The world has one man to thank for the compelling videos of lava spewing from the new Kamoamoa fissure near Puu Oo crater on Kilauea volcano.

Meet Mick Kalber, an amateur videographer and longtime Big Island resident whose footage of the bubbling new vent have been replayed on national and international news networks.

Kalber has been filming volcanic eruptions since he first moved to the Big Island in 1984. He first heard about the new vent on heard Saturday night and immediately arranged to fly out with a helicopter pilot the next morning, shooting the footage showing curtains of lava fountaining 80 feet into the air from the new vent.

“It was absolutely outstanding, some of the best material I’ve shot in a long long time,” Kalber told Big Island Video News. A no-fly zone in effect over the area means we probably won’t see more dramatic helicopter flyover footage for awhile.

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