An animal advocacy group says Honolulu’s zoo is still a lousy place for elephants even after completing its new $12 million enclosure, calling it “so small it’s already out of date.”

In Defense of Animals published its list of the top 10 worst zoos for elephants Monday. Honolulu comes in at No. 10. (hat-tip)

Here’s what the group had to say about the Honolulu Zoo:

This zoo recently completed a $12 million elephant exhibit expansion that is so small it’s already out of date. It provides less than an acre of space for elephants Mari and Vaigai, at a time when other AZA zoos are building exhibits three or more acres in size. The zoo plans to introduce a male elephant for breeding purposes, even though Mari is beyond breeding age and Vaigai has previously failed to conceive through artificial insemination. This would unfairly cut the amount of space available to Mari and Vaigai in half. After living in a closet-sized display for so many years, these elephants deserve to have the entire exhibit space. The zoo should forget about acquiring a bull elephant, especially as males are far more dangerous and difficult to house, and focus on providing the best life possible for Mari and Vaigai. This is the Honolulu Zoo’s third appearance on IDA’s list.

(Photo from In Defense of Animals)