We are delighted you like our work well enough to want to republish it. As a nonprofit news outlet we believe we have an important role to play in educating and engaging people on community issues. Broad dissemination of our stories, photos, videos and podcasts helps that effort.

But there are rules:

You must get permission first. Our work is copyrighted and we take that seriously. Send an email to news@civilbeat.org and let us know who you are and how you want to use our material. Or call our office at 808-737-2300. We will respond quickly.

We absolutely unequivocally prohibit use of Civil Beat material by political or special interest organizations. This includes political candidates, elected officials and advocacy groups on any issue.

Commercial use is also generally prohibited (this includes by other for-profit media). However, there are circumstances in which we will license some photos for commercial use. Contact us for more specifics.

For the rest of you, we allow one-time use with proper credit. And the material must remain substantially the way it appeared on Civil Beat.

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You may also reprint a Civil Beat photo on a one-time basis for use in such things as government publications, academic journals or other nonprofit (non-advocacy) publications. We can usually provide a high-res jpeg or electronic file. Again, the photo must be prominently credited as a Civil Beat photo. And it cannot be altered.

We may allow reprints of some photos for strictly personal use. Call or email us to discuss.

Bottom line: Call us. Get permission. Get approval for the way the material will be used. Credit us.