Hawaii Lieutenant Governor

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The lieutenant governor holds the second highest office behind the governor. If the governor is out of the state or incapacitated, the lieutenant governor becomes acting governor and is responsible for their duties.

 Among the regular responsibilities of the job, the lieutenant governor acts as chief of elections, providing oversight for all state, city and county contests. Lieutenant governors must also provide authentication services for documents used overseas. These include marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce decrees, etc.

The job is often viewed as a stepping stone to the governor’s office or other political opportunity.

The salary is $144,884.

The Latest

Democrat Shan Tsutsui was appointed to succeed Brian Schatz who was appointed to finish the term of the late Daniel Inouye who served as Hawaii’s senior U.S. senator.


Hawaii has had only two Republican lieutenant governors in state history. The other eight have been Democrats. A list of Hawaii’s past LG’s is below:

The job’s powers and duties are not listed in the state constitution.

Contact Information

Constituent Services

State Capitol, Room 415
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Phone: (808) 586-0221 or (808) 586-0222
e-mail: gov.information@hawaii.gov

Lieutenant Governor’s Office

Phone: 808 586-0255
e-mail: ltgov@hawaii.gov

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Hawaii Lieutenant Governor
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