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Denby Fawcett: A Pidgin Guide to the Fall of Abercrombie PF Bentley/Civil Beat

Denby Fawcett: A Pidgin Guide to the Fall of Abercrombie

The Hawaii governor's blunt talk may have been the straight truth but his bedside manner left much to be desired.
The Projector: Pictures From Hawaii’s Dramatic Primary Election Day Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The Projector: Pictures From Hawaii’s Dramatic Primary Election Day

Our photographers captured the euphoria of victory, the sting of defeat and efforts to remain unified by the political party that dominates Hawaii.
Neil Abercrombie’s Loss and the Future of Hawaii PF Bentley/Civil Beat

Neil Abercrombie’s Loss and the Future of Hawaii

As we approach the post-Neil era, we should remember that he fell on his political sword to bring the state's finances back from the brink.
Hawaii Governor: Ige Wins It Big! PF Bentley/Civil Beat

Hawaii Governor: Ige Wins It Big!

AP calls the race for Ige less than two hours after the polls closed. Former Gov. Ariyoshi says he will make "a great governor."
Off the Beat: Abercrombie’s Official Schedule Smacks of Electioneering Gov. Neil Abercrombie

Off the Beat: Abercrombie’s Official Schedule Smacks of Electioneering

Abercrombie is taking advantage of taxpayer dollars to glad-hand voters throughout the state.
From Miami to Marseille, Hawaii Governor’s Fall Travel Costs $19,000

From Miami to Marseille, Hawaii Governor’s Fall Travel Costs $19,000

Abercrombie racks up the miles on a mix of public and personal business.
Prison Builders: Hawaii’s Billion Dollar Problem

Prison Builders: Hawaii’s Billion Dollar Problem

Overcrowding and aging facilities have the state looking at an expensive overhaul of its prison system.
It’s Your Money: Hawaii Gov Wants $60,700 for Membership Fee

It’s Your Money: Hawaii Gov Wants $60,700 for Membership Fee

Gov. Neil Abercrombie is requesting $132,000 in emergency appropriations from the Legislature.
Hawaii Governor’s Travel Records Reveal Details of Personal, Political Trips

Hawaii Governor’s Travel Records Reveal Details of Personal, Political Trips

Abercrombie left Oahu 11 times in June and July, costing taxpayers $27,000.
Is Hawaii Really Doing So Well? Fact-Checking the Governor’s Speech

Is Hawaii Really Doing So Well? Fact-Checking the Governor’s Speech

Gov. Neil Abercrombie painted the state in a rosy light during the State of the State, boosting his re-election campaign.
Hawaii Gov Spending Plan Relies on Record Surplus for New Initiatives

Hawaii Gov Spending Plan Relies on Record Surplus for New Initiatives

Shoring up emergency reserves, fully funding pension system among priorities.

July 2016

Wednesday, July 20

How Two Different People Could Win The Same US House Seat

Tuesday, July 12

David Ige Vetoes Far Fewer Bills Than His Predecessors

May 2016

Tuesday, May 24

Hanabusa To Run For Takai’s Seat In Congress?

April 2016

Monday, April 25

Prison Officials Quietly Move To Extend An Out-Of-State Contract

Friday, April 1

Hawaii Gets Another Superdelegate For Democratic Convention

September 2015

Tuesday, September 22

Abercrombie Picks Maui Artist to Paint His Official Portrait

July 2015

Wednesday, July 1

Painting Neil Abercrombie: Capitol Collection Still Missing Latest Ex-Governor

March 2015

Tuesday, March 24

Denby Fawcett: Neil Abercrombie — ‘I Am Who I Am’

November 2014

Wednesday, November 19

Abercrombie Fired Up About Climate Change

September 2014

Tuesday, September 30

Aiona, Ige Largely Like-Minded on Needed Education Reform

Friday, September 19

Abercrombie’s Official Portrait Expected to Cost Taxpayers $45,000

Tuesday, September 2

Chad Blair: Abercrombie the Martyr

August 2014

Tuesday, August 12

Denby Fawcett: A Pidgin Guide to the Fall of Abercrombie

Monday, August 11

The Projector: Pictures From Hawaii’s Dramatic Primary Election Day

Neil Abercrombie’s Loss and the Future of Hawaii

Saturday, August 9

Hawaii Governor: Ige Wins It Big!

Wednesday, August 6

Stormy Weather: Hurricane Iselle Is About to Rock Hawaii

July 2014

Friday, July 25

Off the Beat: Abercrombie’s Official Schedule Smacks of Electioneering

April 2014

Thursday, April 10

From Miami to Marseille, Hawaii Governor’s Fall Travel Costs $19,000

March 2014

Tuesday, March 11

Prison Builders: Hawaii’s Billion Dollar Problem

February 2014

Tuesday, February 18

It’s Your Money: Hawaii Gov Wants $60,700 for Membership Fee

Saturday, February 8

Hawaii Governor’s Travel Records Reveal Details of Personal, Political Trips

January 2014

Wednesday, January 22

Is Hawaii Really Doing So Well? Fact-Checking the Governor’s Speech

December 2013

Tuesday, December 17

Hawaii Gov Spending Plan Relies on Record Surplus for New Initiatives

November 2013

Thursday, November 14

A ‘New Era of Aloha’: Hawaii Governor Signs Marriage Equality Act

October 2013

Tuesday, October 22

Civil Beat Poll — A Majority of Hawaii Voters Disapprove of Abercrombie

September 2013

Tuesday, September 17

Chad Blair: What Does the Bard Say to the Governor?

June 2013

Friday, June 28

Civil Beat Poll – Fewer Than Half Of Voters Approve Of Abercrombie

Wednesday, June 19

Gov: Hawaii is ‘Most Stable’ State Government

Wednesday, June 12

Will PR Blitz Help Abercrombie Coast To Re-Election?

May 2013

Wednesday, May 1

Abercrombie Teams With Caldwell To Tear Down Waikiki Natatorium

April 2013

Monday, April 29

Gov. Neil Abercrombie: ‘Let’s Move Forward’

Sunday, April 28

Hawaii Public Employee Misconduct Appears To Be In Check, Records Show

Sunday, April 14

The Last Campaign

December 2012

Tuesday, December 18

More Money in the Bank, Hawaii Gov Lays Out His Spending Plan

November 2012

Friday, November 30

Who Will Lead If Inouye and Abercrombie Leave Office?

September 2012

Thursday, September 20

Abercrombie Loses Another Top Aide

August 2012

Thursday, August 9

Off The Beat: Neil Abercrombie, Blues Brother In Chief

July 2012

Friday, July 20

Abercrombie Promises No More ‘Fiscal Sinkhole’

June 2012

Monday, June 25

Hawaii Gov Singles Out 19 Bills for Possible Veto

April 2012

Thursday, April 12

OHA-Kakaako Deal A Victory for Abercrombie

March 2012

Saturday, March 31

Hawaii Gov Remains Defiant on HSTA Standoff

Friday, March 30

Staff Turnover Doesn’t Bother Abercrombie

Thursday, March 29

Abercrombie: Environmental Critics Are ‘Apocalyptic’ Naysayers

Thursday, March 15

Hawaii Money Bills at the Half-Way Mark

Monday, March 5

Washington Place Reserved for Top Gov Donor’s Family

February 2012

Friday, February 24

Gay Websites Extoll Gov’s Marriage Ban Stance

Thursday, February 23

Who’s in Charge in Hawaii?

Friday, February 10

Legislative Shot at Easing Hawaii Gifts Law Flops

Wednesday, February 8

Questions Raised About Abercrombie Handling of PUC Appointment

Tuesday, February 7

Leaders or Freeloaders?

January 2012

Monday, January 30

Hawaii Taxpayers Owe $8.2 Million for Claims Against the State

Friday, January 27

Can a Hawaii Soda Tax Reduce Obesity?

Monday, January 23

Abercrombie: ‘Not A Single Thing We Did Not Do To Try To Accommodate Teachers’

Hawaii Gov Plans To Forge Ahead With ‘Race’ Goals

Abercrombie: Hawaii Has ‘Turned Corner’

The Text of Neil Abercrombie’s 2012 State of the State Speech

Saturday, January 21

Hawaii Gov Asks Teachers For Counter-Offer

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Jan. 16 – 20

Friday, January 20

LIVE STREAM — Abercrombie Press Conference on Rejected Contract

Off The Beat: Teachers Give Union, State ‘F’ Grade

Saturday, January 7

Hawaii Teachers And State Reach Agreement

Abercrombie On Race To The Top: Teachers Union Deserves Blame

December 2011

Thursday, December 29

Abercrombie: Hawaii Was Only State To Improve In All Areas on National Test

Saturday, December 24

Abercrombie’s First Year, According To Abercrombie

Friday, December 23

Off The Beat: Time for Education Officials to Walk the Talk

Thursday, December 22

U.S. Education Secretary: Hawaii Lacks ‘Sense of Urgency’

Tuesday, December 20

Hawaii Gov. Proposes Bigger Budget For Next Year — With No Tax Hikes

Saturday, December 17

Still No Resolution on HGEA’s Favored Nation Perk

Friday, December 9

Gloves Come Off As Hawaii Senate Race Gets Going

Thursday, December 1

Abercrombie: ‘Our Game Plan Is Working’

Hawaii Completes $1.3 Billion Bond Sale — Largest in State History

November 2011

Tuesday, November 29

As HGEA Invokes ‘Favored Nation’ Clause, Who Got Better Deal?

Abercrombie Wants to Build ‘Third City’

Abercrombie Relents On Nominees’ Names, But Hasn’t Changed His View

Monday, November 28

Abercrombie: ‘Please Have Faith In Me’

Monday, November 21

Swag of Our Governors

Friday, November 18

Off The Beat: Should OIP Be Patting Itself on the Back?

Wednesday, November 16

Live Blog Archive: Hawaii Labor Board Hears Teachers Vs. State

Tuesday, November 15

Judge To Abercrombie: Give Up Nominee Names

Monday, November 7

Blake Oshiro Will Be Gov’s New Deputy Chief Of Staff

Wednesday, November 2

Hawaii Gov’s Security Costs Taxpayers $1.2M

October 2011

Saturday, October 29

The Civil Beat Poll: Questionnaire and Toplines — October 2011

Tuesday, October 25

The Civil Beat Poll: Hawaii Says Abercrombie Doing Worse Than Expected

Hawaii’s Future Leaders: Where Are They?

Abercrombie: ‘I Play All Four Quarters’

Saturday, October 22

Capitol Watch: Oct. 24

Wednesday, October 19

Gov’s Media Director Penned Vietnam Novel

Wednesday, October 12

Capitol Watch: Oct. 12

Saturday, October 8

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Oct. 3 — 7

Friday, October 7

Third Top Advisor to Hawaii Gov Steps Down

New Chief of Staff an Accomplished Businessman With Strong Labor Ties

Senior Dems Pushed Gov To Shake Up Staff

Thursday, October 6

Two Top Advisers to Hawaii Governor Are Out

Wednesday, October 5

Abercrombie Takes Tamer Tack After Pro Bowl Gaffe

Saturday, October 1

Governor Has Been Busy Honoring the Fallen

September 2011

Thursday, September 29

Hawaii’s Technology Transformation Could Take a Decade

Wednesday, September 28

Higher Rental Car Fee Generates Extra $5 Million

Gov Full of Hot Air on Molokai Wind Project

Sunday, September 25

Capitol Watch: Sept. 26

Tuesday, September 20

Abercrombie Defends Emergency Cleanup Order

Saturday, September 17

Hawaii Gov Orders Boards to Post Agendas Online

Friday, September 16

Abercrombie HR Head Sunshine Topping Quits

Thursday, September 8

What’s So Special About 1 Gigabit?

Saturday, September 3

State Left 10 Concessions in Teachers Contract

Friday, September 2

Honolulu Rail Authority Follows Abercrombie Secrecy Doctrine

August 2011

Wednesday, August 24

Abercrombie: Hawaii Ranked No. 3 For Highest Debt Per Capita

Thursday, August 18

About That 90-Day Plan on Homelessness …

Hawaii Labor Board Says Gov’s Letter Not a Problem

A New Day 2.0

Wednesday, August 17

Most Hawaii Departments Spared in $50M ‘Restructuring’ Cuts

Capitol Watch: Aug. 18

Capitol Watch: Aug. 17

Tuesday, August 16

Off The Beat: Another Judge Selected Without Public Input

Monday, August 15

Gov. Agrees To Mediation, Union Fires Back With Ethics Complaint

Thursday, August 11

Abercrombie Delivers Rousing Pro-Union Speech

Tuesday, August 9

Advantage, Abercrombie

Hawaii Gov Rejects Union’s Mediation Request

Sunday, August 7

Hawaii Teachers Accept Governor’s Mediation Offer

Monday, August 1

Hawaii Teacher Contract Impasse a Non-Issue on Day 1 at Roosevelt High

July 2011

Friday, July 29

Two More Board Members Resist Abercrombie

Thursday, July 28

Hawaii Teachers Union President Sends Personal Appeal to Abercrombie

Wednesday, July 27

One More Board Member Says ‘No’ to Hawaii Gov

Tuesday, July 26

All Land Board Members Resisting Abercrombie

Wednesday, July 13

Third Appointee Resigns At Abercrombie’s Request

Tuesday, July 12

Gov Posts FAQ On Hawaii Teachers Contract

Saturday, July 9

More Lingle Appointees Staying On Board

June 2011

Thursday, June 30

Resignation Resistance Climbs to 13

Tuesday, June 28

Initiative Aims To Bring Hawaii’s Prisoners Home

Hawaii Governor Lists 23 Bills He May Veto

Monday, June 27

 Abercrombie: Big Island Alternative Energy Potential Best on Earth

Capitol Watch: June 27

Friday, June 24

 Abercrombie: ‘We’re The Only Species That Make Judgments On Ourselves’

Gov Defends Resignation Request, Pushes ‘New Day’

Wednesday, June 22

Off The Beat: Our Imperial Governor

Tuesday, June 21

Hawaii Raises Salary Caps For Education Staff

Appointees Resist Hawaii Gov’s Resignation Request

Monday, June 20

Senate Unanimously Approved Appointees Targeted by Abercrombie

Friday, June 17

Hot Water Woes Evaporate at Mayor Wright

Abercrombie: Unemployment Rate in Mid-2000s Was 2 Percent

Wednesday, June 15

More Money For Hawaii Schools

Friday, June 10

How Abercrombie Leads Post Legislative Session

Honolulu Mayor At Odds With Hawaii Governor Over Pro Bowl

Thursday, June 9

 Governor: Weekend of Civil Unions Will Bring in More Cash Than Pro Bowl

Hawaii Governor Says State ‘Bribes’ NFL to Hold Pro Bowl ‘Scrimmage’

Wednesday, June 8

Hawaii’s CIO to Tackle Outdated Technology

Thursday, June 2

Hawaii Gov Releases $27 Million For School Construction

May 2011

Tuesday, May 24

Capitol Watch: May 25

Wednesday, May 18

 Is Abercrombie Right About AARP?

Monday, May 16

Abercrombie Says He Will ‘Roll Over’ AARP

Saturday, May 14

New OIP Chief: Fighting Gov for Judge List ‘Futile’

Friday, May 13

Abercrombie Hits The Road — And Feels The Love

Playing With Power at Hawaii’s Legislature

Thursday, May 12

Temple’s Take: Them’s Fighting Words

Wednesday, May 11

Abercrombie: 18,000 More Children in Medicaid Since I Ran For Governor

Sunday, May 8

Legislative Session for Gov a ‘Mixed Blessing’

Friday, May 6

Former Hawaii Health Director Nominee Resigns Med School Post

Thursday, May 5

Session Wrap: Energy Bills Pass, But Little Spark

Wednesday, May 4

Gov Willing To Fight For Judge Secrecy In Court

April 2011

Wednesday, April 20

Abercrombie: Trump a ‘Serial Bankrupt’

Tuesday, April 19

Abercrombie Appointee Gets Post — On Second Try

Friday, April 15

My Candidate, My Boss: The Prequel

Friday, April 8

Abercrombie: Mayor Wright Hot Water Woes To Be Fixed Immediately

Abercrombie Appointees: Who Donated What?

Half of Cabinet Gave to Abercrombie Campaign

Week 49: Hawaii Governor Holds Fake Press Conference

My Candidate, My Boss

HGEA Deal = Less Pay For Less Work

What Abercrombie Didn’t Tell Us About HGEA Deal

Thursday, April 7

Hawaii Appeals Court Rejects Obama Birther Suit

Hawaii Agrees To New HGEA Labor Contract

Saturday, April 2

New Director For Hawaii Open Records Agency

March 2011

Thursday, March 31

Abercrombie Takes Cues On Schools From Aiona

Monday, March 28

Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie Defines ‘Fair Share’

Thursday, March 24

Abercrombie: I Helped Put ‘Thousands’ of Federal Employees Back to Work

Wednesday, March 23

A Town Hall In Wahiawa

OIP Director Keeps Job For Two More Weeks

Thursday, March 17

Capitol Watch: March 18

Wednesday, March 16

Capitol Watch: March 17

Tuesday, March 15

Off the Beat: Furlough Fridays Forgotten?

Gov Can Move Ahead On Ed Board Appointments

Monday, March 14

Hawaii Tsunami Costs Rising, Gov Expands Disaster Declaration

Saturday, March 12

Abercrombie In Charge

Friday, March 11

Live, From Honolulu, It’s Neil Abercrombie

Thursday, March 10

The Hawaii Legislature at the Halfway Mark

OIP Director: “I Was Terminated.”

Wednesday, March 9

VIDEO: Abercrombie Visits Mayor Wright Homes

Abercrombie: Hold Me Accountable

Monday, March 7

Budget Aside, How’s the Gov Doing at the Ledge?

Friday, March 4

Abercrombie Fires Head of Open Records Agency

Thursday, March 3

Akaka Retirement Triggers Political Free-For-All

Wednesday, March 2

Progress Report: Legislature Rejects Most Abercrombie Tax Increases

Tuesday, March 1

Hawaii, Like U.S., Getting Old and Turning Gray

February 2011

Tuesday, February 22

Budget 101 With Prof. Abercrombie

Friday, February 18

Off The Beat: Who’s the Governor Listening to?

Thursday, February 17

Usual Suspects Gave Big Bucks For Abercrombie Inauguration

Monday, February 14

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Straight Talk From Hawaii Union Rep to His Members

Saturday, February 12

Throwing Cold Water on Rhetoric

Friday, February 4

OIP: Abercrombie Must Reveal Judge Candidates

Tuesday, February 1

Capitol Watch: Feb. 2

How Much Will Gov. Abercrombie’s Proposed Tax Hikes Cost You?

January 2011

Thursday, January 27

Abercrombie: Aloha Stadium Improvement Plans Could Take 40 Years

Wednesday, January 26

Abercrombie: Projection of Deficit Was ‘Considerably Less’ in October 2010

Tuesday, January 25

Abercrombie Testy In Naming McKenna

Capitol Watch: Jan. 26

Abercrombie Responds to Civil Beat Fact Check

Fighting for Hawaii High Court Short List

Abercrombie Backs Off Campaign Energy Plan

Monday, January 24

Abercrombie: “We Will Not Be Raising Any Taxes”

In Righting the Canoe, Who Gets Thrown Overboard?

Abercrombie Plan Raises Taxes, Cuts Services

Gov: Education Reforms Start With Appointed BOE

Friday, January 21

Capitol Watch: Jan. 24

Thursday, January 20

Capitol Watch: Jan. 20

Tuesday, January 18

Hard Choices: Abercrombie and the Legislature

Friday, January 14

Chasing Amy: Lawmakers Press Asselbaye on Budget

Wednesday, January 12

Capitol Watch: Jan. 13

Thursday, January 6

Carlisle Says Abercrombie Won’t Stop Talking

Wednesday, January 5

Capitol Watch: Jan. 5

Tuesday, January 4

Budget Director Doesn’t Have All the Answers for Lawmakers

December 2010

Thursday, December 30

Delaying Hawaii’s Tax Refunds Seen as a One-Time Deal

Wednesday, December 29

Capitol Watch: Dec. 30

Monday, December 27

Capitol Watch: Dec. 28

Something We Didn’t Hear During Campaign: Birthers a Priority For Abercrombie

Sunday, December 26

Capitol Watch: Dec. 27

Wednesday, December 22

Capitol Watch: Dec. 22

Monday, December 20

Abercrombie’s New Day Runs into Budget Sinkhole

Sunday, December 19

David Louie Named Attorney General

Saturday, December 18

Capitol Watch: Dec. 18

Friday, December 17

Capitol Watch: Dec. 20

Thursday, December 16

Capitol Watch: Dec. 16

Tuesday, December 14

Capitol Watch: Dec. 15

UPDATE: Full Health Benefits Restored for Micronesians

Monday, December 13

Capitol Watch: Dec. 14

Capitol Watch: Dec. 13

Friday, December 10

Capitol Watch: Dec. 10

Wednesday, December 8

Capitol Watch: Dec. 9

The AAA Team: Amy, Andrew and Abercrombie

Tuesday, December 7

Experience The Inauguration in Less Than Three Minutes

Gov Considered Eric Seitz for Attorney General

On Abercrombie’s First Day, Everything Old Seemed New Again

Sunday, December 5

Dissecting Abercrombie’s ‘New Day’

Capitol Watch, Dec. 6: Live Blogging the Inauguration of Neil Abercrombie

Capitol Watch: Dec. 4

Friday, December 3

Capitol Watch: Dec. 7

Abercrombie Spent $4.6M on Winning Campaign

Thursday, December 2

Capitol Watch: Dec. 3

Wednesday, December 1

Capitol Watch: Dec. 2

Abercrombie Will Have Exceptional Power

November 2010

Tuesday, November 30

Abercrombie Inherits Pile of Lawsuits

A Radical Appointment

Monday, November 29

Capitol Watch: Nov. 29

Tuesday, November 23

Capitol Watch: Nov. 23

Saturday, November 20

Capitol Watch: Nov. 22

Abercrombie: Nonprofits Aren’t Providing Case Management and Support for Veterans

Abercrombie: Hawaii Has Not Taken Advantage of Federal Per Diem Program

Thursday, November 18

Capitol Watch: Nov. 18

Tuesday, November 16

Abercrombie: Intent of Rainy Day Fund to Stabilize State Welfare Programs

Capitol Watch: Nov. 16

Monday, November 15

Capitol Watch: Nov. 15

Friday, November 12

Capitol Watch: Nov. 12

Thursday, November 11

Capitol Watch: Nov. 11

Wednesday, November 10

Capitol Watch: Nov. 10

Tuesday, November 9

Capitol Watch: Nov. 9, 2010

Saturday, November 6

Gov Watch: Nov. 8, 2010

Week 27: Observations About Governor’s Race and Civil Beat Polls

Friday, November 5

Abercrombie: If Rail EIS Done Correctly, I’m Obligated to Sign it

Gov Watch: Nov. 5, 2010

Thursday, November 4

Gov Watch: Nov. 4, 2010

Tight Races Attract $21.8M to Hawaii Campaigns

Wednesday, November 3

What Recession? Candidates Spend Big for General Election

Abercrombie 50, Aiona 1

Election Night 2010 at Abercrombie Headquarters — A Slideshow by John Hook

The Faces of Neil Abercrombie’s Supporters — A Slideshow by John Hook

Discussion: Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie

Gov Watch: Nov. 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 2

A Look at Late, Late Money Entering Races

Monday, November 1

Transition Hawaii

Sleaziest Ad Yet?

The Last Word: Neil Abercrombie on Why Voters Should Elect Him Governor

October 2010

Thursday, October 28

The Gov Candidates on Human Trafficking

Wednesday, October 27

The Gov Candidates on Transparency

Tuesday, October 26

Where Neil, Brian, Duke and Lynn Get Their Money

Abercrombie’s Crowning Victory

Civil Beat Poll: Abercrombie Holding His Lead in Governor’s Race

What’s at Stake in Questions About Aiona’s Religious Activity

Aiona Can’t Catch Abercrombie in Money Race

Monday, October 25

Ed Silvoso Responds to ‘Aiona, God and State’ Article

Saturday, October 23

Aiona Would Hold Office Prayers as Governor

Living on the Wire With KITV

Can’t Miss Comments, Oct. 1 – Separation Anxiety

Thursday, October 21

Aiona Says He’s Victim of “Despicable Attacks”

Wednesday, October 20

Canvassing the Garden Isle

No Turning Back for Abercrombie – Finally

Garden Variety: Kauai’s Gov-Lt. Gov. Debate

Monday, October 18

The Blue Aiona and The Red Abercrombie

Saturday, October 16

Aiona & Abercrombie Duel Over Ed Board

Friday, October 15

The Spiritual Life — and Trials — of Neil Abercrombie

Q&A With Neil Abercrombie

Around the Kitchen Table with Neil, Duke, Charles and Colleen

Wednesday, October 13

OHA Debate: Neil Says Act Now on Akaka Bill, Duke Says Wait for New Congress

Civil Beat Poll: Abercrombie Holds Slight Edge in Hawaii Governor’s Race

Tuesday, October 12

Abercrombie Still Leads Aiona in Money Race

Monday, October 11

Spending the Weekend With Duke and Neil

Neil and Duke: The Weekend in Pictures

Saturday, October 9

Abercrombie’s Shades of Red

Abercrombie’s Shades of Red: Congressional Radical?

Abercrombie’s Shades of Red: Same-Sex Marriage

Abercrombie’s Shades of Red: The Estate Tax

Abercrombie’s Shades of Red: The Military

Friday, October 8

Neil + Brian = Bromance

Thursday, October 7

Abercrombie: Hawaii Public Utilities Commission Has Months-Long Backlog

Wednesday, October 6

Radio Daze: The Gubernatorial Broadcast Debate

Abercrombie: Hawaii Has Half a Billion in Unspent Stimulus Money

Tuesday, October 5

Duke Compares Plans, Neil Plans For Plan

September 2010

Thursday, September 30

Abercrombie: I Helped Start Healthy Start

Lingle: Abercrombie Too Old and Set in His Ways

Gov Rivals Have Healthy Exchange Over Health Care

Monday, September 27

Duke ‘n Lynn Firing on All Pistons

Thursday, September 23

Abercrombie: I Secured $600 Million to Offset Impact of Compact Migrants

Wednesday, September 22

Big Men For a Little Guy

Tuesday, September 21

Duke vs. Neil: Compare and Decide

Monday, September 20

SLIDE SHOW The Final Day: Smiles Rain Down on Neil Abercrombie

Abercrombie: “We Did Well in Republican Areas”

Sunday, September 19

Mufi = Neil = Love

Friday, September 17

Abercrombie Rolls Over Hannemann

Why I Would Make the Best Governor – Neil Abercrombie

Mufi’s Tweet to the Finish Line

Wednesday, September 15

Canvassing the Valley Isle

Tuesday, September 14

The Last Round: Mufi vs. Neil on Maui

Mufi Tries to Get His Mojo Back

Monday, September 13

Hannemann: $280 million in New Spending on Two Pages of Abercrombie Plan

Abercrombie: Religious Flier Distorts My Record

Friday, September 10

Where Mufi and Neil Get Their Money, Part 2

Civil Beat Poll Reveals Hannemann’s Problems, Abercrombie’s Strength

Civil Beat Poll: Abercrombie on Top, Hannemann in Trouble

Thursday, September 9

God and Hawaii Politics

Hannemann: Abercrombie Rated 30 Percent Positive By U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Who’d Be a Green Governor? Neil Abercrombie

Wednesday, September 8

How Do Guv Candidates’ Green Creds Stack Up?

The Personal Is Political

Saturday, September 4

Venture Capital Associations Duel Over Mufi and Neil

Wednesday, September 1

Mufi Camp Removes ‘Compare and Decide’ Flier from Website

August 2010

Tuesday, August 31

Mufi’s ‘Compare and Decide’ Flier still on the Web

Lightning Round: The Governor Debate

Audience Disrupts TV Debate

Following the Gov Debate, in 140 Characters or Less

The Gov Debate Before It Happens

Friday, August 27

The Familiar and the Fresh From Mufi and Neil

Wednesday, August 25

Fifth Floor Diplomacy From Duke, Mufi ‘n’ Neil

Friday, August 20

Sunday in Moiliili With Dan

Gov Wannabes Want Business Climate Change

Thursday, August 19

Abercrombie’s Vision Thing

Wednesday, August 18

What Hannemann’s Flier Tells Us About Him — and Us

Monday, August 16

Mufi vs. Neil: The Second Bloody Round

Thursday, August 12

Abercrombie: Feds Paid for Special Election

Style, Leadership Differences Emerge in Gov Debate

Saturday, August 7

Where Mufi and Neil Get Their Money

Friday, August 6

Mufi: Neil’s Congressional Performance “Dead Last”

Thursday, August 5

Hannemann: Labor King?

Wednesday, August 4

Abercrombie: Election Will Be Won on Neighbor Islands

Hannemann on Endorsements by Business Groups

July 2010

Tuesday, July 27

Hannemann: Let’s Bring The Superferry Back

Thursday, July 22

Hawaii Links for Thursday, July 14

Wednesday, July 21

Mufi, Neil and Duke Talk Tech

Tuesday, July 20

Track the Fundraisers with Civil Beat

Monday, July 19

Hannemann’s PR Sprint to the Finish Line

No, Mufi, That Wasn’t “A Right Thing To Say”

Saturday, July 17

Look For the Union Label

Friday, July 16

How Green is Abercrombie? He Won’t Show

Thursday, July 15

Does Half of Hawaii Follow @Mufi on Twitter?

Monday, July 12

Hawaii Links for Monday, July 12

June 2010

Wednesday, June 30

UPDATE: Poll Says Dems Will Win Governor’s Race

Monday, June 28

Hawaii Links for Monday, June 28

Thursday, June 10

What Headquarters Tell Us About Governor Candidates

May 2010

Monday, May 31

Going Forward: The Democratic Race For Governor

Thursday, May 27

Can Hawaii Democrats Unite At Weekend Convention?

Discussion: Hawaii Politics

UPDATE: Mufi Hannemann Declares Bid For Governor

Wednesday, May 26

Mufi v. Neil in 1986: The Bloody First Round

Discussion: Hawaii Governor’s Race

Sunday, May 23

1st District Voters Send Djou to Congress

Tuesday, May 18

UPDATE: Abercrombie Opens Second Big Isle Campaign Office

Wednesday, May 12

UPDATE: The Four Bs On Hawaii Politics

Neil Abercrombie