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Peter Carlisle

Peter Carlisle is a partner at O'Connor Playdon & Guben. He previously served as Honolulu's 13th mayor and as its third elected Prosecuting Attorney.

I ask Honolulu to join me in voting for Megan Kau for Prosecuting Attorney and here’s why:

For 14 years, the residents of this community entrusted me with the responsibility and great privilege of serving as Honolulu’s Prosecuting Attorney. During that time, and through the collaboration of the community, we earned the title of “Safest Big City in America.”

However, since I left office, Honolulu lost that designation, with the numerous acts of corruption that have been exposed within our city. This unethical behavior and misuse of power directly jeopardizes the safety of our community. This is why the individual we elect to serve as our next prosecutor matters now more than ever.

I believe in Kau and, in fact, strongly urged her to run as Honolulu’s prosecutor.

Why? From the day I met her in 2006, when I interviewed her to be a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, I was immediately impressed by her knowledge, strong work ethic and overall fearlessness in the face of opposition. Not only did I hire her on the spot, but she progressed quickly to the most difficult career criminal division. With her intellectual ability, talent in advocating for justice and her proven leadership skills, she secured convictions against some of the state’s most dangerous criminals. As Kau’s litigation skills sharpened, so did her passion for fighting for those victimized by crime, as evidenced by her many successes in the courtroom.

Supporters of Attorney Megan Kau hold signs outside Circuit Court.
Supporters of attorney Megan Kau hold signs outside Circuit Court in Honolulu. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The prosecutor’s office is desperate for a new direction and a fresh vision. The future safety of Honolulu is at stake. Kau possesses the experience, professionalism, leadership skills and integrity necessary to “clean up shop” and lead this vital office onto the right course for today’s world and the next generation.

It was my greatest honor to serve this community as your prosecutor. I sincerely hope that you will bestow that same honor upon Megan Kau.

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About the Author

Peter Carlisle

Peter Carlisle is a partner at O'Connor Playdon & Guben. He previously served as Honolulu's 13th mayor and as its third elected Prosecuting Attorney.

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Megan Kau turned to becoming a member of the defense bar. Why would I want another Kaneshiro?

AveLaRusso · 2 years ago

Peter Carlisle's endorsement of Megan Kau is empty. He says that when he first interviewed Kau in 2006, he was "immediately impressed by her knowledge, strong work ethic, and overall fearlessness in the face of opposition." How, pray tell, do you determine "strong work ethic" and "fearlessness" in a first interview? Carlisle himself was not an effective prosecutor. e.g. I teach Sociology at UH, and when Carlisle was Prosecuting Attorney, one of his deputies came and spoke to my criminology class. After class, the deputy harshly criticized Carlisle for assigning only 1 prosecutor (out of 100 or so) to a big white-collar crime & campaign finance case (this was when Jeremy Harris was mayor). That's how you kill a case, or nip it in the bud - which apparently was Carlise's intent. As for Kau, her repeated claims that she will "fully enforce every criminal law" are criminological nonsense. That's impossible, as experienced prosecutors and police will tell you. Lesson 1 in Prosecution 101 for Ms. Kau: prosecutors have discretion, and they have to use it in one way or another. If you don't know that, oh my, and if you do know it, start acknowledging it.

David_Johnson · 2 years ago

I wish Peter Carlisle had endorsed Megan Kau much more openly.  Carlisle was the former prosecutor so he knows the right type of person to run that office. Carlisle did an excellent job as city prosecutor and has wide name recognition.  If he appeared in TV ads endorsing Megan Kau it would have made this race much more competitive.  Although behind in the recent poll, Megan can win because a large number of voters are still undecided.Megan will fight for the victim, bring trust back to the prosecutor's office and provide the leadership to make Honolulu safe.  I voted for Megan Kau and hope anyone undecided seriously considers her too. 

shk808 · 2 years ago

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