Cayla Chandara has been working 80 hours a week waitressing at two Waikiki restaurants.

She was waiting on an Australian couple April 5 at Noi Thai Cuisine. As they chatted, she explained to them that she was here for school but had to drop out due to financial trouble and was working to pay off her current loans.

This receipt shows the big tip customers left Cayla Chandara at Noi Thai in Waikiki. Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

After the couple left she noticed that they had left her a $400 tip, she told Civil Beat on Tuesday after the story was initially reported on KHON.

The next day, Chandara, 22, reached out to the couple to thank them with a letter and flowers. Later that evening the couple returned to tell her that they wanted to pay her college tuition.

She initially declined, but eventually accepted.

The next morning they met for breakfast and the couple paid off her current debt and said they would continue to pay her school expenses until she graduates. They said they plan to stay in touch with her and return to attend her graduation.

Chandara said she hopes to do the same for someone else someday.

The couple wished to remain anonymous.

Watch an interview with Chandara: 

Hawaii Visitors Pay Struggling Waitress' College Tuition

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