On Friday we reported that most Democrats and Republicans in the Hawaii House of Representatives have Facebook Accounts.

How does the state Senate compare? Pretty favorably.

Only three out of Hawaii’s 25 senators have not posted a Facebook page: Brian Taniguchi, David Ige and Clayton Hee — although there is a Facebook link to Hee’s Wikipedia entry.

(There are also two other Brian Taniguchis and Clayton Hees on Facebook, 17 David Iges … and several Ige Davids. No joke.)

Like their House counterparts, many senators have lots of friends and posts tons of photos, wall messages and personal details. Some have more to say, some less. And their official duties are a big topic.

Civil Beat takes a look — alphabetically, just to be different.

Rosalyn Baker

The Maui senator is active in The Diva Club, which hangs out at David Paul’s Island Grill in Lahaina. A recent entry reads, “Come celebrate with us … complimentary pupus, dancing, DJ CIA … you know the drill!”

On a more somber note, here is a recent wall entry from Baker:

Enjoying Mahler’s Symphony #2 Resurrection on PBS. It is a beautiful and fitting way to end our 10 year remembrance of that fateful day 9/11/2001. We had a chicken skin ceremony on Kaanapali Beach organized by Makalapua Kanuha. Mahalo to Maka, Angela from KOR, Anthony Natividad, Pastor Paul for the fitting tribute to our 1st responders and remembrance of those we lost on 9-11 and since.

Suzanne Chun Oakland

The Oahu senator only shares personal info and photos with invited friends.

But, she does have 1,487 friends, including fellow lawmakers, Brian Schatz and Daniel K. Inouye, several Republicans (Chun Oakland is a Democrat) … and Gene Park, Melissa Chang, Catherine Toth and L.P. Neenz Faleafine, who appear to be friends with half the archipelago.

Donovan Dela Cruz

The senator, who chairs Senate Water, Land, and Housing, was busy over the weekend posting wall updates from a DLNR Kahului Listening Session.


Chair Aila asks for a little bit of time so the Land Development Corp can develop rules and work to earn public trust.

Dela Cruz also lists that he likes Puerto Ricans, Kilani Brew, Ed Kubo and Rex the SurfDog.

Kalani English

The Hana native speaks Mandarin and likes “Weird Al” Yankovic. Activities and interests include the Pohnpei Joy Lunch Fan Club and Ville de Papeete.

Will Espero

Espero does not share personal information with the public. But, he did share this item on his wall just this Sunday:

True Funny Story — Today in church, the lector said “A letter from St. Paul to the Philippines” instead of “to the Philippians”. Couldn’t laugh but had to smile.

He also penned this haiku:

Flutter in the air
White hungry doves descending
To feed in the park

Carol Fukunaga

“Carol only shares some profile information with everyone. If you know Carol, add her as a friend or send her a message.”

Mike Gabbard

Gabbard graduated from Choctawhatchee Senior High in 1965. Google says it’s in Florida.

Brickwood Galuteria

The senator has 3,879 friends including Mufi Hannemann, Billy V, Keith Rollman … and Gene Park, Melissa Chang, Catherine Toth and L.P. Neenz Faleafine.

He is also a graduate of Kamehameha Schools and likes Cecilio and Kapono, the Merrie Monarch and Hawaii News Now. And, he and Lehua Galuteria married on Dec. 4, 1973.

Josh Green

Green is Jewish and graduated from Swarthmore College in 1992. He is an emergency room doctor at Kohala Hospital on the Big Island. He likes the Beatles.

Favorite quote: “Always, no never, forget to check your references.”

Les Ihara

Activity and interests: “Courting Equality: A History of America’s First Same-Sex Marriages.”

Recent activity: “My apologies, but I will not be …” on Progressive PAC Fundraiser’s Wall.

Ihara has 149 friends. They do not include Gene Park, Melissa Chang, Catherine Toth or L.P. Neenz Faleafine.

Gilbert Kahele

Kahele’s favorite athletes are Shane Victorino, BJ Penn and Mohammed Ali. Activities and interests include Abercrombie and Schatz, Willie K — and Civil Beat!

Michelle Kidani

There are only a handful of wall posts and photos on Kidani’s Facebook, and a scattering of activities and interests.

Donna Mercado Kim

The Farrington High School grad offers two favorite quotes:

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

“In order to acheive all that is possible, we must attempt the impossible. To be all that we can be, we must dream of being more.”

Kim is also, according to her Facebook’s basic information, single, female and interested in men.

Ron Kouchi

Activities and interests:

“Let’s join forces as Christians and start a Jesus Christ revival! Press like if Jesus is your Savior!!!”

“When life hands you lemons………… DEMAND Tequila and Salt!!!!!!”

Clarence Nishihara

Nishihara has a wall post from May 23 in which he recommends a link: “California preacher Howard Camping says his prophecy that the world would end was off by five months because Judgment Day actually will come on October 21.”

Pohai Ryan

Ryan has two Facebook accounts, the one linked above and another titled Sen Pohai Ryan.

Here’s an entry in the latter account:

Senator Ryan’s legislative priorities include: improving and diversifying Hawaii’s economy; job preservation and creation for working families; ending waste in state government procurement; supporting quality learning environments in Hawaii public schools; maintaining a quality standard of living for District 25 and all Hawaii residents; respectful, just and fair lawmaking; environmental protection of windward coastline and uplands; intelligent statewide coastal management; and crime prevention.

Maile Shimabukuro

She likes Michael Moore’s documentary “Sicko” and the foreign films “Chocolat” and “Amelie.”

Television? “The X-Files.” Sports? Surfing.

Sam Slom

The only Republican in the Hawaii Senate lists no friends. But he does like Hawaii Reporter.

Senator Malama Solomon

No friend activity found.

Lots of photos and videos, however, from the bill-signing ceremony at Washington Place that recognized Native Hawaiians as the indigenous population and launched a roll commission for a governing entity — legislation the Big Isle senator spearheaded.

Jill Tokuda

Tokuda, chair of Senate Education, is director of community relations for Reynolds Recycling.

Recent wall posting: “So impressed by our windward students-tackling issues ranging from cyberbullying to use of e-textbooks to farm to school to graffiti!

Shan Tsutsui

The Maui senator features a lovely photo of him and his family. Activities and interests: Maui for Mufi Hannemann.

Glenn Wakai

Wow — 3,756 friends! That’s a close second behind Brickwood Galuteria.

They include — wait for it now — Gene Park, Melissa Chang, Catherine Toth and L.P. Neenz Faleafine!

Coming next: What regulations and guidelines — if any — inform lawmakers’ use of social media?

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