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How Much Will Gov. Abercrombie’s Proposed Tax Hikes Cost You? Civil Beat

How Much Will Gov. Abercrombie’s Proposed Tax Hikes Cost You?

The potential impacts to a young professional, public employee, state retiree and a welfare recipient.
Bill Watch: Taxes and Fees

Bill Watch: Taxes and Fees

Hawaii Legislators consider to generate revenue and attempt to address rising pension and health care costs.

Abercrombie Wants to Double Vehicle Weight Tax

Governor proposes hiking tax for Hawaii car owners to pump extra cash into state's highway fund.

Human Services Doesn’t Know Where It’ll Cut

The governor is relying on social service cuts to fill budget hole, but the department doesn't have details.

Abercrombie: “We Will Not Be Raising Any Taxes”

The governor campaigned with the promise of not raising taxes. In his State of the State address Monday, he called for raising five taxes or fees.

Abercrombie Plan Raises Taxes, Cuts Services

UPDATED 3:20 p.m. Hawaii Governor's budget plan taxes pensions and cuts retiree health benefits.

Hawaii Tax Debate: Shaping Good Tax Policy

Second in a series: President of Tax Foundation of Hawaii argues tax incentives and special funds make for poor tax policy because of the lack of accountability.

State Auditor Blasts Management of Hawaii Tax Department IT Projects

Marion Higa criticizes "poor leadership," which she said "led to a contract that is not in the best interest of the state."

Hawaii Tax Debate: Don’t Increase the General Excise Tax

Tax expert argues for the need to stimulate the economy and create jobs, warns that hike in GET would do the opposite.

State Violates Balanced-Budget Requirement

Hawaii lawmakers heard Tuesday that for the second straight year the state closed its fiscal year in the red, a violation of the Constitutional requirement. But officials face no consequences for the error.
Warning: The Real Cost Of The General Excise Tax

Warning: The Real Cost Of The General Excise Tax

Consumers are often told that the state charges 4 percent on goods and services. But the actual cost built into the final price of most anything in Hawaii is much higher — contributing to the so-called "Price of Paradise."

UPDATE: How To Follow Unemployment Numbers in Hawaii

A new tool created by the state government helps the public track unemployment claims in Hawaii counties.
Hawaii State Revenue