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Honolulu Prosecutor Race: In With the Old

Honolulu Prosecutor Race: In With the Old

Keith Kaneshiro was elected to his third term as Honolulu's city prosecutor Saturday - 14 years after he stepped down in 1996.

Kaneshiro: Honolulu Domestic Violence Murders Rising

Honolulu prosecutor candidate Keith Kaneshiro says that domestic violence murders have risen "almost every year" in the city since 1996.

Ching: Hawaii Crime on the Rise

Prosecutor candidate Darwin Ching says that contrary to the national trend, Hawaii crime rates are rising.

Kaneshiro Emerges as Fundraising Force in Prosecutor’s Race

Former prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro raised the most money in the most recent reporting period, coming from zero to overtake Darwin Ching and Franklin "Don" Pacarro, Jr.

Kaneshiro Stands Alone on Human Trafficking Law

Two city prosecutor candidates say it is a federal responsibility to fight human trafficking in Hawaii. Keith Kaneshiro thinks Honolulu can do more.

Kaneshiro: I Will Use Nuisance Abatement and Asset Forfeiture Laws to Fight Drugs

Former city prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro, who's running for his old office in the Sept. 18 primary, promises to use two laws as tools to fight the drug problem. But are his ideas already in use by Honolulu prosecutors?

Ching: Community Search Warrants Best Option in Fight Against Drugs

Darwin Ching, candidate for Honolulu city prosecutor, says that with his "community prosecution approach," he would be able to shut down drug houses withing months, instead of years. Possible?
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