Seven more appointees have said they’re going to resist Gov. Neil Abercrombie‘s request that they step down, bringing the total ready to oppose him to 11.

Last week, Abercrombie wrote courtesy resignation requests to 28 members of the Board of Land and Natural Resources, the Public Utilities Commission, the Land Use Commission, the Public Housing Authority and the Stadium Authority.

Each had been appointed by the Democrat’s Republican predecessor, Linda Lingle, and approved unanimously by state Senate Democrats.

Civil Beat attempted to reach all 28 to get their reaction to Abercrombie’s request that they resign. By Wednesday afternoon, we had reached 18 total.

On Monday we reported that four people were resisting: Kevin Chong Kee and Marcia Klompus of the Stadium Authority, Ron Agor of the BLNR and Norman Lezy of the LUC.

West Hawaii Today reported Tuesday that the BLNR’s Robert Pacheco said he’s likely to stay put.

Meanwhile, The Maui News reported Wednesday that the Housing Authority’s Travis Thompson said that “he was considering his options but would likely stay at his post.”

(On Monday Thompson told Civil Beat that he was “going to try and stay the course.”)

Civil Beat has now learned that the LUC’s Lisa Judge wants to stay on, and that John Morgan, Jerry Edlao, Sam Gon and David Goode of the BLNR may stick it out as well.

“I anticipate that all the land board members are going to politely ignore the request to resign,” said a BLNR member who was granted anonymity by Civil Beat.

More to come?

—Alia Wong contributed to this story.

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