Editor’s note: For Hawaii’s Aug. 13 Primary Election, Civil Beat asked candidates to answer some questions about where they stand on various issues and what their priorities will be if elected.

The following came from Patrick Largey, Republican candidate for the 1st Congressional District, which covers urban Oahu. The other Republican candidates are Conrad Kress and Arturo Reyes.

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Candidate for 1st Congressional District

Patrick Largey
Party Republican
Age 64
Occupation Head of maintenance at Honolulu high-rise
Residence Aiea, Oahu


Community organizations/prior offices held

None provided.

1. What is the biggest issue facing Hawaii, and what would you do about it?

High crime, cost of living and homelessness. 

2. What can the U.S. Congress do about mass shootings in America? Would you support banning military-style assault weapons and establishing universal background checks? What other measures would you propose to reduce gun violence?

Require all citizens to be trained and qualified to carry concealed weapons. Military-style weapons should only be allowed by our military. But then, Biden gave the terrorist group the Taliban billions of dollars worth of military assets.

 3. The Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol and the questions of whether the 2020 election was stolen have shown how seriously divided the nation is. Some say democracy itself is in trouble. How would you work to end the political polarization that divides both the Congress and the country? 

If elected I would sign off on impeachment, to start the damage reversal of the Biden-Harris administration.

The American people are not stupid, they see the lies of the left and their modern-day lynching party. That is what is dividing America.

4. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, while currently financially sound, risk future funding concerns because of changing demographics. What would you propose to shore up the country’s major safety net programs?

Change SSA minimum age to 65 years old. People are living longer and can work longer.

5. What is your position on the Senate filibuster?

It has a purpose. I prefer straight vote up or down.

6. The Jones Act requires that domestic freight transport on U.S. waterways be conducted by crews that are at least three-fourths American, and on vessels built in U.S. shipyards, and that are American-owned. What is your position on this law and its effects on Hawaii? Does it need to be amended or repealed?

Yes, it costs the people of Hawaii about 20% more on just about every item shipped in to Hawaii.

 7. The Biden administration says China is the greatest long-term threat to the U.S. and has been trying to expand its influence, especially in the Pacific. What can the U.S. do to build better relations with the Asia-Pacific region?

Hold China accountable and reduce trade. And require American companies and their technologies to leave China. Go to more friendly countries.

8. The Red Hill fuel crisis illustrated not only how critical the military’s role is in Hawaii but also the serious problems it sometimes causes. It is also a central component of the local economy. What would you do to ensure the military behaves responsibly in the islands?

Bias? Our military keep us safe and we must have strong national defense. Our current Democrat politicians knew about the Red Hill problem and did nothing about it.

My answer is to cap wells, use water from the Board of Water Supply, and Navy can do desalination for higher water demands. Fuel tanks must be replaced to today’s standards gradually as Congress funds it. This is our national defense. We need these tanks now more that ever with China and North Korea getting more aggressive.

9. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed numerous flaws in Hawaii’s structure and systems, from outdated technology to economic disparity. If you could take this moment to reinvent Hawaii, to build on what we’ve learned and create a better state, a better way of doing things, what would you do? Please share One Big Idea you have for Hawaii. Be innovative, but be specific.

I would start by building a state of the art lab for testing and treatment, put more monies in research and work with all states on the best response to cure Covid-19.

Our medical communities are doing so much better dealing with Covid. Never shut down our economy again.

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