Transportation director Wayne Yoshioka drew fire from the City Council’s transportation committee for what the council perceived as a lack of transparency related to rail expenditures. The committee passed a resolution Thursday requesting that city officials provide updated information about rapid transit contractors and subcontractors, along with their qualifications and job descriptions.

Council member Ann Kobayashi questioned why millions of dollars have been spent on a small number of individuals or groups for “public outreach” or “public involvement.”

“We are completely transparent on this issue,” countered Yoshioka. “We’re under scrutiny from the Federal Transit Administration.” Yoshioka defended the city’s multiyear contracts, and said they included the consultants’ expenses. He also indicated he would provide an updated list for the council.

From April 2007 to Nov. 2009, the individuals or organizations receiving city funds for public outreach or involvement included:

  • Lychee Productions, Inc: $1.4 million (also listed as a subconsultant and paid an extra $201,000 for public involvement)
  • Elisa Yadao: $285,000 (also listed as a subconsultant and paid an extra $80,000 for public involvement)
  • Community Planning & Engineering: $374,000
  • Pat Lee & Associates: $217,000
  • Douglas Carlson: $210,000
  • R & R Partners, Inc. $137,500
  • Gary Omori: $181,000
  • AccuCopy Consulting Group: $126,000
  • John DeSoto: $150,000
  • Red Monarch Communications: $109,000
  • Lyon Associates: $14,000
  • KAI Hawiaii: $4,000

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