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True patriots: Hawaii may be a small blue state, but red currents flow freely through our body politic. The Sunshine Blog recently received an intriguing anonymous inquiry asking, “Who is Klean House Hawaii?” The tip included a link to a Rumble video platform, “Red Time Stories with Tamara McKay.”

McKay, we discovered, is host and founder of Red Time Stories, a new program focused on “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness while protecting our First Amendment Rights.”

That’s according to McKay herself from her inaugural program two months ago. Topics include uncovering corruption, determining fact from fiction, and upholding important values.


McKay’s first guest was Brett Kulbis, who has been active in Oahu Republican politics for some years and who gushed to McKay about his support for the ultra conservative media provocateur Mark Levin (“a true patriot,” says Kulbis). Levin heads a national movement called Convention of States.

COS wants to bring power back to the people by getting 34 states to invoke Article V of the U.S. Constitution in order to call a national convention to ratify any proposed amendments. (Note: ratification requires 38 states). Among likely convention proposals: term limits.

Prediction: A national constitutional convention has even less of a chance of becoming reality than Hawaii holding another ConCon.

A search for Klean House Hawaii, by the way, turned up a public website and a private Facebook page. The website says, “We are Fighting the MASSIVE Government corruption to make Hawaii better.”

Among its goals: ousting Scott Nago, Hawaii’s chief elections officer, for what the group believes is his violation of election laws.

Which brings us back to McKay. She ran as a Republican last year for Democrat Lynne DeCoite’s state Senate seat but lost badly.

McKay’s platform? Term limits, election integrity, transparency, accountability, amending the Jones Act.

“Many people need to be educated and hear another point of view,” she said in her Civil Beat Candidate Q&A. “We need open and honest media to have fair and balanced discussions.”

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Speaking of conservative political orgs: Americans for Prosperity, the libertarian political organization funded by billionaire Charles Koch, has set up shop in Hawaii.

A press release earlier this month announced the launch of a Hawaii chapter.

“We are committed to building a strong grassroots network of Hawaiians who are passionate about promoting economic freedom and individual liberty,” Heather Andrews, the Western Regional Director for Americans for Prosperity, said in the release. “Hawaiians are tired of the rhetoric and polarization of both sides of the aisle. By working together to pass policy reforms, we can create a brighter future for the Aloha State.”  (The Sunshine Blog presumes she means “people who live in Hawaii” and not Native Hawaiians. But they’ll figure it out.)

Issues of focus, according to the media release, “creating an economy of abundance,” ending “wasteful spending” in Washington, D.C., and “putting education in the hands of parents and students by empowering and trusting families to make the decisions that best meet their unique needs.”

Not mentioned in the press release is the AFP’s plan, as detailed by CBS News earlier this year, to oppose Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential bid. And that was before the former president had been indicted. Twice.

The group will have its work cut out for it in Hawaii where nearly 200,000 people — more than 30% of voters — cast their ballots for Trump in 2020.

Trump continues to dominate the Hawaii Republican Party, too.

Call us cynical. But we are not holding our breath on the promise of working together with Democrats “to create a brighter future for the Aloha State.”

We’ve got to stop meeting like this: In case you missed it, Gov. Josh Green helped save another accident victim last week. That was the third time in less than a month the gov has been in the right place at the right time to lend a hand to some hapless citizen.

This is the third time in less than a month that the governor has happened upon an accident and rendered medical aid to the victim. (Governor’s Office photo)

This time it happened to be on Kauai where a guy fell out of the back of a pickup truck he’d been riding in. Right in front of Green’s car.

Green helped drag him — unconscious — out of the middle of the road and then stabilized him until the medics got there.

Your Sunshine Bloggers would almost be wondering how much he was paying these people. But it turns out this kind of thing also happened when he was out and about as lieutenant governor — once in Hilo, once in Kona and once on Maui while he was sign-waving.

Those just never got the attention.

This week’s fundraisers: On Tuesday, Sen. Stanley Chang is holding a fundraiser for his 2026 reelection bid. His is at 231 10th Avenue, Penthouse 3, New York, New York, according to the notice on file with the state Campaign Spending Commission.

Perhaps that’s an interesting affordable housing project he’s investigating?

Correction, Blog Style: Our bad. An earlier version of The Sunshine Blog reported that Honolulu City Council member Radiant Cordero was also holding a fundraiser this week. The Blog, of course, thought that was a little tone deaf because, well, you know, the City Council is kind of on the hot seat with voters right now over pay raises. And here she was, asking for more money. Or so we thought. But … it turns out Your Sunshine Bloggers need new glasses. (Literally.) And the notice of fundraiser on the Campaign Spending Commission website was from June 13, 2022, not 2023. So please do not storm Honolulu Hale. Thank you.

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About the Author

The Sunshine Editorial Board

The members of Civil Beat’s editorial board focused on ‘Let The Sunshine In’ are Patti Epler, Chad Blair and Richard Wiens.

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From the AFP press release on the Hawaii expansionI wonder who is counseling AFP on what is the right way to address people from Hawaii. It feels like they are not getting "Akamai advise"

Kana_Hawaii · 3 months ago

Corruption, hmmm. I learned very early in my career that "what you see isn’t always what you get" . Read between the lines, do your homework.

ifusayso · 3 months ago

Governor needs to stop showboating for the media. What, he just happens to save lives while on cameras are around? Do good for the sake of it, not for the coverage. And do your job as Governor, look out for all our people through improving laws and building relationships with legislators. You're not our state surgeon general.

wilson.aliado · 3 months ago

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