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Victor Craft

Victor Craft is a retired aerospace worker having functioned as an FAA certificated Airframe and Powerplants Technician, Logistician and Quality Assurance director working on several major weapons systems. Vic also served tours of duty with the armed forces in Vietnam, Kenya and the United Kingdom.

In response to the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, the former Hawaii GOP communications vice chairman, Edwin Boyette, posted a tweet saying, “We should make it abundantly clear — the people who subscribed to the Q fiction, were largely motivated by a sincere and deep love for America. Patriotism and love of country should never be ridiculed.”

No wonder the Republicans are in disarray.  They have failed to take responsibility for the toxic environment they have cultured.

The reality is not patriotism and love of country but a deep-seated fear of something different. To rationalize the behavior of the Jan. 6th mob in the context of patriotism is an abomination.

Having a blind acceptance of only what they want to hear is not in the spirit of what we are about. When it turns into violence, there is no excuse.

A true patriot would understand the dynamics of this country and have a belief and faith in its institutions. If the rabble that stormed the Capitol accepts the rationale of love of country to define a more sinister agenda, they are incapable of building any kind of credibility.

A pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol as part of a deadly insurrection on Jan 6. Nick Grube/Civil Beat/2021

They failed to understand what the character Terence Mann, played by James Earl Jones, said in his monologue describing baseball in the movie “Field of Dreams.” Two sentences in his speech wrapped up the history of our country. He said, “America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. Been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again.”

Too many people believe in the lies they are being told.  Too many are unwilling to explore the rich history of the United States and its institutions. Too many are too lazy to ask questions and think for themselves. After all, it is easier to accept a tabloid vision of America than to face reality.

The reverse side to the Great Seal of the United States has an unfinished pyramid. There are two mottoes, one above and one below. Loosely translated, the top one says, “Providence favors our undertakings.” The one on the bottom says, “New order of the ages.”

The pyramid remains incomplete, representing our experiment in democracy. We will never be finished if we allow the forces that perpetrate a society manufactured for their own kind and benefit take hold of us.

Perhaps in the aftermath, Republicans on the mainland and in Hawaii can once again embrace the party of Lincoln and not the party of Trump. How Hawaiian Republicans can blindly accept some of the more racist views of their brethren on the mainland is a mystery.

Yet labels such as RINO, for Republican in Name Only, serve to discredit opposing views as unworthy of their cause. I was a Republican for many years. I didn’t leave the party, it left me.

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About the Author

Victor Craft

Victor Craft is a retired aerospace worker having functioned as an FAA certificated Airframe and Powerplants Technician, Logistician and Quality Assurance director working on several major weapons systems. Vic also served tours of duty with the armed forces in Vietnam, Kenya and the United Kingdom.

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I stead of focusing on your perception of disarray in Hawaii's Republican party which for all practical purposes are non existent, why not address your distaste with the democrat party who rules Hawaii these many decades and have not done anything substantial to raise the standards of living of it's residents.  If your rhetoric demands some sort of accountability, then direct it to the political apparatus running the show here.

incredibles2 · 2 years ago

The majority of Republican "troops" crossed the Rubicon as directed by the Commander-in-Chief, a self-anointed Caesar.  Many will even overlook the January 6th attempt to violently overthrow our government by failing to convict....instead  they kiss Caesar’s ring. Witness Lindsey Graham et al.

be_data_driven · 2 years ago

Why this Op ED? Healing and unity requires remembrance and accountability.  It requires honest dialogue.Facts matter, character matters.  Our elected leaders take an oath to the constitution and our nation not to an individual.  We have a responsibility as citizens to understand the facts and not allow our officials to mobilize lies and foster conspiracies because it serves their ends.  The Republicans need to hold the ex-President accountable and state clearly and forcibly that lies and conspiracy theories will no longer be tolerated. to gain by their party.  The we might be able to trust them with our government. The ends do not justify the means.  Do we allow our children to lie and cheat to get good grades; attack teachers who don't give them what they want?  It does matter how individuals, organizations, and indeed countries achieve their goals.  Sen. Welch began the end of the McCarthyism period by questioning Senator McCarthy: "Have you no decency?".  We need to demand decency with facts  and allegiance to the constitution. We need more profiles in courage.

justsayin · 2 years ago

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