UPDATED 9/26/11 8:40 a.m.

At Civil Beat, we believe change begins with a question™. One question that keeps coming up in our newsroom is – why is Hawaii’s trash overflowing with foam food containers1?

We see it everyday – from our morning coffee to our mid-day plate lunches. But where does foam containers come from and where does it go?

What are the environmental ramifications? How does foam containers affect Hawaii’s people and its land?

How does Hawaii’s use of foam containers compare with other places around the World?

If you’re like us and want to know the answers to these questions, let us know by clicking the Facebook ‘Like’ button above. If we get at least 100 ‘Likes,’ then that will tell us that you care about this issue, too. We’ll investigate and provide you with answers.

Remember – change begins with a question.

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  1. An earlier version of this article misused the trademarked term STYROFOAM®. It should have said the food containers used so widely in Hawaii are made of plastic foam.

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