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Hannah Liebreich

Hannah Liebreich is a recent graduate of UH Manoa, who researches policy and other local issues. Currently, she's co-chair of the Young Progressives Demanding Action and is involved with a variety of local grassroots organizations.

I’m a millennial living in Hawaii, a blue state, so it’s no surprise that I supported Bernie Sanders in the presidential primary election. I supported Sanders not because I’m part of the hardcore Bernie gang, but because his platform most aligns with my vision for the future.

When the crowded democratic presidential primary began, I knew I should support the victor, no matter the outcome. However, even after the national convention, I found myself dragging my heels. The Biden/Harris ticket isn’t my ticket.

I carry a lot of privilege, so it would be easy for me to vote third party, or even sit this election out. I have less to lose compared to my marginalized brothers and sisters. And I’m seeing a lot of that — privileged, often white folks who want to sit this election out until the “perfect” candidate comes around

But we can’t do that. We can’t abuse our privilege.

A lot of supporters of Bernie Sanders, including the author, were sad their candidate was not nominated for president this year. But that doesn’t mean they should give up on the political process. Flickr: Gage Skidmore

I’ve read other opinion pieces on this topic, and often the buck stops here at voting. But I want to take that argument one step further, to say that voting isn’t enough; volunteering is also necessary.

This is especially true for those of us who carry privilege. We often have more time to volunteer with political campaigns because we aren’t doing unpaid and emotional labor.

So, if Biden/Harris isn’t your ideal presidential ticket, I call on you to still volunteer by helping with phone banking, texting, and postcard campaigns.

You don’t have to do these things because you love the idea of a Biden presidency. Please do it for your family and friends who can’t survive four more years of policy rollbacks that make it impossible for the immigrant community, the Black community, the LGBTQ+ community, and women to literally survive under a regime that doesn’t see them as human.

To volunteer isn’t about choosing the lesser of evils.

This is also true of local elections. The candidate I supported for Honolulu mayor didn’t make it to the runoff vote. But, I’m still volunteering for Keith Amemiya’s campaign because I don’t want another administration that implements sit lie bans.

Once again, this choice to volunteer isn’t about choosing the lesser of evils. It’s about helping vulnerable people in the immediate future.

This is my ask. Please join me in volunteering with at least one mainstream political campaign to ensure a safer immediate future for the immigrant community, the Black community, the LGBTQ+ community and women.

With COVID-19, volunteering may seem impossible, but even if you think you don’t have time, spend an hour or less a week sending a few text messages or writing a few postcards.

After November, we can hold these candidates accountable and move toward a more progressive long-term future.

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About the Author

Hannah Liebreich

Hannah Liebreich is a recent graduate of UH Manoa, who researches policy and other local issues. Currently, she's co-chair of the Young Progressives Demanding Action and is involved with a variety of local grassroots organizations.

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Notice how she knows exactly how her political opponents supposedly view her favorite identity groups. Women? They have at least 9 privilege's men don't have They are the majority and they vote at a higher rate than men. Variously hued persons schieved highest rates of employment under her political opponents policies. And immigration came under national control for apparently the 1st time in decades. Does she not understand that waves of immigration lowers wages for the marginalized groups she favors? Cesar Chavez certainly knew that. This kind of partisan presumption to social virtue is confused and dangerous. If Biden gets In with the senate the right to armed self defense of weak against the sttong is over, government banning of books and video that criticizes politicians, and the subsidized murder without due process of pre born infants will become government policy

Haleiwa_Dad · 2 years ago

Let's be more like "socialist" Sweden: education vouchers, no minimum wage, consumption taxes as the primary means to fund government services, and making it illegal for labor unions to strike. Oh yea, Bernie isn't an expert on the Swedish economy, he just uses it as "proof" that socialism can work while pushing Venezuelan policies instead. Socialism creates nightmare societies everywhere it has been tried because it is a rejection of Natural Law. Nothing is more selfish than wasting years studying useless, feel-good, degrees. 

MEL · 2 years ago

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