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Why should I become a member of Civil Beat?

Membership revenue helps fund a professional staff of journalists who focus on investigative and explanatory reporting to help inform the community about issues of importance. The strength of any nonprofit organization lies in the support of community members through their donations and gifts.

What are the membership options?

Our membership program allows for support at several levels. You can see those options on our membership page.

How do I get a receipt to declare my tax deduction?

When you donate, our system will send a receipt to the email address you provide. You will receive another statement at the end of the year acknowledging your donation to Civil Beat. You can use either for tax purposes.

What is Civil Beat's policy on donations?

You can read our policies relating to fundraising, donations and conflicts of interests in more detail by clicking here.

How will Civil Beat handle the relationship between editorial content and donor interests?

Civil Beat is an independent news organization. Our editorial integrity is of paramount importance. Our donors have no influence over editorial content or the decisions that go into developing stories, photos, videos and audio reports. For more information, please visit our Corporation Donations Policy page.