From our Capitol Watch blog:

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday (Oct. 24) ruled that Imelda Marcos and Ferdinand “Bonbong” Marcos Jr. must pay a $354 million fine after violating a court order to freeze their assets.

The fine regards payment to victims of human rights abuse under the dictatorship of the late Philippines leader Ferdinand Marcos.

The three judge Ninth Circuit appeals panel heard oral arguments in Honolulu earlier this month.  

“While Imelda and Bongbong continue to do everything they can to disobey the court and hide the lavish wealth Ferdinand stole from the Filipino people while he held on to power by torturing and killing his opponents, we will continue to pursue them,” said Honolulu Sherry Broder, attorney for Philippines human rights victims, in a statement.

The late University of Hawaii Law Professor Jon Van Dyke, Sherry Broder’s husband, co-wrote the brief which was upheld yesterday and was a leading member of the attorney team for decades.  

In 1994, the District Court in Honolulu awarded a $2 billion judgment to the Filipino victims, a ruling that was upheld by the 9th Circuit in 1996.

Photo courtesy billypalooza.