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Scenes From Sen. Inouye’s Community Celebration

Photos from Senator Daniel Inouye's Community Celebration where 16 Democratic candidates participated in a fun-filled day with taiko drumming, a saimin eating contest and bon dance.
Hannemann = Aiona in Hawaii Family Forum Survey

Hannemann = Aiona in Hawaii Family Forum Survey

The former Honolulu mayor and the lieutenant governor have exactly the same positions on gambling, physician-assisted suicide, civil unions, the definition of marriage and emergency contraceptives. That's according to a new voter guide from the forum and Hawaii Catholic Conference.

Civil Beat Editorials Will Take Positions on Issues, But We Won’t Be Endorsing Candidates

We'll write about election issues. But don't expect our editorial board or reporter-hosts to tell you whom to vote for. We'll praise and challenge candidates' positions — but whom to support is up to you.
Week 15: A Place to Learn

Week 15: A Place to Learn

Fact Checks might seem to be about simple statements by candidates, but they teach about government, politics and the election. Next week, Civil Beat will add another layer to our government coverage by posting the salaries of 1000s of state workers, showing Hawaii residents where their tax dollars are going.

Share Your Expertise on Fact Checks

A mayoral debate and a gubernatorial debate in less than 24 hours spawned all kinds of claims from the candidates. We're putting them through our Fact Check process, and could benefit from your help. Share your expertise and help other voters become better informed.

Education and the Elections

There is strong evidence that we have lost sight of this public purpose of education. Today, we misguidedly elevate secondary goals of education — “college and career readiness” — to the level of first principles.

What Happens to Vacated Board of Education Seat?

Leeward District member Breene Harimoto resigned from the board of education at the end of June. The governor appointed an interim representative, but no candidates have filed to run for the vacant seat yet. The elections office told what's going to happen.

Fact Check: The Truth About Election Claims

Between now and November, there's one thing we can be sure about: claims and counter-claims are going to fly from politicians. You can also be sure that Civil Beat will be holding them accountable, and letting you know whether what they say is true, mostly true, half true, barely true, false or a "screaming lie."

Federal Campaign Finance Reports for 2nd Quarter

Thursday was the deadline for candidates to report their campaign finance contributions and expenses. Civil Beat pulled the reports.