If you missed some of Civil Beat’s top stories this week, you can catch up below with our videos from our partner at KITV.

Civil Beat: PUC Rejects Big Biofuels Project

Aina Koa Pono was planning to build a $350 million biofuels plant in the Ka’u region of the Big Island. But the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission ruled the cost of the fuel was too expensive.

Civil Beat: City Council Targets The Homeless?

A ban on tents on sidewalks and now a proposal to remove all personal property. It’s all part of Honolulu’s effort to remove the homeless from public areas. But as new measures are passed, are there really any plans for actual enforcement?

Civil Beat: How Will HPD Handle Protests During APEC?

Preparations are already underway to ensure a safe and smooth summit, hosted by Hawaii-born president, Barack Obama. But questions remain on how law enforcement will handle groups that plan to protest during APEC.

Civil Beat: Mayor Carlisle’s Overseas Trips

Mayor Carlisle will leave the island for his 10th official out-of-state business trip promoting Honolulu’s interests abroad. It turns out he has spent a good chunk of that year outside the state.

Civil Beat: Paying For Police Protection

The Waikiki Business Improvement District Association forked up the cash to pay for police to patrol Waikiki’s sidewalks.