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Tutu Mauna and the Meaning of Kapu Aloha
Kapu Aloha stands for unconditional love for everyone and everything, and this writer believes it's a belief everyone can live by.

About the Author

Aloha to everyone near and far throughout our globe. In reading many of the articles written in Civil Beat’s Connections: Mauna Kea section, the one constant that I’ve noticed is all our love for Tutu Mauna — she means many things to us all.

To truly know Tutu Mauna, you must first feel her in your na’au (gut) and in your heart. She calls everyone from every walk of life — multi cultural, multi generational, young and old. Tutu Mauna is healing us by bring us together: She reminds us to have an open heart and be mindful of her as you visit her, and we protect her, we love her because she is our tutu.

Mauna Kea supporters chant along the summit access road.  24 june 2015. photograph Cory LUm

Mauna Kea supporters chant along the summit access road in late June.

Cory Lum/Civil Beat

She has been and continues to be physically abused. As many step up in all ways to stop this abuse, there are some who see only gain — of money, of land and of control over our tutu. We, the people of our globe, will not let any more abuse happen to any sacred place, especially on our tutu.

You have to truly understand the oppression that has occurred and continues to occur on all our Hawaiian Islands. This has been a fight, a battle for 100-plus years. The people who continue to fight seek to protect in the utmost caring and respectful way. You must realize that many are emotional, many are hurt and many cry because of this abuse. We cry still, but then after letting our tears out, we then remind each other of Kapu Aloha.

Kapu Aloha means that it doesn’t matter where you are, if on Tutu Mauna or anywhere else, you must have inside yourself the unconditional love for everyone and everything. We all can attain Kapu Aloha; we as human beings have choices in life and we make our own paths. Just think: If you attain Kapu Aloha and love all elements on your path of life, that life will be wonderful.

As you read this, take a moment and look within yourself. Take deep breaths, close your eyes, feel and listen to all around you — truly listen. Love everything and everyone.