At Civil Beat, we’ve got plenty of questions of our own. But we also want to answer your questions.

Readers have been posting questions into our forum and now it’s time to vote on which ones we should pursue. Just the way we chased down answers about why we use so much plastic foam in Hawaii.

Some of the most popular question in our forum are:

  • What are underlying causes for Hawaii’s perpetually low voter turnout? Vote
  • Should Hawaii use Lanai and Molokai as industrial wind power plants for Oahu, with an undersea cable paid for by Hawaii’s ratepayers and taxpayers? Vote
  • UH President Greenwood is spending big money searching the U.S. mainland for a new chancellor. Why aren’t local people ever chosen to run Hawaii’s largest university when most would jump at the chance to earn $337,672? Vote

But there are many more. Just head to our forum to vote or add a question of your own.

If you feel strongly about one of the questions, encourage your friends to participate. The question that gets at least 100 votes will be the one we tackle next.