UPDATED 12/7/11 7 p.m. A police sergeant’s helmet-cam caught the following video of drunken Honolulu City Councilman Tom Berg arguing with the Secret Service at an APEC event.

The police report detailing the incident says police were called by the Secret Service requesting assistance with “an intoxicated male attempting to gain entry into the ‘secure zone’ without proper access credentials.”

Part way through the seven-minute clip the sergeant appears to take his helmet off.

Berg is clearly agitated and, throughout the entire video, talks virtually non-stop. He refuses to have a conversation with a woman, apparently a Secret Service agent, who is trying to get him to settle down and talk to her. Instead, he repeatedly interrupts her and talks over her, insisting over and over — and over — again that he has been called a liar because he was told he was never at the APEC dinner by agents guarding the entrance to the event.

At one point Berg points to someone, apparently a federal agent, who is standing off camera and says, “This man is a pathetic flea on American society.”

“I want him fired,” Berg says, more than once. “I want his badge and I want him fired.”

Honolulu police who are there offer to give him a ride to Kahala where someone is apparently awaiting to drive him home. And the video ends.

Watch the full clip: