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Native Hawaiian Issues

Feds Crack Down On Telecom Company Serving Native Hawaiians

Service to thousands of customers by Sandwich Isles Communications could be in jeopardy.

OHA Weighs Geothermal Partnership

From the Hawaii Tribune-Herald: The Office of Hawaiian Affairs could be getting into the geothermal business.

Hawaii Monitor: Frivolous Claim Over Sovereignty Snags Homeowner

Rhetoric over Native Hawaiian rights can mask costly scams.
Does Faye Hanohano Have A Point?

Does Faye Hanohano Have A Point?

Hawaii lawmaker's controversial remarks overshadow issue of art and identity.

Upholding the Federal Government’s Responsibility to Native Hawaiians

Congress should maintain funding for Native Hawaiian programs.
Task Force Demands Action On Hawaiian Incarceration

Task Force Demands Action On Hawaiian Incarceration

Indigenous population over-represented at every stage of state's criminal justice system.

Native Hawaiians Disproportionately Impacted by AIDS

From our educationblog: Native Hawaiians are three times more likely to be hospitalized and 2.6 times more likely…

Native Hawaiian Roll Commission Is Racial Discrimination

Would even President Obama’s recent nominee to the federal bench pass the new Hawaiian litmus test?

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Beefing Up Advocacy At Federal Level

OHAs's new Washington D.C. bureau chief explains vision in exclusive interview.
Native Hawaiian Issues