In an effort to learn more about the growth of Honolulu’s government during Mayor Mufi Hannemann‘s tenure, we’re looking at city budget documents from 2004 through 2010.

Since Hanneman’s tenure began in 2005, the number of employees has grown by 455, while total operating expenditures have increased $339 million, a 39 percent increase.

An overview of total operating expenditures (by fiscal year and by department), and the number of full-time equivalent positions that money paid for:

  • 2004: $798 million for 9,972 positions
  • 2005: $861 million for 9,992 positions
  • 2006: $910 million for 10,081 positions
  • 2007: $970 million for 10,181 positions
  • 2008: $1.1 billion for 10,319 positions
  • 2009: $1.15 billion for 10,373 positions
  • 2010: $1.2 billion for 10,447 positions

Obviously, inflation should be factored in, but the numbers are striking. How does the city keep spending more money?

As we explore this in more detail, we’ll compare Honolulu with other cities, and break down these disbursements. Meanwhile, take a look at the budget documents, linked below, for yourself.

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