AgTech Is Hawaii’s Ticket To Diversification

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5 Ways To Help Hawaii Farmers In 2022

If Hawaii wants more affordable local food it needs to make a more serious investment in farmers today. 

The Need To Move Hawaii Ag Lands Out From DLNR And Into The Ag Department

The requirement to transfer leased agricultural and pasture lands to the Department of Agriculture has been in place for decades. The state needs to finally do just that.

State Government Should Be Doing Its Part By Buying Local

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Seed Diversity Is Vital To The Future Of Food

The work of saving and breeding seed once made enormous contributions to Hawaii's agriculture — and it must again.  

Worker Co-ops Can Lead The Way To A Healthier And More Just Economy

Co-ops operate in the spirit of laulima, or many hands working together with aloha.

How One Local Food Program Is Helping Hawaii’s Farmers And Families

DA BUX offers a model worth replicating — and expanding.