolulu Rail Exec Had Been VP at Firm That Just Won New Rail Contract

Thursday, December 5

Gene Park: Kirk Caldwell’s Big Twittersphere Splash

‘Tis the Season: See What Gifts Honolulu City Agencies Got This Year

The List: Contributors to Mayor’s Transition Committee Revealed

Will The Honolulu Ethics Commission Have To Subpoena The Mayor’s Cabinet?

Wednesday, December 4

Who Knows Better? Honolulu Ethics Commission Or Caldwell’s Attorneys?

Tuesday, December 3

Financial Disclosure: Check Out The Latest Filings From City Officials

Sunday, December 1

$156 Million Short? Honolulu Mayor Keeping Budget in Check

November 2013

Wednesday, November 27

New Engineer Takes Over Honolulu Rail Project

Tuesday, November 26

Cleaning Up the Streets of Honolulu Without Hammering the Homeless

Thursday, November 21

Pritchett: The Vigilante With a Sledgehammer

Tuesday, November 19

Caldwell Admin Defends Budget Tactics Before Ethics Commission

Monday, November 18

Denby Fawcett: Kakaako’s Diminishing Park Space

What’s Going on Between Ethics Commission and Caldwell Administration?

Thursday, November 14

It’s Your Money: Lack of Flood Prevention Costs Honolulu $2.7 Million

Monday, November 11

Denby Fawcett: In Praise of Genshiro Kawamoto

Saturday, November 9

Campaign Corner: A Time for Scrutiny

Friday, November 8

Civil Beat Files Lawsuit In Effort to Free Up Police Misconduct Records

Thursday, November 7

Pritchett: Captain Kirk ‘s Ethical Odyssey

Tuesday, November 5

Is Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell Trying to Weaken the Ethics Commission?

Friday, November 1

Is Honolulu City Council Targeting the Homeless in Latest Sidewalk Proposal?

October 2013

Saturday, October 19

Ethics Probe into Honolulu Mayor Sparks Talk of Reform

Thursday, October 10

Honolulu Charities Fight For Taxpayer Dollars in Heated Political Debate

Pritchett: Police Inaction

Wednesday, October 9

Tunnel Vision? Not When It Comes to Honolulu’s High Stakes Rail Project

Tuesday, October 8

Campaign Corner: City Council Shouldn’t Tamper With Commission’s Work

Monday, October 7

A Tale of Two Cops: One HPD Officer Fired, Another Keeps His Badge

Sunday, October 6

Honolulu Rail Project Epitomizes Lapses of Elected Officials

Saturday, October 5

News Media Seek Court Ruling on Open Trials

Tuesday, October 1

New Age Toilet Paper Clogging Honolulu’s Sewer Pipes, Causing Headaches

September 2013

Friday, September 20

Gene Park: Our Old-School Sounding Boards of Change

Thursday, September 19

Unions Spared From Taxes After Honolulu Mayor Defers His Own Bill

(de)Occupy Day 684: Still Here After Movement’s National 2nd Anniversary

Thursday, September 12

It’s Your Money: How Much Does an HPD Motorcade Cost?

Pritchett: Moving Day in Kahala

Tuesday, September 10

$98 Million Buys Kawamoto Properties for Alexander & Baldwin

Sunday, September 8

Lying Down on Honolulu Sidewalks Could Soon Cost You $50

Saturday, September 7

Deedy Trial Still Shaking Up Hawaii

Thursday, September 5

Honolulu Rail’s New $27 Million Safety Feature to Avert Track Fatalities

August 2013

Friday, August 30

Deedy Case: Is a Second Trial Worth the Cost?

Wednesday, August 28

Honolulu Prosecutor: Deedy Will Face New Murder Charge

Tuesday, August 27

Deedy Trial: A Hung Jury Means Federal Agent Could Be Back In Court

The “Stairway to Heaven” Is More Remote Than Ever

Friday, August 23

Why Didn’t Hawaii Counties Fight Back Against SHOPO Contract?

Thursday, August 22

Who’s Really to Blame for Honolulu’s Budget Woes?

Tuesday, August 20

Who’s the New Guy Running Things at Honolulu Hale?

Friday, August 16

Deedy Trial: What’s a Murderer Look Like?

Will Court Delays Let Honolulu Argue Rail Is Past Point of No Return?

Tuesday, August 13

ORI Refutes Any Wrongdoing, Says Honolulu ‘Caved’ to HUD

Thursday, August 8

Deedy Trial — Should A Federal Agent Have Left Before Violence Erupted?

Wednesday, August 7

Christopher Deedy: ‘My Brain Was Going in a Thousand Directions’

Friday, August 2

At What Point Is Killing Another Man Considered Self-Defense in Hawaii?

July 2013

Friday, July 26

Off The Beat: When Does a Sweep Become a Raid?

Thursday, July 25

Did Honolulu Commit $10 Million in Mistakes on Ala Wai Pipe Fix?

Sunday, July 21

Despite Honolulu’s Own Investigation, Questions Remain About ORI

Friday, July 19

ORI Investigation Over, Honolulu to Pay Back $1.88M in Federal Grants

Monday, July 15

Honolulu Rail: Where Are We Now?

Thursday, July 11

Honolulu Police Contract’s $200 Million Increase Could Spur Tax Hikes

Deedy Trial: McDonald’s Video is of Such Poor Quality It’s Little Help

Honolulu Cop Under Fire for Facebook Comments About Deedy Murder Trial

June 2013

Friday, June 28

A House Divided — Which Way Will Democrats in Hawaii Go?

Tuesday, June 25

Embattled Hawaii Nonprofit Enjoyed Tens of Millions in Military Dollars

Friday, June 21

Caldwell: Brace for Cuts in Honolulu City Services

Thursday, June 20

VIDEO: The Kirk Cam — Our Intimate View of the Mayor’s Spin About Town

Wednesday, June 19

Feds: Hawaii Must Repay Half-Million Dollars in Stimulus Money

Tuesday, June 18

Inouye’s Chief of Staff Takes Over Honolulu Rail Advocacy Group

Saturday, June 15

Honolulu Could Kickstart Response to Urban Homelessness

Wednesday, June 12

HUD: Was ORI Loan Forgiven Because of Campaign Contributions?

Friday, June 7

Kickback? Letter Shows ORI Head Sought $90k Donation From Contractor

Thursday, June 6

Honolulu City Council Keeps Controversial Earmarks For Nonprofits

Wednesday, June 5

LaFrance: How Civil Beat Covered a Scandal City Officials Wanted to Avoid

ORI Mismanagement May Throw A Last-Minute Wrench In City Budget

Tuesday, June 4

HUD Nails City For $8 Million In ORI Mismanagement Fiasco

Saturday, June 1

Should The City Earmark Millions For Favored Nonprofit Groups?

Goodbye To The Ala Wai Canal’s ‘Black Noodle’

May 2013

Friday, May 31

Who’s Driving TheBus? Honolulu Councilman Wants Ethics Oversight

Thursday, May 30

Honolulu Mayor Blasts City Council For ‘Out Of Control’ Earmarks

Tuesday, May 28

Honolulu City Council’s Approach To Budget Is Shortsighted

Saturday, May 25

Is Honolulu Hale Safe?

Friday, May 24

Should Honolulu Council Restore TheBus Or Spend More Money On Charities?

Wednesday, May 22

Honolulu City Council Denies Mayor’s Repeated Requests To Raise Taxes

Tuesday, May 21

Civil Beat Lab Tests: Canal Seafood Is Contaminated

Taxpayers Pay When Ala Wai Pollution Hits Waikiki

Saturday, May 18

Federal Judge Refuses To Toss (de)Occupy Honolulu Suit Despite City’s Efforts

Thursday, May 16

Caldwell Campaign Chair Backs Out Of Zoning Board Appointment

Tuesday, May 14

Honolulu’s Thomas Square Upgrade Steeped In Controversy

Honolulu Seeks Ways To Cut Down Wait For Firearm Permits

Saturday, May 11

Where’s The Pork? Honolulu City Council Dishes Out The Earmarks

Friday, May 10

A ‘Desperate’ Search For More Money Inside The Walls Of Honolulu Hale

Housing Honolulu’s Homeless Won’t Come Cheap Under New Plan

Thursday, May 9

A Park Is For The Public — Unless They Are Homeless?

Wednesday, May 8

Kaneohe Lab Gives Forgotten Texts Second Life Online

Change Of Heart: Mayor’s Office Releases Names Of Executive Staff

Honolulu City Council Pushes Back Against Mayor’s Proposed Budget

Tuesday, May 7

War In Waikiki? The Fight Over The Natatorium Is Far From Over

Friday, May 3

Honor, Courage And Commitment

Off The Beat: Why Won’t Kirk Caldwell Say Who Works For Him?

Wednesday, May 1

Abercrombie Teams With Caldwell To Tear Down Waikiki Natatorium

April 2013

Tuesday, April 30

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s Staff Comes With A High Price Tag

Tuesday, April 23

Is Honolulu’s Rail Money on Track Given Sequestration?

Friday, April 19

It’s Your Money: Rapist Wins $35k From Honolulu After Cops Beat Him Up

Tuesday, April 16

Federal Agent On Trial For Murder Boosts Defense Fund Via Internet

Friday, April 12

Honolulu Rail CEO Explains Why He Deserves a $35,000 Bonus

Tuesday, April 9

In The Case Of This Fired Honolulu Cop, The Public Is Still In The Dark

Thursday, April 4

It’s Your Money: Bumpy Roads, Brain Injury And A $1.7 Million Pothole

Can Kirk Caldwell Succeed Where Others Have Failed With Honolulu Homeless?

March 2013

Friday, March 29

A Man’s World: Honolulu Fire Behind Nation in Number of Women in Dept

Tuesday, March 19

City Ethics Enforcement: ‘Fight Against Corruption’ Could Get Cash Infusion

Saturday, March 16

‘Tis The Season: Your Honolulu City Council Budget Primer

Friday, March 15

Honolulu Rail: A Textbook Case Of Poor Planning, Denial And Diversion

Friday, March 8

Tombstone Tower

Leeward Residents Protest Temporary Road Through Makaha Beach

Wednesday, March 6

After Japan Arrest, Will Genshiro Kawamoto Lose Kahala Houses?

Saturday, March 2

Want Nice Roads? Honolulu Mayor Wants You To Pay More At The Pump

Friday, March 1

At HPD, Domestic Violence Is Not Uncommon But It’s Hard To Track

February 2013

Monday, February 11

FOCUS: Meet Jean Carr, The Volunteer

Tuesday, February 5

Can Caldwell’s Cabinet Catch Up in Time for Budget Deadline?

Saturday, February 2

Off The Beat: City Should Use More Caution In Its Choice Of Tape

January 2013

Thursday, January 24

Bedbug Infestation Costs Honolulu $17,300

Thursday, January 17

Caldwell to Hawaii Legislature: Where’s My Money? I Want it Now

Wednesday, January 9

What Tesoro’s Pull Out Means For Hawaii’s Energy Landscape

Friday, January 4

Audit: Honolulu’s Post-Rod Tam Spending Policies Still Too Vague

Thursday, January 3

Will Honolulu’s Mayor and Council Finally Work Together?