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Civil Beat Poll – Can Gov’t Solve Challenges? Flickr

Civil Beat Poll – Can Gov’t Solve Challenges?

Non-voters pessimistic about country fixing problems.

Is Hawaii Law Governing Public Officials Effective?

Hawaii Accountability Project, Part 14: Effectiveness of Hawaii law hurt by big gaps.

Does Hawaii Have Civil Service Regulations?

Hawaii Accountability Project, Part 13: Hawaii's lack of rules preventing nepotism, cronyism and patronage hurt state's ranking.

Can Hawaii Citizens Access the Asset Disclosure Records of the Governor?

Hawaii Accountability Project, Part 7: While Hawaii's laws may be strong, the reality is a different story.

Are Hawaii’s Conflict of Interest Regulations Effective?

Hawaii Accountability Project, Part 6: Post-employment and asset disclosure rules lower Hawaii's grade.

Are There Conflict of Interest Rules For Hawaii’s Executives?

Hawaii Accountability Project, Part 5: State gets 100%, but when it comes to nepotism and cronyism, it scores 0.

Are Hawaii’s Top State Executives Subject to Criminal Proceedings?

Hawaii Accountability Project, Part 4: No question governor, others not above the law in Hawaii.

List – Top 3 Areas Where Hawaii Less Accountable Than Other States

State Integrity Investigation points out where Hawaii trails other states.

List – The 6 States Less Accountable Than Hawaii

When it comes to the "enforcement gap," few scored worse than Hawaii.
Hawaii State Government