It was just three days ago that Civil Beat posed the question, “Why Do We Use So Much Plastic Foam in Hawaii?”

We wanted to know if others shared our concerns, so we asked for your feedback. Turns out you do.

Thanks to all of you who shared the article through Facebook, Twitter and email. It became clear very quickly that this was an issue that Civil Beat readers want investigated. Between our own questions and the ones submitted by you – we have plenty of investigating to do.

For starters, where does all this plastic foam come from anyway? Who are Hawaii’s largest importers and how much does it cost to bring it here? What is the history of use of plastic foam in Hawaii?

Once we understand where it comes from, we’ll look into where it goes when we throw it away. How much of Hawaii’s trash is made up of plastic foam? How does it affect our food and our health?

Civil Beat will also make sure to compare Hawaii with other places and we’ll look at U.S. towns that have banned the product.

If you have any additional thoughts or questions, we encourage you to add them in the comments below. We’ll be publishing a series of articles surrounding this issue and we’ll keep you updated on our progress. Mahalo for helping us ask important questions.

Change begins with a question™.

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