Gov. Linda Lingle will officially announce today whether House Bill 444 is on her potential veto list, as is widely expected. Civil unions and other gay civil rights issues are all over the radar:

  • Time magazine is reporting on Hawaii’s “highly charged” civil unions story: “Supporters on both sides of the issue, however, have not let up their fight since its dramatic passage.”

  • The International LGBT Issues Examiner writes, “Same-gender couples in Hawaii anxiously wait while Lingle decides whether or not to acknowledge their equal rights.”

  • Here’s comment from A Gay Girl’s View on the World: “Lingle has been getting a lot of pressure from the evangelicals and the Catholic Diocese in Hawaii over this particular bill… Their rationales have nothing to do with anything of that nature and are more about maintaining their own power base and their own religious hatreds.”

  • A headline from Queerty (“Free of an agenda. Except that gay one.”): “Gov. Linda Lingle Teases Hawaii’s Gays Over Civil Unions.”

  • And two civil unions-related items: Obama plan to end the ban on openly gay individuals serving in the military is colliding with push to end wasteful defense projects, and the judge in Perry v. Schwarzenegger case on California gay marriage is gay and it’s no big deal.

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