Special Report

Not So Public

January 2021

Friday, January 29

Civil Beat Sues Honolulu Police To Make Officer Overtime Data Public

May 2020

Friday, May 1

Information Lockdown At Hawaii Labor Department Stymies Coronavirus Stories

March 2020

Wednesday, March 4

Honolulu Agrees To Post Financial Disclosures Online

Monday, March 2

Honolulu Ethics Commission Scrubs Financial Disclosures From Website

March 2019

Thursday, March 14

Names, Ranks And Salaries Of Honolulu Cops Are Still Secret

January 2019

Wednesday, January 16

Education Officials Are Keeping Teacher Misconduct A Secret

June 2017

Tuesday, June 20

How HART Tried — And Failed — To Keep Rail Records Secret

December 2016

Thursday, December 8

State Hides Work History Of Former Cop Charged With Sex Assault

October 2016

Monday, October 31

Hawaii Prison Officials Say It Will Cost $23,000 For Public Records

September 2016

Thursday, September 29

What Happens When A Cop Goes On Desk Duty?

May 2016

Monday, May 9

What’s The Honolulu Board of Water Supply Trying To Hide?

April 2016

Tuesday, April 19

Not So Public: Hey DLNR, We’re Still Waiting For That Info On Commercial Tours

Tuesday, April 5

Why Was Ethics Director Suspended? Report Offers Few Details

April 2013

Friday, April 12

Not So Public: Hawaii Withholds Prison Death Records, Gets Sued

July 2012

Wednesday, July 11

Not So Public: Open Records Agency Takes Up Our Appeal, 1 Year Later

March 2012

Monday, March 19

Not So Public: Recipients of Hawaii Film Tax Credits Under Wraps

Wednesday, March 7

Not So Public: When Emails Brought Down Hawaii Official

February 2012

Saturday, February 18

Not So Public: Auditor Stonewalled On Prison Job

Tuesday, February 14

Not So Public: Hawaii Agency Wants $123,000 To Review Records

Not So Public: Hawaii Agency Wants $123,000 To Review Records

Not So Public: Hawaii Agency Wants $123,000 To Review Records

State has no consistent policy for tracking how it follows open records law.