Live long, live Hawaii?

Hawaii is getting grayer, according to new data from the U.S. Census. One in seven Hawaii residents are 65 years and above, while persons 85 years of age and above comprise 2 percent of the total population. Hawaii ranks 8th in the nation in both categories.

A new analysis of census data released Thursday by the state Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism also offers a more detailed picture of Hawaii’s ethnic makeup.

The state ranked No. 1 in the nation with regard to minority populations: 77 percent of people in Hawaii are part of a minority group.

Within Hawaii’s youngest population — newborn babies to age 4 — an even higher portion (84 percent) is minority. The U.S. Census Bureau defines a minority group as the population who identify their race and ethnicity as something other than non-Hispanic White alone.

The population of whites, alone or in combination, accounted for 43 percent of state residents.

The report also indicates that Hawaii has the highest percentage of mixed race residents in the nation. Last year on July 1, the mixed race population in Hawaii was 23 percent compared to only 2 percent nationally.

Hawaii also has the highest percentage of Asians in the nation. The report indicated that 57 percent of those in Hawaii are Asians.

Likewise, the state also ranked in no. 1 in the nation to have the highest percentage — 26 percent — of Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders.

In the state, the total population increased 0.8 percent from July 2010 to July 2011.

Here’s a summary of the different populations, broken down by state and county as of July 1, 2011:


  • Male: 50 percent
  • Female: 50 percent

Median age

  • State: 43 years
  • Honolulu: 38 years
  • Maui: 40 years
  • Kauai: 41 years
  • Hawaii: 41 years

Population of those 65 years old and above

  • State: 15 percent (an increase of 3 percent from July 2010, we ranked 8th in the nation)
  • Honolulu: 15 percent
  • Maui: 13 percent
  • Kauai: 16 percent
  • Hawaii: 15 percent

Population of those 85 years old and above

  • 2 percent (we ranked 8th in the nation)

Asians in Hawaii

  • State: 57 percent
  • Honolulu: 61 percent
  • Kauai: 51 percent
  • Maui: 27 percent
  • Hawaii: 46 percent

Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders

  • State: 26 percent
  • Honolulu: 24 percent
  • Maui: 27 percent
  • Kauai: 26 percent
  • Hawaii: 24 percent

White Population

  • State: 43 percent
  • Honolulu: 39 percent
  • Maui: 52 percent
  • Kauai: 51 percent
  • Hawaii: 56 percent

Minority Population

  • State: 77 percent
  • Honolulu: 81 percent
  • Maui: 68 percent
  • Kauai: 70 percent
  • Hawaii: 69 percent

Youngest generation (age 0 to 4) Minority Population

  • State: 84 percent
  • Honolulu: 84 percent
  • Maui: 84 percent
  • Kauai: 83 percent
  • Hawaii: 87 percent

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