Civil Beat is committed to reporting accurately and with integrity. If you see anything inaccurate written by staff or contributors to Civil Beat, please contact Civil Beat by e-mail at If you see something inaccurate in a comment, please correct the error by responding in another comment. If you have suggestions how to improve reporting by Civil Beat or if you believe we have not lived up to our own standards, please alert the editor by e-mail at

Civil Beat corrects all factual errors. The decision on whether an error occurred and should be corrected is in Civil Beat’s sole discretion. However readers are free to post comments questioning any Civil Beat decision or article.

If an article included a significant error, readers will be notified at the top of the article, the erroneous material will be corrected in the body of the article and a footnote symbol will appear at the location of the changes in the article. In other cases, such as the misspelling of a name, the erroneous material will be corrected and a footnote symbol will alert readers that there’s an explanation at the bottom of the article.

At Civil Beat, all requests for corrections will be considered by the editor or assistant editor, not the reporter who wrote the article. Civil Beat takes responsibility for all the content it produces, so corrections will not assign responsibility to an individual staff member. When inaccurate information is provided by an outside source and the reporter reasonably expected it was trustworthy, Civil Beat will tell its readers the source of the error.

Our approach in writing corrections is to first explain the error and then provide the correct information.

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