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Lee Cataluna

Lee Cataluna has been telling Hawaii stories for 25 years and has worked in local radio, television and newspapers.

She was born on Maui and raised on the neighbor islands as her family moved frequently for her father’s job in sugar. She went to nine different schools before graduating from Baldwin High School, so if you think she was your classmate, you might be right.

She received an undergraduate degree from the University of the Pacific and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California-Riverside.

Her writing outside of journalism includes Folks You Meet in Longs, which has been in print since 2005 and was named one of the 50 Essential Books About Hawaii by Honolulu Magazine. She has been writing for the stage for more than 20 years and her plays have been produced and workshopped around Hawaii, in California and New York. Her recent work includes “Home of the Brave,” a play about the lives of children from military families, which she wrote after interviewing hundreds of kids, teachers, parents, principals, active duty and veterans from all branches of the military.

October 2021

Sunday, October 17

Lee Cataluna: Goodbye Forever To Salad Bars, Sweaty Gyms And Office Popcorn

Wednesday, October 13

Lee Cataluna: Candidates For LG May Find The Game Has Changed

Sunday, October 10

Lee Cataluna: Covid Fatigue Can Be As Brutal As The Virus

Wednesday, October 6

Lee Cataluna: ‘Fans In The Stands’ For UH Athletics May Finally Signal The Pandemic’s End

Sunday, October 3

Lee Cataluna: Honolulu May Not Lose Its Chance To Control Tourism After All

September 2021

Wednesday, September 29

Lee Cataluna: Is Acting Crazy Contagious? Bad Behavior Is Growing

Sunday, September 26

Lee Cataluna: It’s Not The End Of An Era. The Era Already Ended

Wednesday, September 22

Lee Cataluna: Mayor Blangiardi’s Surprisingly Un-Trumpy Style

Sunday, September 19

Lee Cataluna: One Mission These Hawaiian Airlines Crews Will Never Forget

Wednesday, September 15

Lee Cataluna: Whose Fault Is Covid-19 Now?

Sunday, September 12

Lee Cataluna: No Honor In Standing Up For What Is Wrong

Wednesday, September 8

Lee Cataluna: The Shocking Pandemic Numbers No Longer Seem Shocking

Wednesday, September 1

Lee Cataluna: Vicky Cayetano Managed to Stay Out of Politics, Until Now

August 2021

Sunday, August 29

Lee Cataluna: In Waikiki, The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times

Wednesday, August 25

Lee Cataluna: Gov. Ige’s Dramatic And Toothless Plea To Tourists

Sunday, August 22

Lee Cataluna: 10 Lessons We Should Have Learned From The Pandemic

Wednesday, August 18

Lee Cataluna: Yep, Hawaii Has More People. We Already Knew That

Sunday, August 15

Lee Cataluna: Dr. Libby Char Wants You To Get Your Act Together

Wednesday, August 11

Lee Cataluna: Talk Of Reducing Tourism Is Still Just Talk

Sunday, August 8

Lee Cataluna: Hawaii Actor Fought For Better Roles For Asian Americans

Wednesday, August 4

Lee Cataluna: Treating COVID-19 Vaccines As A Group Project Is A Bad Idea

June 2021

Wednesday, June 2

Lee Cataluna: Kalaupapa’s Surprising Cache — Mounds Of Loose Stamps

May 2021

Wednesday, May 26

Lee Cataluna: The Strange Ploy To Incentivize A Life-Saving Vaccine

Sunday, May 23

Lee Cataluna: Rightsizing Hawaii Is A Better Goal Than Constant Growth

Wednesday, May 19

Lee Cataluna: Gov. Ige’s Stubborn Mask Mandate Makes Sense

Sunday, May 16

Lee Cataluna: The Curious Incident Of Colleen Hanabusa And HART

Wednesday, May 12

Lee Cataluna: The Local-Versus-Outsider Leadership Debate Continues

April 2021

Sunday, April 25

Lee Cataluna: Police Body Cam Footage Should Be A Tool For Justice

Wednesday, April 21

Lee Cataluna: Finally, Hawaii Residents Can Travel, Too

Sunday, April 18

Lee Cataluna: What Slow Recovery To Tourism?

Wednesday, April 14

Lee Cataluna: In Hawaii, COVID-19 Vaccines Come With A Dose Of Aloha

Sunday, April 11

Lee Cataluna: What Happened To HPD Chief? Blame The Pandemic

Wednesday, April 7

Lee Cataluna: Honolulu Should Go Back To Tier 2 And Start Following The Rules

Sunday, April 4

Lee Cataluna: Blangiardi Has A Chance To Change The Game On City Corruption

March 2021

Wednesday, March 31

Lee Cataluna: Hawaii Already Has A Job-Creation Program. It’s Called Rail

Sunday, March 21

Lee Cataluna: Kauai Welcomes Back Its King

Wednesday, March 17

Lee Cataluna: Kauai Police Chief’s Racial Stereotyping Was Accepted In the Past, But Never OK

Sunday, March 14

Lee Cataluna: Should Punchy Be Canceled?

Wednesday, March 10

Lee Cataluna: What If The Pandemic Hadn’t Happened?

Sunday, March 7

Lee Cataluna: An Unusual Protest, An Ongoing Battle

Wednesday, March 3

Lee Cataluna: Hawaii Loved Love’s Bakery, But That Wasn’t Enough

February 2021

Sunday, February 28

Lee Cataluna: The One Mistake That is Never Forgotten

Wednesday, February 24

Lee Cataluna: Paying The Price For Ignoring Warning Signs

Sunday, February 21

Lee Cataluna: Lawmakers Should Stop Meddling And Start Solving Problems

Wednesday, February 17

Lee Cataluna: We Need A New Dan Inouye

Sunday, February 14

Lee Cataluna: Kauai Should Get Special Rules Because It Is Special

Wednesday, February 10

Lee Cataluna: The One Industry That Is Roaring Back

Sunday, February 7

Lee Cataluna: Hawaii Legislature Should Focus On One Thing

Wednesday, February 3

Lee Cataluna: Honolulu Musician Scrambles To Make A Life In Pandemic’s Shadow

January 2021

Sunday, January 31

Lee Cataluna: Billy Kenoi Had His Say

Wednesday, January 27

Lee Cataluna: Governor’s Disappointing Speech Was Kind of Beautiful, Actually

Sunday, January 24

Lee Cataluna: Thankfully, That Stupid Case Against The US Surgeon General Is Dismissed

Wednesday, January 20

Lee Cataluna: The New Year Brings A New Hawaii

Monday, January 18

Lee Cataluna: What Have We Learned In The Last 10 Months?

Wednesday, January 13

Lee Cataluna: How One Company Is Going The Extra Mile To Help Its Working Parents

Sunday, January 10

Lee Cataluna: Capitol Riots Were Far Away, But Still Too Close

Wednesday, January 6

Lee Cataluna: Kirk Caldwell’s Reality Show Takes a Brief Hiatus — Hopefully