At Civil Beat, we like to say that we cover issues, not events.

But of course the two intersect. One good example this week came in Chad Blair’s articles on Hawaii lawmakers’ attendance records. Legislative sessions are clearly events. But how lawmakers treat their jobs is an issue worthy of our attention. As a watchdog news service, we want to make sure you know what’s really going on.

Another good example is Nanea Kalani’s report on the salaries of members of Hawaii’s judiciary department. We’re in and out of the courts to cover events, such as the redistricting hearings. But it’s also our job to cover issues, and an important one is whether we’re paying enough as a state to attract and keep the best people in government service.

Finally, I couldn’t let the week end without taking note of the Hawaii hyperbole of the week, Sen. Daniel Inouye’s statement that the only thing that could stop Honolulu’s rail project would be World War III. And to think, we’re only four months away from the mayoral election.

Here are 10 must-read stories from Civil Beat this week that you wouldn’t have found anywhere else. There were many more that I could have included.

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