March 2023

March 28, 2023

Push To Lower The Legal Alcohol Limit For Hawaii Drivers Runs Out Of Gas Again

Advocates argue a lower BAC level is an effective deterrent and makes roads safer overall.

Denby Fawcett: The Everyday Items We Should Preserve To Commemorate Getting Through Covid

Yoga mats, sweatpants, face masks and photos were all part of our survival strategies.

Tiny Homes Proposed For DHHL Lands In West Oahu

However, the chairs of the Senate and House Hawaiian affairs committees are proposing two different approaches to providing housing options to certain DHHL beneficiaries.

Hawaii Lawmakers Grappling With Sea Level Rise Say It’s ‘Not The Right Time’ For Managed Retreat

The task of moving people away from the coast faces a hurdle: economic complexities.

‘A Nation At Risk’: 4 Decades Of Ambitious Education Reforms Have Had Mixed Results

Important lessons can be learned by examining what has taken place since the release of the report, which warned of "a rising tide of mediocrity."

The Hawaii Legislature Resists The Basic Principles Of Sunshine Law

When the public business of democracy is conducted in darkness, shady deals are more common and corruption can flourish.

March 27, 2023

Proposed Honolulu High Rise Is Pitting Residents And Neighborhood Boards Against City Officials

The Kobayashi Group is moving ahead with a 43-story residential high rise that will take the place of 124 rental units on Kapiolani Boulevard.

Danny De Gracia: Dr.-Gov. Josh Green Should Be A Health Care Hero

The governor should be using his medical training and his whiteboard to inspire us all to be healthier.

Maui Solar Project Stokes Concerns About Climate-Fueled Fire And Flooding Risks

The Paeahu solar farm, located in a dryland forest, would operate a short distance from a residential subdivision.

Judge: ‘Seeing Is Believing’ When It Comes To ‘Atrocious’ Conditions At The Hilo Jail

Big Island Chief Judge Judge Robert Kim, who toured the packed facility in January, has been refusing to send some defendants to the jail, letting them await trial at home.

Why Did A State Senator Skip The Scott Glenn Confirmation Vote?

Joy San Buenaventura was nowhere to be found the day her colleagues deadlocked over the contested gubernatorial nominee.

The Sunshine Blog: Civil Beat Gets A Visit From A VIP, And We Keep On Trackin’

Short takes, outtakes, observations and other stuff you should know about public information, government accountability and ethical leadership in Hawaii.

March 26, 2023

The Weekly News Quiz: March 24

Test your knowledge of national and international news events with The Conversation’s weekly quiz.

Henry Curtis Has Been A ‘Thorn In The Side’ Of Developers And Power Company Execs For 30 Years

The longtime Life of the Land leader reflects on decades of pushing his clean energy and environmental justice agenda.

Political Gamesmanship In The Senate Illustrates Hawaii’s Desperate Need For Ethical Leadership

Sunshine bills and rule changes are not enough if powerful legislators are allowed to rule over fiefdoms at the Capitol.

Beth Fukumoto: We Need To Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is To Solve The Climate Crisis

Hawaii knows what needs to be done and the state has invested in progress. But it's not enough.

Miske Files: Alleged Crime Boss May Not Get A Las Vegas Trial But He Could Get Another Delay

A federal judge considered several motions in the high-profile murder and conspiracy case, including removing Miske's longtime attorney.

March 24, 2023

Hawaii Lawmaker Is Barred From Kuhio Parade After Pride Flag Comments

Republican Rep. Elijah Pierick has been widely criticized after questioning the display of a pride flag at a middle school .

Hawaii Senate Rejects Sadayasu And Glenn For Cabinet Appointments

Meanwhile, Kali Watson was approved to lead Hawaiian Home Lands while Keith Regan was confirmed as state comptroller.