Stemming The Tide

The weather’s weird, water’s warming, sea levels are rising and reefs are bleaching – Climate change is here to stay. But not all is lost. Join Civil Beat as it finds the problems and their solvers, from land to sea, soil to sky.


Civil Beat's flagship podcast series about a Hawaii most tourists never see. These stories start in Hawaii and the Pacific rim but reflect issues that resonate far beyond our island home.

Hawaii Grown

Despite Hawaii's fertile soil and year-round growing season, the state imports an estimated 85% of its food. Join Civil Beat as we examine some of the biggest challenges farmers face and explore solutions to achieve food independence in the islands.

Are We Doomed? And Other Burning Environmental Questions

What the heck is reef-safe sunscreen? Where does all the trash go? Why is it so hot? Join Civil Beat as we tackle your questions about Hawaii’s environment. Smart. Irreverent. Never boring. This is not your grandma’s science podcast.

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