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Education in Hawaii

Voters to Decide Whether Hawaii Governor Appoints Board of Education

Hawaii lawmakers have passed a constitutional amendment proposal that would mandate an appointed Hawaii State Board…
The High Cost of Saving Money with Furlough Fridays

The High Cost of Saving Money with Furlough Fridays

While the state saves millions by closing its schools, it's harder to calculate the cost to students.

Teachers Can’t Legally Work on Furlough Days, Union Says

The Hawaii State Teachers Association said it would be illegal for teachers to break their union contracts by working —…

Committee approves $67 million to try to end Furlough Fridays

Late Friday night, negotiators from the House and Senate reached an agreement that, if approved by the Legislature, could reduce…

How will furlough days affect the kids?

One of our members, Jennifer Chandler, asked why I haven’t addressed the Furlough Fridays issue on…
Education in Hawaii